The Rich and the Poor

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  1. It is the year 2080. Society has changed as we know it. After years of David Cooper became president, it has influenced and evolved America as we know it. Society has been divided into two parts. The Rich and The Poor. The Rich are the lucky ones, perhaps having a wealthy relative or connected to an important person in a bloodline. These are the type of people who live in big houses, with pools, gold, etc. SOME go to work whilst others have retired at an early age, living a free and easy life. However, The Poor are exceptionally unlucky. There is no in-between. Some live in small houses, perhaps surviving off of a piece of bread each week. Some have no house at all and sleep in small alleyways. But there's a programme coming up. The Goverment have agreed to make a compromise for the Poor. Riches may choose individual Poors to live in their house where they will be provided with food and shelter. The twist? The Poor must serve them whenever they want, providing they get rest and food at the correct times. The Rich must not abuse the Poor physically and vice versa.

    MY NOTE:
    I'm unsure about this roleplay, it could go in alot of different ways.


    Ethan sprinted along the pavement, his feet splashing against the wet floor. His hair was soaked and he was freezing as the water slipped through the holes in his clothes. He came to a stop as he rested his aching back against the fence, exhausted. Wolfing down his last remains of bread, he got up and saw a slightly ripped poster on the floor, soaked from the rain. Reading it through, his brows furrowed. The 16-year old's parents had died recently and he longingly missed them. But maybe this center would work. Scanning the address, he shoved the poster in his pocket and headed towards the center.
  2. Logan looked down at his sick and malnourished father. Finding enough food and medicine had become a rare occurrence and neither Logan nor his father knew how much longer he had. "Dad, the society is fucked. Our government favorites the rich and leaves us to rot and die. Someone has to do something; someone has to take them down." Said Logan as he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. His father weakly grabbed him by the shirt. "You can't change the way things are Logan, these fantasies of yours are going to get you killed. One person cannot take down a government, that's not how it works and you will stop with these goddam fantasies."

    Logan stood up and went to bring his father some water. "
    It only seems impossible because everyone is so busy suffering that they are afraid to try and push back against the society. Stop calling them fantasies, they are possible and nothing but good would come of it."

    Logan, enough with this nonsense." Said his father as he closed his eyes and rested his head back down on his pillow. They were somewhat lucky that they got a small house in a ever so slightly less ruined district; though things weren't better there than anywhere else. "Fine." Logan walked out of his fathers room and then outside of the house. "Those bastards are going to pay." He sad as he began walking down a dark road.
  3. Ethan continued to sprint towards the center. The rain was still heavy but the blood flowing in his body kept him from stopping and freezing. Suddenly, he turned a sharp corner and THUD! Ethan had collided with a boy. Perhaps a similar age to him as he scanned him, a slight headache starting to emerge. "H-hey sorry. I'm in a rush." he apologized as he got back on his feet.
  4. Logan curled into a ball then kicked up as he pushed his hands off the ground sending him to his feet in a clean "Kip up". He walked over to the boy and helped him up. "You alright? You look kinda shaken."
  5. Ethan pulled the crumpled poster out of his pocket and handed it to Logan. "I'm heading there. I know it's pathetic but, food and shelter sounds amazing for me." he grinned. "You can come if you want."
  6. "I can't, I've got to take care of my father. But who knows, maybe I'll meet you there one day." Logan gave a small smile and held out his hand for Ethan to shake. "I'm Logan" he said before looking at the poster. This kid was just like everyone else in this fucked district; scavenging for any food or shelter he could find. Logan gave the boy his poster and put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, things are going to get better soon."
  7. Ethan shook his hand, as he nodded his head. "Not for me. I'm barely surviving." he sighed. "Let's hope I don't get a horrible Rich though, considering most of them horrible." he said, starting to walk away. "Well, I hope you see you there. It's only a few more miles from here." he smiled, as he broke off into a sprint. "Goodbye!" he yelled back.
  8. Logan watched as Ethan sprinted off in the direction of the center. "Things will change, I promise." Logan said to himself though he was speaking on behalf of everyone who had to suffer everyday because they weren't rich. Equality would come one way or another
  9. ((OOC: We need, at least, one Rich in this RP. >:( ))

    Ethan finally had made it to center after what seemed like half an hour or so. He burst through the doors and was suddenly grabbed by a pair of muscular arms before struggling and being thrown into a door. The door slammed shut as he lifted his head from the ground, seeing loads of different faces but they all had the same amount of status of him. The room was dirty, wallpaper was peeling off and it smelt musty. In the middle of the room was a reinforced glass window where Riches peered through, seeking a Poor that would be of use. Ethan leaned his back against the wall as he stared the grand velvet room through the window. He didn't expect it to be THIS bad, but now he was locked in this room. He let out a long sigh, closing his eyes as he rested.
  10. Her soft brown hair was pulled into a bun under the brim of her red hat. It perfectly matched her long rain jacket, keeping her safe from the elements. “The soggy one, he looks wretched.” The woman spoke without even gesturing through the pane of glass, a window to a very different world. She did not have to touch it, but she did need to bring part of it home. Her husband had admitted they needed it, for the image if not for the help, but she was the more philanthropic one, and had come to choose a poor herself. Now only a little paperwork and she could take him home to meet the family.
  11. Ethan was woke up by a sudden shake of the shoulder as the same muscular man grabbed him and threw him into the Rich room. "Wha- why am I he-" he mumbled but he was cut off as the man, still holding him showcased Ethan to a woman. "This the one you wanted, miss?" he asked. Ethan looked at the woman suddenly remembering where he was and what he was doing. He looked around the room as his eyes stopped at the windows, almost hundreds of eyes staring back at him, envy painted across their face.
  12. Jessica Conrad nodded once. "Yes." Turning away from the window she sat at an ornate wooden table, filling out appropriate forms and applying her signature. It was tedious, all the rules and guidelines they insisted upon, pathetic, as if she could not manage the time within her household and far more. What kind of life did they expect the rich to lead? With such low standards for humans in general it was no surprise they left the poor to flounder for so long. Perhaps the others in their sphere of influence would begin to follow their lead and take in poor. There were certainly enough faces behind the window, it had been impossible to judge their worth she had only to pick someone young and hope for potential.
  13. Ethan dazily stared at the woman. She looked so.... strange. He'd never seen such materials and her hair didn't look dirty and a fragrance of perfume filled his nostrils, new but pleasant to Ethan. He liked her, but didn't dare say a word to her.

    The secretary took the paperwork and nodded towards her. "He's all yours now, Mrs. Conrad. And remember, we'll do our monthly check-ups on him."

    Ethan frowned slightly at this. He wasn't a dog for god's sake. Whatever. At least he would get shelter and food. His stomach groaned.
  14. "Of Course. Have a pleasant day." She told the receptionist before turning to the boy. "I'm parked out front. I am Mrs. Conrad. What is your name?" Already she was walking for the door, expecting him to follow out of the building and to her cute red car. She had to decide whether to take him shopping for new clothes at once, or after he had been introduced to the family. Perhaps the shirt Jackson refused to wear would fit this boy, she would take him home and find out.
  15. "Ethan." he replied, trying his hardest to look neat. Ethan followed Mrs. Conrad out of the center and into the parking lot. "Wow." he gazed in awe at all of these cars. "And I thought these were a myth. Made-up stories my dad would tell me before sleeping. Cars. They're real." he muttered to himself.
  16. ((I'll introduce one))

    Logan walked back inside and found his father sleeping. He pulled his father's blanket over him and turned off the bedroom light. He then walked into his room and pulled on a dark grey hoodie. He pulled on his hood and it casted a shadow over his face, making him a ghost.

    He made his way out into the soft, rainy night. He needed to pay a visit to someone.


    Victor looked down on a large city from his 21 story office building. He took a small sip from his champaign glass as he leaned against a large 18 foot window. The light rain creating a glossy coating on all of the upper district. He felt a pair of gentle arms wrap around his waist and turned to smile at his wife. They had a perfect life, one that even the rich would look highly of. "Hello beautiful" said victor as he gave his wife a quick kiss. Victor lived care free, with absolutely no fear. But soon, he'd have to fear his own brother
  17. “Very real. Please put your seatbelt on.” She didn’t try to make much conversation with him yet. There would be plenty of time for talking later. She drove quickly through the shining city streets, the quietly playing songs against the patter of rain on the windshield. Ethan was led from the car to a lift, and into the waiting room of a large office building. “Please wait here, I’ll be back in a moment.” Mrs. Conrad told him before disappearing into her husbands office.

    She stood by the window, her arms wrapped around Victor, speaking quietly. “I went to the center for a Poor today. His name’s Ethan, about 15, he’d never seen a car before.” She shook her head, the idea was unfathomable to her. “Do you want to introduce yourself?”
  18. "Of course" he said as he followed his wife down to Ethan. Once there, he walked up to Ethan and gave a small smile. "Hello Ethan, I am victor. You've met my wife Jessica." Victor put an arm around Jessica and held her close. "Welcome to your new home, here, follow us inside.


    Logan made his way to the upper district and stuck to the shadows as he made his way through the streets. After a while, he made it to Victor's office but kept his distance as he saw both Victor and his wife. It looked like they had brought a poor kid with them, but why? "
    What the hell?" He said as he noticed that it was Ethan with them.

    He made his way to the side of the building and began to climb the pipes to the floor with victor's office. He wouldn't have much time before they returned, so he would have to cut the visit short. He quickly made his way to their room and grabbed a few key cards for banking. He would be bringing money to his district, and allot of it. He slid the key cards in his pocket and dropped a card of his own in their place. It had Victor and Logan's family symbol on it
  19. Ethan nodded his head towards Victor. He looked around the waiting room. Everything was just so surreal. The box that had magically lifted him up in which he stood in. He'd seen a couple of lights before but it just looked so amazing. If this was where he would live, oh boy, he'd be happy.
  20. A genuine trophy home. Large windows, sleek design and graceful curves comprised the interior architecture and adorned the furniture. Jessica hardly knew where to start, there were amenities she could show off to rich guests, but the boy already marveled at the most common things.
    "This is the main floor for both guests and family. We keep it presentable at all times, which requires constant attention." She pushed the closet door closed and could have done a dozen other little things by way of straightening up. Instead she kept an arm stretched around Victor's back as they gave a quick tour of the public part of the house. They ended in the kitchen where she poured herself a drink and gestured towards a row of barstools at the high counter. "Ethan, sit down, you're hungry. Would you like a sandwich or leftover rigatoni?"
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