The Rich and Famous.

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  1. Lacie Summers woke up to the sun pouring through her window.
    The curtains weren't much protection against it, as they were made of white lace.
    She groaned and turned over, quickly looking at her alarm clock.
    It was six in the morning, she had two hours before school.
    She needed to get up and get ready.

    Sighing loudly, she sat on the side of her bed, rubbing her eyes.
    Her blonde hair fell in waves around her face, making her blue eyes stand out more against the paleness of her skin and hair.
    "Maria! Get my shower ready!" She called out, and a Maid quickly came into her room, then to the bathroom.
    The sound of the shower turning on made Lacie get up.

    "Maria, get me my robe, slippers, and my hair towel. Lay them on the counter, and don't forget to bring my special
    cotton candy bath soap and perfume."
    She dismissed the maid with a wave of her hand, and she pulled off her satin nighty, followed by her panties.
    The shower was hot, and soon the maid was back with her wash.

    "Here you are, Ma'am."
    She said quietly, handing the wash to her through the curtain.
    "Yeah, go away now, I'm like, showering?" Lacie said, snatching the wash from the maid.
    The maid scurried away, and Lacie took her shower.

    She took extra care to wash her hair with the matching shampoo and conditioners, then apply a special conditioner
    so her hair would stay soft.
    She scrubbed her body to get rid of any dead skin, washed her face with acne cream, and shaved.
    Once she was happy with her results, she turned off the shower, got out, and dried off.

    By now it was Seven, so she had to hurry.
    "Damn.." She muttered as she looked through her closet.
    "Nothing to wear."

    Sighing, she picked out a pair of light blue skinny jeans, a off the shoulder black shirt with a picture of
    Marilyn Monroe on it, and a pink, sparkly tank top for under it.
    Her bra and panties matched- pink silk with black lace.
    The shoes were a pair of bright pink leather platforms that zipped up.

    Satisfied with her outfit, Lacie went to do her makeup and hair.
    Her makeup had to be applied perfectly, and she was the only one who could do it, besides a profesional.
    Powder, foundation, more powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara.
    She also had to curl her lashes and then put a pair of earnings in.
    Her hair was straightened, ratted out, poofed in the back, then straightened in the areas it was down again.

    By the time she did all this, it was time to leave.
    "Bye Mama!" She called out as she left, slamming the door.
    Her purse slung over her arm, a pink Channel, her iphone in one hand, keys in the other, she was ready to leave.
    Her car was a Black Mercedes.
    Once inside, the radio blared some new song, and Lacie made her way to the Starbucks nearby.
    She ordered a skim milk, no whip cream vanilla iced latte, and drove to school.

    Lacie slipped into her seat just as the bell rang, and took off her white sunglasses, applying another layer of lip gloss as the teacher walked in the room.
  2. Nobody said life was going to be easy, and he knew exactly what they meant. Life was definitely not easy for him. He spent most of his days trying to hide in the back, ashamed of how his life was going. He wasn’t one of those kids that come from a rich family, or even a middle class family for that matter. No, his family was all the way down in the lower class, not even good enough to be called a class. He went each day wondering how his life might be once he graduated and moved on. He was going to study to become some great psychologist, to be able to make a lot of money and to provide a better life for his future children.

    Till then, he continued to push through each day. Going to school was the worst, because then everyone would be able to see just how poor he was. His clothes were always a mess, usually resulting in holes and threads poking out. Don’t get him wrong, his family wasn’t dirt poor, but they also didn’t have the money other families has to buy things leisurely. His family needed to save money for more important things, so he never complained about his clothes. He had younger siblings, and he knew they needed it more than him. He would give up getting new clothes if it meant his little sister could get a new dress or his younger brother could get a baseball mitt so he join the baseball team. He’d give up anything so that his siblings were happy.

    Sighing heavily, the male pushed a hand through chestnut hair as he walked down the hallway of his small house, heading towards the kitchen to check on his siblings. He would need to walk them to school before he went to his school, knowing that he was probably going to be late once again. It didn’t bother him too much if he was late, he still paid attention in class and always got his assignments turned in on time. Life was a little difficult for him, and frankly school was all he had. If he didn’t do good in school, he’d go nowhere with his life and stay poor for the rest of it. Most people had little faith in him, but he was certainly proving them wrong.

    After dropping his sister and brother off, Asher started towards his own school, knowing that the whole class was probably already pouring in, claiming the seats they always sat in and the teacher was probably getting ready to teach. Pushing his hands into the black zip up sweatshirt he was wearing, the male made it to the school within ten minutes, knowing he could have ran and made it somewhat on time but he wasn’t really caring too much.

    Seeing the door shut to the class, Asher chewed on his lower lip as he opened the door to see that the class had already started. Muttering his apologies, the male made his way to the back of the classroom, sitting in the seat he always sat in. Keeping to himself and staying in the back, Asher kept out of the way. Now don’t get him wrong, he had a good group of friends, really close and really helpful. They didn’t care that his family didn’t come from money, they liked him simply for him.

    Chewing his lip again, Asher pulled his notebook and binder from his backpack as he paid attention to what the teacher was saying. He knew this was going to be a long day, but hopefully it wouldn’t be that long.
  3. Lacie wrinkled her nose as Asher came in the classroom.
    He was dirty looking- holes in his clothes and all that.
    Asher was poor- everyone knew that.

    Lacie had never felt any sympathy for him though.
    In fact, she made fun of him a lot.
    "Hey Asher! Why are you late? Did you have to stop by Goodwill to get some clothes?"
    She asked, making the class laugh.

    She enjoyed making fun of him,
    he deserved it, just by being who he was.
    The teacher never said anything about it either,
    he was too afraid of what Lacie's parents would do.

    She had all the power, and she enjoyed every second of it.
  4. Hearing one of the other students in the class call out his name, Asher raised a brow as he looked over at Lacie, letting her words sink in as he looked at her. This was a normal day for him, getting jokes made about him or somebody ragging on the fact that his family didn’t have a good amount of money. Sighing softly, Asher chose, like every other time, to ignore it and look back down at his notebook.

    It wasn’t like it was his fault that his parents didn’t have great jobs, or that his family didn’t have the money like other families did. Though he wasn’t too concerned with it. It wasn’t like him not having an expensive shirt would make him less of a person. He was still himself, and he liked every aspect about that. He didn’t need money to make himself be liked by more people, he had his group of friends and he was a good person. So he would choose to ignore all the hateful remarks, knowing that soon enough he would be out of school and having a career of his own.
  5. Lacie laughed as he ignored her, and threw a piece of paper at him.
    Her taunts weren't working, so she just gave up for the moment.

    When the bell rang though, she passed by him and put her gum in his hair.
    He'd either get it out, or cut it off.
    Either one didn't matter to Lacie.