The Rich Man's Lover

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  1. Sinclair was the woman's name, a pretty one to match an equally pretty face, and she was known as the 'Silent and Obey' type: she did as she was told in bed and never spoke a word. She left her curvacious body, covered by lovely chocolate colored skin, open to be touched and caressed and always had her thick black hair done prettily for her clients to admire before they ran their hands through it. Her striking blue eyes, an anomally for someone of her skin tone, would stare into the eyes of her dominater only when told, but if they did not say, she did not look, instead hiding them behind her eyelids. Sinclair was a favorite choice of the clients if they wanted a female for the night, her price set rather high considering her exotic appearance and the constant demand for her company for the evening, but the 'love' they showered upon her, one after another, was never enough to get her to speak for that was not real love, just the love for her borrowed and paid for body.

    It was just another night at the Golden Bird Chateau, a brothel created to fit the needs and demands of the very rich and very wealthy persons of the city. The whores were not junkies or addicts or just people they picked off the street; most of them actually came to work at the brothel of their own free well and choice. Sinclair, along with a few other of her 'colleagues', was making her way from the rooms to the lobby where they would stand at attention as a few clients had their pick; there were even a few men in their ranks, so perhaps a wealthy woman was going to be a client that night as well. Her long black hair had been pulled over her shoulder into a ponytail and tied with a white bow as the rest were curled beautifully. She wore a short, strapless, light blue dress that accentuated her gifted breasts, curvy waist, and slender legs. Her make-up was subtle and pretty, bringing out the color of her bright blue eyes. They all walked down the winding staircase and over to their employer, Mr. Galavin, before getting into a straight line to present themselves to the clients.
  2. Daniel Samuelson was just another in the group that had come for the night. The male was tall, standing at six three, yet he was thin, an ectomorph of sorts. He was toned, the incessant need to keep up appearances within the professional world. His suit was tailored to him, brown cloth, a gold watch chain at his breast pocket. Beneath he wore a pale yellow shirt, a tie that matched his suit over it. Deep emerald eyes stared out beneath his light chestnut hair. Features clean, crisp, hinting at almost Russian heritage. A single hand was stuffed in his pocket, it wasn't his first time visiting the brothel. Tonight would be his first time with Sinclair. He had arranged to pay more than anyone else, the girl's exotic beauty had captivated him.

    He slowly approached her, a confident smile upon his lips as he held out a hand to her. "My dear? I believe I will be sharing your bed tonight." He spoke, nodding to the silent girl. He had to wonder why she never spoke, he knew from others of that quality about her. Though he also knew he wasn't coming here to have a conversation, he would find an escort for that. The CEO was here to have a good no strings attached lay with the most beautiful woman the city had to offer. "If you would lead to your room." He spoke with another nod and a bit of a sweeping motion for her to lead on.
  3. With a slow curtsy, Sinclair went to fit her arm in the crook of the man's elbow and guide him in the direction of her room. They made their way up the staircase again, leaving behind the group of clients to pick their bed warmers for the night, and down a long, intricately designed, open-spaced hallway. Four door down, Sinclair stopped and put her hand to the brass knob of her door and turned it, pushing it open to reveal to the man her private quarters. It was clean and open inside the room, the walls painted a royal purple, her favorite color. Underneath their feet was a dark-colored, soft and plush carpet. The curtains that billowed in the wind of the open window, were of a lilac color to contrast with the paint on the walls. Her bed was a queen-sized, set upon a mahogany bed frame and fitted with white satin sheets and a purple duvet with matching, fluffy pillows.

    Sinclair, since she was one of the most popular girls at the brothel, bringing in more clients by word of mouth alone, she got a more extravagant room in comparison to the others. She led her newest client over to the sofa pushed against the wall across from her bed, indicating for him to sit down while she went over to the small bar set up in the corner. Getting two wine glasses out, she poured some of her best red wine into them and, after walking back over to the man, offered him one of the glasses, still as silent as ever.
  4. Oh he felt like the most important man in the world as she looped her arm through his. She was gorgeous, excelling above the others in the brothel even. Looking down to his lover for the night he walked with his head held high. Well both heads held high imagining their night ahead already. He had paid nearly six grand for her all night. Her room alone proved her worth. It was far grander than the others. The bed looked far more comfortable. Oh he would enjoy his time with the ebon beauty. Sitting upon the sofa he smiled up at her, contenting himself with the formality and pleasantries of a nice glass of wine. He offered his in a small toasting action, letting the glasses clink. "So it is true that you don't speak." He spoke, almost saddened that that was true of her. Surely she had a beautiful voice.

    None the less he looked to her, sipping his wine and enjoying the deep flavour it offered. He swirled the carmine beverage, letting out some of the aromas before taking another sip. He would wait a few moments, simply basking in her beauty before he sat the glass down and leaned toward her, bringing his lips to her jaw just below her ear, simply wishing to get things started. He was anxious, wanting all the intimacy he could get for his money.
  5. At his quietly said statement, she simply glanced at him before looking away and sipping at her wine. This was a first for her, honestly, a man who would actually enjoy the wine for a moment and sit quietly with her; the others had a tendency to just gulp the glass down before setting it upon the table and pushing her down upon the couch with their hands up her skirt to get their evening started. She moved to set her own glass beside her client's just before his lips pressed to the area below her ear, a sign that he was now ready after enjoying his sweet alcohol. She closed her eyes against the gentle kiss, turning to allow her fingers to dance up his chest and then down to the first buttons of his suit jacket. She popped each one out of their hold, loosening the article of clothing to run her hand along the thin material of his pale yellow dress shirt.

    She knew how to touch a man to get him excited, the gentle pressure of her fingers to his body always doing wonders for her clients who had a hard time controlling themselves once her hands began their magical massaging.
  6. Daniel looked almost surprised at her response. The slow and sensuous fingers upon his jacket, others let him do it. He continued his kiss along her jaw and down her neck, staying right above her jugular vein. He knew such a thing drove most women wild, knew that it was a tender and intimate act as he tried to turn her on as much as she already has turned him on. His hands gently rested upon her hips, not making a move to hike up her skirt yet. He was treating her like a true lover, someone to be admired. Someone he wished to please as well. He hasn't paid so much for his own pleasure. He almost took it as a challenge to make her speak if only in moans and gasps. Call it foolish pride or his ego.
  7. She closed her eyes and released a slow, silent sigh in response to his gentle pecking, her head instinctively tilting back as to allow him better access to do as he pleased. Tugging gently, she got his jacket off his shoulders and over his arms, letting it drape over the arm of the couch. Her fingers went back to that yellow shirt, sliding up to his tie where she began to slowly, deliberately unknot it. His hands felt big on her waist, his warmth starting to seep through the material of her dress and heat her skin. With expert hands, she got the tie off and let it join the jacket, her fingers caressing his neck and underneath his chin before beginning on the buttons of his dress shirt. She pulled her head back slightly and pressed her lips to the side of his mouth, being as gentle and sweet as she thought he would want her to be.
  8. He smiled as she tilted her head back, the slight sigh urging him on. A small amount of suction was applied, just enough to not cause a hicky the next day. With his jacket off he smirked, hands slowly working up her hips to her ribs, feeling her sides through the dress, not yet seeking out true sexual contact. This was just foreplay to him, just an ice breaker. The removal of his tie was welcomed, a slight sigh coming when it was gone, he did hate such things. As she started to unbutton his shirt she'd find his toned, not overly muscular, chest, just suited to someone who took decent care of himself. With the slow removal of his shirt and the kiss to his lips he let his hands travel south once more, fingertips teasing over her thighs before slowly working up the very bottom of her dress, being methodical in his actions. He didn't want to rush it, he had paid for the night after all. "I'm sure many men have told you you are beautiful... but I mean you truly are." He spoke before tilting his head to bring his lips to hers a moment.
  9. She blinked at his words, having heard them before but spoken in different ways. Every man has claimed her to be beautiful, but it was only a passing phrase for them as they used her body for their pleasure. They usually meant 'your body is beautiful and that's all I care about'; small bumps on her skin began to raise when his fingertips crawled up her thighs, just underneath the skirt of her dress. His appreciative sighs told her that her soft touching and careful kisses were welcomed and satisfying in the realm of foreplay. She continued unbuttoning his shirt, submitting her lips to his kisses as her teeth lightly, so very lightly, sank into his bottom lip. His shirt hung open and she placed her hand to his toned chest, not bulging or obscenely muscular, and teasingly drew patterns on his white skin.

    Sinclair broke the kiss slowly, attaching her lips to his jawline and nipping at the flesh softly, working her way down to his neck and lower still to his collarbone. Her hair brushed and tickled his bare chest as she moved, the ribbon keeping it stationary for the moment, waiting to be loosened from the dark locks so they could tumble around her shoulders in a glorious fall of black waves.
  10. Daniel smiled, looking down upon her as she opened his shirt, the teasing of her teeth at his lips and fingers at his chest making him want to go wild with her. He did his best to contain himself still, trying to be a bit of a gentleman, trying to build his own ego by making her like him. With her breaking the kiss he lifted his head, letting her kiss and nip at the short stubble upon his cheeks and jaw. A small groan escaped him, hands lifting her dress a bit higher still, massaging her thighs while his fingers danced up, slipping up along her hips and up her sides, lifting the dress with them. His eyes fell closed, audibly showing his enjoyment as she worked her lips downward, the tickle to his chest from her hair exciting him more still.
  11. She obediently and quietly raised her hands above her head, the dress easily lifting over her arms as her client removed it in response to his explorative touching and her gentle teasing. This one was definitely different from the others, going as slow as he was and taking his sweet time, it appeared, to bring her a little bit of pleasure in return for her services. It was strange and she wondered why he was going through the trouble? No doubt he had paid a pretty penny for her company that night and perhaps wanted to get his money's worth, but it seemed a little backwards somehow. She then figured that he, like a select few, had the intention of trying to get her to speak by attentively pleasuring her body in the foreplay stages. That was a silly man's dream for she had never audibly cried out in pleasure in all the years she had been working at the Golden Bird, no matter how many of them tried.

    Now left in blue satin undergarments with black lace polka-dots, she moved to crawl into his lap as her lips firmly attached themselves to his mouth. Her tongue danced around his slowly, sensuously, while her hands caressed his chest and shoulders, her finger nails lightly scraping the pale skin to make him tingle. She languidly pulled back from his lips, his bottom one caught between both of hers before it was released sexily, and, with her eyes closed, she placed small kisses to the bridge of his nose, to his forehead, to his eyelid and so on; if she ever did this with her other clients, the ones that weren't in too much of a hurry to start simply driving in to her, it made them feel special and cared for, even if it was a false bravado that they were both aware of. At this point, she was waiting for this client, this Mr. Samuelson, to tell her what he wanted her to do or to simply make his move.
  12. He had to admire her as she let him remove the dress, his arms slinking back to let his shirt fall off in response to it. Taking the moment to look her over he nearly wished to worship her beauty, a true Aphrodite in his arms. His fingers danced over her exposed skin while she climbed into his lap, she would feel what she was doing to him easily through his pants, a decently sized male, a bit above average but not obscenely so. The kiss was relished, the scratches to his back making him hiss slightly into it as she left red marks across his flesh. He liked the bit of roughness she offered, his hands slipping down her sides to encompass her rear in them, giving them a firm, almost possessive grope though he was careful not to go overboard and cause her pain. With the kisses up his face he lowered his head slightly, letting her continue up. It was a special, almost loving thing, to do, something that made this less mechanical and more personal.

    He didn't speak, kissing and sucking at her throat, smelling her, tasting her before he shifted to the side, laying her back upon the couch. His lips going from the middle of her neck down to her collar bone, sucking and nipping at the exposed flesh, a single hand dancing up her side and over her breast to gently cup the flesh beneath her bra, massaging and feeling. His eyes lifted to her, a bit of animalistic lust contained within them, his body showing his alpha-dog like nature. Yet he wasn't treating her like his "bitch" no she was something to be savored, to be enjoyed, to be worshiped again and again. He let his other hand slip behind her, unclasping the bra so the hand upon it could tug it down only to move up over the exposed flesh, his mouth moving to take the other within his lips.
  13. Her eyes slowly slid shut as his warm mouth encased her breast, his tongue circling around her nipple while his other hand kneaded the round flesh of the other globe. She sighed quietly again, her voice never once betraying her, and shifted underneath his body that easily enveloped her. He was taller than most of her other clients, towering over her 5'9" frame when standing and encasing her figure when hovering above her. One of her leg slipped a little off the couch to allow his body to fit between her thighs comfortably, her back arching accordingly the more he pleasured her. Sinclair's slender fingers, once massaging his shoulders as he tongued her breasts, rose to run through his hair slowly and carefully, feeling the locks brush in the open spaces between them. Despite her refusal to make any audible sound, her body told of the pleasure it could not deny, the goosebumps and tingles coating her skin, the shudder of her thighs as she felt his hidden member pressing against her leg, the slight tug at his hair as he mouthed her breast.

    She bit her bottom lip and took a deep breath, opening those crystaline blue orbs to gaze down at the man between her legs. He was soft and gentle with her, though his eyes revealed the fiery desire he was holding back...but why was he holding it back? Did he truly mean to bring her pleasure as well instead of just partaking in his own? That seemed to be the logical answer, but she refused to accept it or acknowledge it further. After all, what respectable, wealthy man, like the one she was with now, would care about the heart and pleasure of a whore? No matter how pretty she was or how polite or what kind of high end establishment the Golden Bird was, she was still a whore. She closed her eyes again and rolled her hips up towards his, gently grinding her pelvis against his still hardening member.
  14. He enjoyed her taste, the gentle reaction of her body in place of her voice while he brought his teeth to her nipple, gently tugging it just to add a bit to it. Not enough to hurt her, just enough to try and get a gasp. Though he doubted it would work as he released her breast after a moment of switching to the opposite one. His hips pressed back into her, gently dry humping against her as he released a slight needy groan but said nothing of it yet. Slowly he brought his mouth further down her body, kissing and licking at her naval, nipping at her hip bones before running his nose against her panties followed by his tongue in a long savoring motion. His lips soon pressing to her, tongue licking her through the cloth for a moment before his hands came down as well and took the sides, gently tugging them down far enough to get his mouth to her flesh once more.

    He lifted his eyes, looking along her supine form, adoring the gentle curve of her body, the mounds of her breasts. His mouth continuing to lick and kiss, worshipping his goddess while his hands worked back up to fondle her chest. He was truly trying to send the girl over the edge, whore or not he wanted her happy, after all you make them happy and they make you happy as well. Sure he was paying her to do it, but he still wanted the control, the satisfaction of making her climax. It was an ego boost, it gave him a bit of power over her for the moment. Plus he simply wanted to make her happy as well.
  15. A small, pre-mature gush of her essence slipped out of her and onto the man's tongue, Sinclair catching a groan in her throat before it betrayed her like her body was doing. She writhed and squirmed underneath his invading tongue, drawing in shaky breaths as his lips kissed her down below. He was moving erotically slow, attempting to pull sounds from her, she was sure, but at the same was almost sensuously romantic, as if he were trying to make love to her instead of just have sex with her. She covered his hands over her chest, flexing her fingers over his as he squeezed and fondled her mounds, pinched her nipples. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes to heighten her senses, to feel every flick of his tongue against her treasure, his fingers prodding and gripping her skin, his hot breath driving her insane.

    Her back arched from the pleasure, her thighs starting to tremble around his head as his hair brushed her ebony skin between her legs. A soft lick to her sensitive button had her shooting up and panting voicelessly from the exquisite pleasure, her eyes staring down at him as her fingers carded through his hair. Her cheeks were on fire, as was the rest of her body, and a very light sheen of sweat was beginning to glisten along her chest and neck. She rolled her hips up against his mouth lightly while gripping the back of the couch in reaction to the ecstasy coursing through her veins.
  16. He knew he was doing good now, the way she squirmed couldn't be faked. His tongue pressed to her entrance licking about inside for a moment while his nose nuzzled the sensitive bud only to draw back and lick up and suckle at it. His fingers possessively but passionately grasping at her chest, nails barely raking her flesh, just to heighten her senses. Everything he was doing he was doing for her, for his bride for the night. Daniel was eager to taste more of her essence, longing to see her shudder and hear her voice. As she arched and her legs trembled he just doubled his efforts, seeking to drive her closer, watching as she rolled her hips and grasped the couch.

    He brought his fingers to her nipples ,giving them a gentle tweak just wanting to go that much further, make her loose herself to him and the pleasure he offered her. He would have his own soon enough and the wait just made it all the better for him in the long run. His teeth lightly grazed her nub before he licked it to make any pain wash away, bringing his tongue back along the entirety of her folds.
  17. She released a breath that she didn't know she was holding, her nails digging into the soft material of the cushions. Her sensitive bud was practically being pleasurably tortured and she felt stars flash in her eyes from the insensity. She could feel her release coming upon her fast, her voice struggling to find its way past her throat, to cry into the night air. She shook her head, though, as if denying him the request to hear her scream.

    He suckled her sensitivity down below and then licked her whole, the last flick of his tongue against her treasure pushing her over the edge. She gasped as she spilled onto his tongue, her back arched perfectly and her legs locking as they trembled from her ecstasy. After a moment, she wilted like a pretty little flower and lay prone on the couch, panting to regain her lost breath, her fingers affectionately carding through his hair in silent praise.
  18. That gasp was all he could ask for, his lips curling into a smile while he lapped at her spilled nectar, enjoying the feeling of the trembling flower laid out before him. He made sure to take all he could, almost afraid that he'd never taste of her again. He was sure he could afford her, it was a matter of his own urge to relish her every inch. Slowly he placed a last kiss to her nub, teasing almost before he kissed back up to her navel, between her breasts and one small peck just below her lips. It was a tender action, glad he could have brought her such pleasure.

    He soon sat up, tugging her panties off all the way and tossing them to the floor before he stood fully from the sofa stepping to the bed. He sat himself down, looking to her. "Care to join me?" It was less of a question and more of a subtle command. Not wishing to demand that she come and pleasure him even though he had full right to. He unbuttoned the top of his pants, leaning back and parting his legs, making it clear what he obviously wished for her to do.
  19. Sinclair sat up as her client made his way to the sofa, her legs still trembling slightly from her orgasm though she had collected herself enough to look composed. She watched him unbutton his pants and lean back in expectation, the young woman getting the idea quickly and nodding silently as she stood from the couch as well. Naked as the day she was born, she knelt before the man and looked up at him. She leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth then along his jawline to his ear while her hands drew down his chest to the crotch of his pants. She palmed him gently, rubbing his semi-hard erection through the material before she unzipped his pants and tugged them down just enough to reveal his underwear. Her fingers slipped inside the cloth and wrapped gingerly around his member, giving it a few teasing pumps in the palm of her hand before pulling him out to be exposed in the night air.

    Lowering herself between his legs, her soft black curls tumbling over his thighs, she gingerly circled her tongue around the head, breathing hot air in his sensitive flesh as her lips closed around him.
  20. He smiled as she stood though noting her still slightly weakened legs he felt a bit had for moving on so quickly. None the less he shuddered as she kissed him, closing his eyes and letting her go to work. Goosebumps formed on his flesh as her hands continued down. A groan escaped him with the teasing touch through his pants. She was good, he could tell already. As she disrobed him partially he lifted up off the bed to give her a bit more ease in the action. He took a low sigh as she pumped his length, she'd find it above average but not obscene like some in porn movies. With her mouth around his tip he gasped, the warmth and moist nature of it making him almost squirm. A single hand coming to rest upon her head. Praising her with gentle rubs and guiding her further along it.