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    Judah "Jude" Carter

    Thirty-Five (35) | British Native - American Citizen | Elder Sister

    * Born and raised in London, England. Emigrated to America, New York, with her family when she was ten years old. She still carries an extremely strong British accent, but she knows American slang and isn't against using it when so desired. Judah prefers to go by "Jude" and gets kinda annoyed when people address her otherwise. She has a close relationship with her sister, who is also her best friend.

    * Although she's a Cultural Studies Major with a Masters Degree in Ancient Languages, Judah currently works as an Receptionist at a local Hotel. She doesn't mind, though. Judah doesn't have the confidence to pursue her true passions: traveling and teaching. She's deathly afraid of the unknown and isn't courageous enough to be a risk taker.

    * Always the responsible, practical and logical member of the family...Judah doesn't allow herself to entertain foolish dreams or goals. She's more realistic. Already late into her 20's, Judah knows that the chances of her settling down and starting a family are quite low. If she doesn't have that opportunity, Judah has expressed her acceptance with adoption.

    * Judah is a huge movie enthusiast, her favorite actors are: Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. She has a tremendous fancy towards Robert Downey Jr, but knows he's happily (or supposedly) married to Susan.

    * She has five tattoos, all hidden from sight. Judah also has a tongue piercings, five holes in each ear and a centered lip ring on her lower lip. However, she removes her piercings during work for a more professional appearance. As a teenager, Judah was quite reckless. She's grown out of that phase, but still has a slightly addiction to alcohol.

    * * *

    Tom Hiddleston

    Twenty-Nine | British | Actor

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    Siren "Ren" Trist.
    Twenty-Two | German - American Citizen | Younger Sister

    *Born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Brought to the USA When she was four.
    She can speak, read, and write German fluently, as well as speak, read, and write English fluently.
    Siren likes to be called Siren, and not Ren, although sometimes she allows her father to call her that.
    She's good friends with her older sister, and always has been.

    *Siren is studying all types of art at the local college, and has a job as a maid in a local hotel. She hates the job, and has big dreams for herself, but fears she'll never meet them- and she will grow old and live in the same place forever due to low cash funds.

    *Siren is a true romantic at heart- but the only one who knows it is her older sister.
    She portrays herself as someone who laughs at love and has never been in love to everyone else- due to bad relationships in the past.
    She doesn't like children, and never wants any- unless you count pets as children.

    *Siren enjoys all types of films, and has a few favorite actors, which include Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, Adam Sandler and Tom Hiddleston.
    She has a huge crush on Tom, and his character Loki, but only her older sister knows that.
    Sometimes Siren daydreams about meeting Tom and marrying him, but she knows it will never happen.

    * Siren has her ears pierced all the way up both ears, and a nose stud, but she takes them out for work.
    She has a few different tattoos, one on each wrist, and a few that are hidden.
    Siren was a rebellious teenager, but still managed to get good grades.
    She was known as a slut around town, and a boyfriend stealer, but she's grown out of that for the most part.
    Siren doesn't do drugs or drink, since she's only a few months sober from both.

    Now, as to their family situation, since they have different last names and different living places--
    I was thinking that their parents split when they were young, and Siren moved with their father to Germany, and Jude moved with their mother.
    Their mother got remarried, and gave Jude his last name, so that's why their names are different, and eventually, she took custody of Siren as well, since their father became abusive, and that's how Siren moved to the USA.
    So, they live with their mother and step father now, who's more of a real father, since he's been there for them since they were little.
    Sound okay?


    Robert Downey Jr
    Forty-Nine | American | Actor

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  6. Siren Trist sat on an empty bed in a recently cleaned room.
    A room she'd just finished cleaning, in fact.
    Sighing, she kicked her legs aimlessly in front of her, looking down at her black converse, which were tattered and worn.
    Today was a slow day, but most days were in the SummerWood Hotel.
    And Siren also hated working, and cleaning, so she always took her time, never hurrying through anything.

    Sometimes she worked at the front desk with her older sister, Jude, and she actually enjoyed that.
    She was scheduled to join Jude at the front desk today at noon, which was in an hour.
    Right now, it was her lunch break, but Siren decided she was far too fat, and didn't need food.
    Not to mention she had no money at the moment.
    Paychecks were issued every two weeks, and she usually spent hers on video games, books, and art supplies.
    She never thought ahead.

    Siren stood, stretching, and turned off the lamp next to the bed, then left the room, shutting the door behind her.
    Her uniform was boring, a gray dress with white pockets and a white bottom apron. She felt so boring in it.
    Smiling at a man who had just come from a room, Siren's thoughts turned to home, where her art supplies were.
    She really wanted to paint right now, but she was stuck at work until five.
    Tomorrow she worked nine to five as well, but then she went to college for the next few days.

    Her schedule was usually hectic- she had to balance work, school, and a social life.
    Most times, she had to cancel plans with her friends because she was just too tired.
    Her last boyfriend had broken up with her because of this, and she still hadn't gotten over him yet.
    The thought made her frown, and she pushed it from her mind.
    She was determined to be happy today.

    Finally she reached the front desk, at 11:30, only a half hour left for her break.
    She leaned on the counter, arms crossed in front of her and grinned at Jude.
    "Hey, let's go get Starbucks. Your treat?" She asked, smiling sweetly.
    Siren always said she'd pay Jude back, but she never did.

    Robert's morning had been hectic, he'd had to rush through everything.
    First, he'd woken up way later than planned, which put him two hours behind schedule.
    He had gotten out of bed, startled awake by his manager calling to remind him of his flight.
    Stumbling, he'd run to his bathroom and taken a quick shower, not even bothering to dry his hair completely, and grabbed his already packed bag.

    He grabbed a cup of hot coffee from a nearby coffee shop, and drank it on the way to the airport.
    His hair was ruffled from the wind, and he looked exactly as he felt- tired and a bit chaotic.
    On his way out of the car, he spilled his coffee all over his lap.
    Cursing, he'd grabbed his bags and run into the airport, relieved that he still had twenty minutes to board the flight.

    Quickly he'd run into the bathroom and changed, his good suit now covered in coffee.
    He changed into a more casual outfit, something people wouldn't notice much.
    Jeans and a t-shirt.
    Then, with ten minutes to spare, he boarded the plane and finally got to relax.


    He arrived in town only thirty minutes late, and was happy to see that a hotel was nearby.
    Reading the reviews, he saw that it was a good place to stay, and decided that even though it wasn't a five star expensive hotel, he'd take a chance.
    Driving up to it, he noticed it looked nice on the outside- four stories, newly painted, and the area outside was kept nice.

    Smiling, he grabbed his bags from the trunk and went inside, hoping to get a room for the next month or so.

    No one was in the lobby, minus two girls working, and he pulled his cap on over his head, and his sunglasses on as well.
    He stepped up to the counter, smiling, and put his bags down on the floor.
    "Hi. I'd like to rent a room for a month, if you have one available." He said, grinning.
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  9. Mrs. Carter (formerly Trist) always expected her daughters would be successful. She held ridiculously high standards for them since their birth, as any normal mother would do. However, when her first marriage collapsed and she returned to her homeland of London, England, she never could have predicted how greatly this would effect her children.

    Her eldest, Judah, came along to London and enjoyed a fairly wonderful childhood there. Aside from terribly missing her sister. Mrs. Carter's second child, Siren, was sadly taken to Germany with her father. Judah eventually accepted her mother's new husband, a kindly man, and took his last name. She loved her life in England, but always missed her sister.

    Judah was elated when Siren came to live with her in America and they finally became a real family again. Judah has never accomplished her dreams, firmly held back by her fears. So that's why, despite her brilliance and excellent education, Judah is a thirty-five (yes, I changed her year old woman working the front desk of a hotel.

    "My treat, yeah?" Judah giggled, searching through her several guestbooks and organized them quickly. She's always been very efficient at her job. "Now, why would I do that, dear?" Harmless teasing, siblings way of showing affection. Of course she'd pay for Siren, she'd do anything for her. "Have you even earned a treat of Starbucks today, sissy?"

    * * *

    America is radically different from his beloved England, no doubt within his mind. Even so, Tom doesn't complain and he just allows himself to be transported wherever necessary. This rare quality is also what makes him a favorite among directors and casting crews. He doesn't make a fuss if the schedule interferes with his personal life. Tom dedicates himself entirely to the creative process, even if it's an inconvenience.

    As of currently, his latest movie requires that he prolong his stay in America a month at least. So, he decided to stay at a local hotel and avoid the media circus that would surely gather outside an upscale hotel where he could, normally, have been expected to be staying.

    * * *

    "Hi. I'd like to rent a room for a month, if you have one available."

    Judah turned her attention back to the front desk, gently scooting Siren aside. "Yes? Oh, of course sir," she answered politely. "Just a moment." Searching through the computer's records for an available room, Judah quickly printed out the documents and handed them neatly to the disguised man.

    "I'll need your signature here," she pointed with a freshly manicured nail, back tips instead of white. "And I'll also need to see your identification." Judah smiled, tucking a strand of platinum blond hair behind her ear. Well, the top layer of her hair is blond, halfway underneath is actually dyed black. A good contrast against icy-blue eyes.

    "I'm sorry," Judah returned to the computer and readied herself to type. "What was your name again, sir?"

    * * *

    Tom hesitated as he left the bathroom dressed in fairly causal, still expensive, clothing and readied himself to the hotel. He'd taken the liberty of wearing a black hat and sunglasses, much too large for his facial structure. He could have taken the Uni bomber's position in a police line up.

    However, no one would suspect his true identity in this bizarre getup, or so he hoped.

    [Sorry if Tom's post is lame. I didn't want to have him and RDJ in the same room at the same time, 'cause...y'know, they'd recognize each other. Haha.]
  10. Siren smiled sweetly at Jude, knowing she'd give in, no matter what.
    Jude never said no to her, and Siren took advantage of that.
    She watched in awe as Jude organized the books quickly.
    Siren wished she could be that good at her own job, but honestly, she was lazy.

    "I think so. I cleaned two rooms in two hours, and I even remembered to put fresh towels in them."
    She grinned happily.


    Robert smiled at the girl, thinking of a name quickly.
    "Robb Smith." He said, grinning.
    It was a stupid name, fake, obviously, but she couldn't say anything.
    He just hoped it would work, and he could be on his way.

    He took a look around, noticing how nice the place was.
    And how empty- the only people working were the two girls.
    They looked alike- maybe sisters.

    "Is there room service available?" He asked, glancing at the women.
    If it was, who would cook?
    He wasn't sure if this was the best place to stay for him.
  11. The name he gave was obviously fake. Judah immediately saw through that deceitful lie within a second of it leaving his lips. However, she's not the type of person to cause trouble. So long as his payment came through as valid, she'd leave his suspicious name alone.

    As Judah was finalizing the room accommodations, his question regarding room service caught her ears. She smiled, kindly, and handed him a menu. "Of course, sir. We have a full kitchen staff and they serve meals and drinks until midnight." Judah found his question silly, but said nothing. "Anyway, is there anything else?"

    Judah's accent was thickening, a result of being sleepy. Barely able to stay awake, her eyes fluttering to keep vision. Perhaps Starbucks wasn't such a bad idea?

    * * *

    The hotel appeared to be closed. At least, that's what Tom believed. When he got to the hotel and found the parking lot fairly vacant, aside from cars that clearly belonged to the staff, Tom considered going elsewhere. He truly did play with the thought. However, his decision turned out to be the opposite.

    Since he's already on the property, with two bags packed and disguise already in place, he didn't want to travel somewhere else and risk being seen. Walking into the main room, up ahead he saw someone else at the counter.

    Tom idled in the waiting area, busying himself by glancing through a magazine to pass the time.
  12. Siren peeked over Jude's shoulder, almost scoffing at the guy.
    His name was so fake, it was almost funny.
    However, she said nothing, knowing they needed the customers.
    As long as payment was received, nothing needed to be said.

    His question about room service made her frown.
    Sure, they were small, but of course they had cooks.
    They weren't that poor.

    Sighing, Siren grabbed a room key and smiled, handing it to him.
    "Here's your room key. Room 102." She nodded.
    Hopefully he'd be a good customer.
    "Do you need me to take your bags, Sir?" She asked.


    Robert smiled, grateful that they had a kitchen staff.
    He wasn't snooty, but he did enjoy eating when he stayed somewhere.
    "Thank you." He said to the older woman- the one with the British accent.
    The younger one didn't have a British accent, but something else...
    Something European, maybe German.

    When she handed him his key, he took it, smiling at her.
    She was obviously a bit upset.

    "No thank you, I'll be fine." He answered, grabbing his bags and leaving to go to his room.

    Once he made it, he found it was actually quite nice.
    Clean, tidy, obviously they did a very good job here.
    He sat down on the bed, taking off his hat and sunglasses, and turned the TV on.
  13. "Easy, sister, no need to get all heated up." Judah gently patted her sister's shoulder, knowing that the customer had riled her up a tad. "How about I go get my things together and we can head off to Starbucks, yeah?" The promise of a large Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino was already making Judah's mouth water already.

    As Judah left, going into the backroom to collect her belongings, someone else approached the counter. Since Judah was gone, this left Siren in a situation she isn't exactly trained for. The customer gently set his things aside, resting forward slightly on the counter and asked for a room.

    "Anything would be lovely, ma'am." His accent, strikingly close to Judah's. "Oh, here's my card for payment." He gave his name as Tom Halden, another ridiculously fake alias.
  14. Siren sighed, nodding.
    "Sure, I'll wait here."
    She watched Jude walk off, and sighed again.

    Sometimes customers just really made her angry.

    As soon as Jude left, someone approached the counter.
    Siren didn't know a lot about reception, so she grew nervous, her hands grew sweaty.

    Siren smiled, a bit strained, again, another fake name, and now, a British accent to go with it.
    "Of course, Sir." She answered, typing into the computer.

    She couldn't figure out how to book a room.
    Smiling nervously at the man, she sighed.
    "I'm sorry-- I ahh, don't usually take care of this..."
    She muttered, blushing brightly.

    Finally, she managed to get him a room, typing in his name and taking the payment.
    She grabbed a key- Room 103, and handed it to him, along with his card and receipt.
    "Here you go, Sir. Sorry for the delay. I don't work reception often."
    She smiled, still blushing.
  15. Tom honestly didn't mind watching this lovely woman struggling to get him book into a room and take payment. Her actions alone were adorable and also mildly entertaining. He wasn't at all bothered by the delay. When she handed him the room key at last, Tom smiled happily and bent down to collect his things. "It's alright," he assured kindly. "Everyone learns at their own pace and you were successful in the end."

    Judah overheard someone voice outside in the lobby as she came closer to the door. Curious, she peeked her head out and saw a mysterious man speaking with her sister. Although concerned, Judah noticed how brightly alight her sister's face had become and knew the situation wasn't anything dangerous, judging by Siren's reaction. Judah waited until the, well, quite handsome man walked off towards the hallway.

    "So, enjoy playing receptionist for a bit?" Judah teased, walking up silently behind her sister. "He seemed nice. Similar accent to mine, I noted. What's his name?"

    She checked the screen and immediately laughed, "That's got to be fake, yeah?"
  16. Finally, he walked away, and Siren sighed happily.
    Jude walked up, and Siren laughed.

    "Yeah, it was a blast. I couldn't figure out the damn computer."
    She sighed, brushing her hair from her face.
    "He was nice. His accent was nice as well."

    She giggled at the name too.
    "Obviously." She smiled at Judge and grabbed her purse.

    "So, Starbucks?" She asked.
  17. "Starbucks it is, then." Judah agreed, finishing with her last earring. Outside of work, Judah wears all her piercings proudly. Five sliver hoops and studs along both ears, a single black hoop circled in the center of her bottom lip and two sliver vertical bars in the middle of her tongue. Judah has always loved body modifications. "Shall we get going?" She held open the door for her sister and walked out afterwards.

    Thankfully Starbucks isn't located that far away. "My shift continues until midnight," Judah complained, ordering her favorite drink at the counter. "What about you?" She silently hoped her sister would be joining her, otherwise the shift would be incredibly boring. Recalling what her sister had mentioned earlier, about the last customer to come in, Judah smirked teasingly.

    "So, you liked that guy's accent, yeah?" Her sister really should go back into the dating world. "Why not ask him out?"
  18. Siren smiled, nodding.
    She grabbed the keys to lock the front doors, and followed Jude out.
    Outside of work, Jude wore all her piercings, and they looked quite good.
    Siren wanted more piercings but didn't have the money for them.

    She ordered her favorite drink, and a sandwich to go with it- for lunch, of course.
    "Mine too." She agreed, grabbing her order and sitting down.
    Taking a sip of her coffee, Siren sighed happily.
    "I'm glad I won't be alone."

    She smirked at Jude, swatting at her playfully.
    "I don't even know him! He could be like, a weirdo!"
    She took another sip.
    "Besides, he's a customer."


    Robert had flipped through all the channels on cable, and couldn't find anything to watch.
    He had a few days to relax, so he knew he needed to do something.
    Sighing, he pulled on his jacket and grabbed his room key, deciding to get something to drink.

    He locked the door behind him and left, noticing the front desk was empty right now, with a "be back in half an hour" sign on the counter.
    Robert smiled, shaking his head.
    This was a nice place, quiet, and not too busy. He liked it.

    Finding a Starbucks located a block away, he decided coffee sounded good.
    He went inside, the bell on the door tingling, and ordered his drink.
    At the last moment, he decided to buy a muffin as well, and when his order was ready, he turned to look for someplace to sit, and spied the two women from the desk.

    Grinning, he walked up to their table.
    "Lunch time, huh?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.
    "Mind if I sit here?"
  19. The delicious flavor of the drink lingered on Judah's lips as she drank it greedily. A few droplets fell behind on her lower lip, which Judah easily brought into her mouth with a quick sweep of her tongue. She raised her eyes curiously when someone approached the table, asking permission to join them.

    Judah quickly noticed the stranger to be a customer of their hotel. When he asked to sit down, Judah just smiled and motioned with her hand. She invited him with a friendly wave, waiting for him to sit down. "Robb? Yeah?" She recalled his name. "Couldn't wait to get out of the hotel?"

    Judah chuckled, sipping her drink again with both eyes slowly closing. Usually she's not very friendly, but right now was an exception. She felt happy and content, enjoying a lunch break with her sister. She didn't allow this man's mysterious presence to bother her. Judah didn't keep prolonged eye contact with him, not taking in the details of his face. Those that were visible, which wasn't a lot.

    * * *

    Tom stayed behind in his room, unpacking in silence. Only a few belongings were left in his suitcase, socks and shoes that he didn't feel like taking out. When Tom finished, he laid back on the bedding and relaxed with deep breathes. He enjoyed the silence, a peaceful way to collect his thoughts.

    The movie would begin filming in a few days, so he wouldn't have long to cherish the civilian life for long. Tom sighed, feeling the weight of exhaustion finally collapsing onto his shoulders. He decided to get himself a drink, having recalled a Starbucks nearby. Grabbing his coat, buttoning it up to the neck, Tom headed out.
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