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    Good afternoon my lovely children! I'm so very excited to announce that it's break time! Get out of your homes darlings! Mingle! Eat food! Have fun! If anyone needs me, I do think you know where I would be. Toodles!~

    The cringe-worthy voice of Mother Goose echoed throughout the lands of the Nursery over an old but functional intercom. It was about time that all Nursery Rhymes came out to play.
    It was a beautiful sunny day today. And there was nothing on earth that can ruin the weather or the day in general.
    Except, of course, if any of the Rhymes got a little crazy during recess.
    Mother Goose always treated the people residing in the Nursery like little children, and to be frank, the majority of them are grown adults. It didn't matter to Mother, though, in the eyes of the Goose, everyone was her children. They were the students, and she was the teacher, no ifs ands or buts about it.
    If the students were to ever disrespect the teacher, huge punishments would be made, especially in Mother Goose's Nursery. Mother always had something up her sleeve if one was to ever rebel against her.
    She had many allies, all with very brutal punishments. Her worse ally of all was Mary.
    Mary Moyer.


    Goose put all of her responsibilities on Mary Moyer, as she had the worst punishments of all.
    All Mother would do was watch her children play until the sun set. Then, walk around in the darkest of nights, making sure none of her babies will be eaten by the monsters lurking in the shadows.
    That's what was wrong with her.
    Eleanor Goose was very obsessed with the Nursery Rhymes, she always followed them around. And in this beautiful, sexy, afternoon,
    she was going to follow a lucky, lucky, child.

    a c t i v e :: c h a r a c t e r s

    M A R Y SHAW - Mary Shaw.

    P E T E R P. PETERSON - Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.

    JONATHON "JOHN" ASTRAY - Three Sons.
    ADELAIDE "SPARROW" LOUIS - Who Killed Cock Robin?

    ANNIE "ANN" PRAXTON - Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away Home.
    @Commander Cheesecake

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    L O C A T I O N: In her home. Well, kitchen.

    A C T I T I T Y: Eating cake.

    The sound of Mother Goose woke the woman up with a jolt. She looked around, gathering up information about her surroundings. She let off a small sigh. She really needed to get a bed in here.

    The woman by the name of Ann Praxton, was on her kitchen table. AKA, her bed.
    Her home? A kitchen.

    Her arms reached to the sky in an attempt to stretch out the stiffness that was caused by her hardwood resting chamber. She then proceeded to pop her back, neck, arms, and toes, each bone cracking in perfect harmony.
    "Great. Now I gotta go make food."

    Usually the rhymes always came to her place to gather up and eat, with the added bonus of actually talking to each other.
    Her kitchen was big enough to fit mostly everyone, and she was never alone during "recess," so she doesn't complain when it comes to preparing food for the fucked up Nursery Rhymes.
    Ann swung her feet off the table and took a leap to get off it. She was always full of energy in the morning, as most people should be.
    With a small smile on her face and a spring in her step, she began to waltz around her kitchen, grabbing ingredients, turning on some music, preheating the oven, and cleaning up around the kitchen. This was Ann's daily routine. And she's gotten so used to it, that she could just be in thought while baking a cake. Which was what she was doing. Making strawberry cheesecake.

    Once she heard the ding of the oven she giggled in glee. And because she was alone, she skipped towards the oven and belted out the song from the top of her lungs to pull out a perfect cheesecake. She's been doing her routine for so long it always came out on point. It didn't...

    For a second, Ann had the slight urge to break something, but with a twitch of her neck, Ann snapped out of it.

    Once she pulled the cake out of the oven and let it cool, she began to eat with a smile. She was always so happy in the mornings. She doesn't know why, but she doesn't complain about her personality.
    "Now. I gotta go make food for the others."
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    LOCATION: His home
    ACTIVITY: Walking towards Annie Praxton's home

    The unexpected sound of Mother Goose's booming voice caused Jonathon Astray to violently jerk forward, the knife he was holding slipping away from it's desired course, and slicing into his hand instead of the piece of wood he had been slowly whittling over the course of the past few days. Though the teenager was by no means a cowardly individual - rather the opposite, actually, as he possessed a surprising amount of determination and bravery - he was known for being somewhat excessively jumpy. Though one would think someone who had grown up with so much screaming would be used to loud noises, or at the very least would have adapted to them since the beginning of their stay at the nursery, Jonathon still found himself jumping every time someone so much as raised their voice, or moved too quickly.

    With a slight shake of his head, he glanced down to examine the damage, more disappointed with the slight nick in his otherwise near-perfect sculpture than the blood dripping from his hand onto the leaves below.

    He was currently outside, nestled against his favorite patch of trees. Though the small shack he spent his nights in was nearby, Jonathon had always preferred to stick to the outdoors area of the patch of land he called home at the nursery, choosing only to enter the shack to sleep and store items - if he even did that much. Rather than finding the feeling of four walls around him comforting, it only made him feel anxious, and more exposed. He often felt the same about the limited amount of possessions he had, as the shack seemed such an obvious place to hide them he often feared someone would make their way into his home and steal them. Currently, the only thing within the shack were the blanket he slept on, and a few other figurines he had whittled in past weeks.

    Getting to his feet, he paused long enough to set the figurine on the rims of one of the glassless windows that dotted the walls of his shack, and then started walking towards the house of one of the other nursery rhymes - Annie Praxton. Though he was no fan of large gatherings, he knew there was almost certainly bound to be food there, and - despite what his scrawny stature may have suggested - he was never one to turn down food.
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    ¤ Location ¤
    Doll Room
    ¤ Activity ¤
    Tantrum / Walking to Annie's Kitchen

    Mother Goose's voice called out into Mary's doll room. She cupped her ears as the sound shot through her and cuddled herself more into the covers of her bed. It was her time to be lazy and to be lazy is what she was going to do. She rolled about in her bed as she finally crawled off the bed and stood up. Looking around her room she screamed her head off, "Who touched my dolls!" Her scream must of been heard by a lot of people as she trampled over to the glass containers which held all her dolls. She grabbed them and started to throw them on the floor as she threw a tantrum, even though she was a grown women she did have the mentality of a little girl when it came to dolls.

    Finally after all the dolls were on the floor Mary started to put them back this time based on her favorite to her least favorite. Then she slowly brushed their hair and fixed the way they were facing so they were all looking at her bed. Most people found it creepy and if they commented on it though she would freak out on them. Mary then calmed down and reentered a state of adulthood as she got dressed in a sundress and a hat. She was quite hungry and there were no snacks, so she decided to head over to Annie's. Walking out of the doll room she walked over to the kitchen and seemed super mature, it was strange how she changed so much with her dolls. As she walked she felt the constant feeling of the old razor blade in her boots, a constant hiding place from Mother Goose. Finally she made it to the kitchen and knocked, "What's cooking?" Mary said in a nice tone that was deceptive of what she could do.​
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  5. [​IMG]
    Location: Her home
    Activity: Complaining/Walking to Annie Praxton's home

    Despite Adelaide Louis' nickname, she was anything but an early bird. "Late to bed, late to rise" were words she lived by. There was just something about the night sky, and the darkness that came with it, that was so indescribably beautiful; The woman was unable to help but wonder why humans had evolved to sleep through the night in the first place. As wonderful as the night was - with its refreshing chill and comforting sounds - the day was equally terrible; Too bright, too hot, too loud, it made her feel sick.

    For these very reasons, the sound of Mother Goose's grating voice, which awoke her prematurely from her sleep, was enough to make Adelaide want to punch someone in the face. With a scowl, she turned over, and slammed her fist against the ground. "What's so good about it?!" She snapped, repeating the old adage grumps and night owls from around the world likely spoke on a regular basis.

    She laid there for another moment, one arm pressed over her eyes, before finally going to force herself up to a sitting position. Moving her hands away from her eyes and up to her hair, she squinted at the sunlight streaming through the opening of her nest, and began to pick at the straw and twigs that unavoidably became twisted in her dark locks every night.

    Her home was, fittingly enough, a large birds nest of sorts which towered in a tall tree high above the ground. Composed entirely of large interwoven branches and pieces of wood, the nest was rather plain looking on the outside. The inside didn't vary much, though there were a few household items, personal possessions, and lazy attempts at decorations scattered about. Pressed into the farthest corner, where Adelaide currently sat, was a pile of hay, small twigs, and scraps of cloth, which served as the woman's bed.

    "Other people don't have to deal with this shit,"
    She grumbled, as she tried to untwist yet another twig from her hair.
    "Other people aren't me, though. No, the universe just loves to screw with Sparrow, doesn't it?"

    With a small shake of her head, and a somewhat rough tug, she finally managed to untwist the last of the knots from her hair, and went to stand up. She quickly slipped on her boots, and then went to put on a pair of dark sunglasses, before heading to the edge of her nest.
    She glared outside for a moment, as if willing the sunlight to go away, before finally going to climb down the ladder that allowed her to travel from the ground to her nest, and vice-versa.

    The second she had reached the bottom, she hooked her thumbs in her pockets, and headed towards Annie Praxton's house - where she was sure to find some snacks, and others to converse with.
    "I should be a-fuckin'-sleep right now."
    She grumbled under her breath, a fake smile already plastered on her face.

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  6. k o h e n . v

    Location: The Main Nursery
    Activity: Looking for Mother Goose.


    Kohen was a very lonely man who lived in a very lonely cottage. The sound of Mother Goose's shrill voice over the intercom was oddly comforting. Someone knew he existed, someone cared. Even if that someone was Ms. Mother Goose. So Kohen got up with a fuzzy feeling in his tummy, dozens upon dozens of blankets piled onto his bed. It was terribly cold in the cottage, maybe he'd have some hot tea for breakfast to warm up. Luckily, the pale blonde noted, he didn't wet the bed so he didn't have to wash his sheets or take bath. The other nursery rhymes here frightened him a little, hence his apprehension to go to breakfast at Ann Praxton's. He'd just stay here in his little cottage and have tea and oatmeal for breakfast.

    Perhaps Mother Goose was hungry?

    Just because she was scary, didn't mean she wasn't nice. Who knew? He's had so few little interactions with the woman, that he's had yet to base a solid opinion of her--no matter what the others said about her. Maybe he'd bring her tea and oatmeal as well. Kohen pulled on his jeans and a sweater, his long blonde hair pulled up in a knot of a bun. His spindly fingers clutched tightly to the container of pecan and raisin oatmeal, placing the container in his basket along with the kettle of tea. He was nervous and uncertain as he laced up his boots but a thought occurred to him.

    Her name was Mother goose, and all mommies were nice. So how bad could she honestly be?

    With that in mind, Kohen left his cottage, squishing the mulberries beneath his boots. He quietly wandered over to the main nursery,making sure not to step on the cracks on the stone path, he didn't want to break anyone's mom's back. His spool and needle in a pouch on his hip. Maybe Mother Goose was in here? Should he knock? Or maybe he should go right in? Kohen bit his lip and pulled open the door, poking his head inside.

    "Mother Goose, are you in here?" He called, voice echoing in the main nursery. "I made you breakfast, are you hungry?" He called again as he stepped inside, the large door closing shut behind him.
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  7. [​IMG]
    L O C A T I O N:
    In her kitchen.
    A C T I V I T Y:
    Cooking and conversing with hungry folk.

    She could feel some of the Nursery Rhymes coming over for food, which was usual, she could always feel the presence of someone coming over to her house. Everyone could. It wasn't because they had superpowers or anything, it was just how the houses were made. In a couple of minutes, Ann Praxton was cooking up a whole bunch of breakfast foods and desserts with her own little twist to their names.

    Long, thin donuts that are twisted into a double knot before being freshly fried and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

    Flancakes are yeasty, flaky pancakes that rise up to two our four inches thick when you cook them in a flancake pan. Their outside is brown and rich with butter, their inside light and airy. Flancakes can be made in any flavor, but raspberry seems to reside favorably amongst Nursery Rhymes.
    Halfway between a scone and a muffin. Best served fresh from the oven, split in two, and spread with jam.

    This tart is made with delicate slices of toffee-apple fruit and is served warm with toffee-butter sauce.

    Her house pretty much smelled like a bakery every single day. She learned how to make these delicious delicacies from the peppy Mother Goose. Ann was thankful for her mother's efforts in helping her with a new hobby.
    Ann didn't mind the Pillsbury Doughboy aroma; the smell was absolutely amazing and it seemed to attract other Rhymes, which could be used to her advantage in the near future.

    Ann opened her door to let the delicious aroma flow out of the room so it wasn't overpowering and began to set the table for the people who decided to attend. If people weren't going to show up this morning, she could have the whole breakfast buffet for herself. Even though she cooks for the darlings, she has never eaten once in front of others. It was a judgement thing, but it didn't matter at the moment. What mattered most was getting food on the table each and every day so people would fucking eat her food so she didn't have to do it herself.

    Because it was getting a bit chilly, as it always was when the moon blocks the sunlight for hours on end, little Annie closed her door, only to find that someone arrived in less than a minute. She opened the door to see who it was, a fake smile plastered on her face. Mary Shaw. The creepiest of the bunch. She liked Mary, seeing as she has done no harm to her yet.
    "What's cooking?"
    "Well, why don't you come in and find out?"
    Ann smiled and stepped out of the way so Mary could come in. The doll girl would find a wide array of scrumdiddlyumptious foods on a grand table, being held by many fancy trays and casings. Just because her house was just a kitchen, doesn't mean she can't be fancy with her house. Ann left the door open so other people could come in, and so she could attend to Mary's wellbeing.
    "Would you like to drink anything? Milk? Apple Juice? Orange Juice? Tea? Lemon Fizz? Please tell me. I've pretty much got a fucking fancy supermarket in my house."

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    Location: His pumpkin patch
    Activities: Tending to his pumpkins, hauling one to Ann's house

    Mother Goose's voice startled Peter out of his daily reading time. He always went out of his way to better his mind, so another chapter of the book he was currently reading was part of his everyday routine, ensuring that he never felt his intellect could fade. The book he was currently reading was a bit of historical fiction, a story that taught its readers about the real horrors of the past while still having its own tale to tell. But no matter how fascinating the book was, Mother Goose's call was more important. Peter would never miss recess. He just had to tend to a few things first.

    Peter knew that Ann was already hard at work preparing something for the rest of them to eat. Such a lovely, hard-working girl she was. Peter found her smoking habits to be a bit disgusting, and he had told her so on more than one occasion, but never aggressively. He was concerned for her health, that's all. At any rate he would love to see what she whipped up today, but first things first: he had to select a pumpkin!

    Every week Peter made a habit of picking the finest pumpkin from his personal patch and carrying it to Ann for her to use in her delectable pastries. Fresh pumpkin pie was one of life's greatest treats, and Ann was such a talented baker. He set his book on the end table by his rocking chair and walked outside to survey his crop. He used to grow many different fruits and vegetables in his garden, but lately pumpkins seemed to be all that would survive. He was fairly sure it didn't have anything to do with him giving the giant gourds more attention than the other plants. No, it had to just be the land itself. Silly soil. Ah well.

    As he walked through his patch, Peter passed by the entrance to the cottage's underbelly and bid his wife good afternoon with a smile. Penelope didn't respond, of course. She never did, not anymore. But that was just fine by him! A quiet and obedient wife was a lovely thing to have. After a few minutes of weeding and watering, Peter picked out the biggest pumpkin of the bunch and carefully lifted it into his wheelbarrow. Satisfied, he began the walk down to Ann's house, marveling at the pumpkin which was easily far bigger than his head. Most of them were, of course, but this one was especially large.​
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  9. Location: Rose Garden
    Activity: Going to Annie's kitchen

    As Rosie walked through the deep green grass and smelled the fresh air filled with the scent of flowers, the voice of Mother Goose filled her ears inviting to come out and play. "But Mother, I want to spend more time with my flowers.." she replied softly as if she can be heard by the girl. She wanted to stay with her flowers for today, to tend to them and play with them, but it seems like Mother Goose already made plans for her. She knew she needed to follow her orders or else, she needs to face the consequences.

    Sighing softly before planting a kiss on a rose, she grabbed the garden shears and angled it to 45 degrees, gently cutting the rose stem and putting the flower on her basket. "If I'm going to meet the others, then it would be better with flowers right? I wouldn't be Rosie if I didn't give them posies"

    She then walked around her huge botanical garden laden with many flowers- roses, hibiscus, lavender and many more, looking for the perfect flowers to give to her friends. Rosie has a lot of flowers in her garden and some of them are poisonous. She's contemplating for a little bit if she should give them poisonous or not, but eventually decided not to. "Hmm, I don't want them to hate me for giving them wolfs bane or poison ivy"

    Her fingers ran along the hibiscus flowers as she walked, her vivid green eyes treated to a feast of colors and sights. She looked for one more flower before making her bouquets and seeing the perfect one, she smiled. "There you are lavender! I've been looking everywhere for you! I think you'll be perfect for my bouquet" she cooed, kneeling over the patch of the sweet smelling flowers before cutting them one by one, only leaving those who's not yet in full bloom.

    In a matter of minutes her basket was filled with hundreds of flowers from roses to peonies, to bluebells and lilies. "Perfect! Now time to go to work" She laid all the flowers on the grass and began assembling them into beautiful bouquets, each and every one different from the others.

    Finally finishing up her work, Rosie smiled to herself and arranged them neatly on the basket before leaving the gardens and heading towards kitchen singing and skipping:
    Ring around the rosy
    A pocket full of posies
    Ashes, ashes
    We all fall down


  10. [​IMG]
    L O C A T I O N: The Main Nursery.
    A C T I V I T Y: Watching her children.

    Eleanor's mornings were always eventful. In fact, her whole day was full of fun surprises. After her peppy good morning speech, she would walk over to a room, situated in the dark corners of the Nursery. Most of the Rhymes were at Ann's house, Eleanor knew their schedule that much.

    Her little Annie, such a poor little girl. At least, she has her new mommy to take care of her now. Her other mommy is gone. Gone forever.
    There can only be one mother in here. And it had to be the one and the only, Mother Goose.

    The room that she favored most was a surveillance room. A small, compact room hidden behind one of the many towering bookshelves Mother Goose has. Her bookshelves are filled with each and every one of the Rhymes' history. Their past, their present, and if lucky, their future. Those books contained each and every action that the Rhyme did. From brushing their teeth to murdering another one of their kind. If a Rhyme were to get a hold on their own book, they have the ability to rewrite their story and erase what they have done in the past. Eleanor always knows when a book is off her shelf. And if one were to take a grab at their book, she would have to deal with them one on one, which was never a good thing.

    The room was illuminated with thousands of screens, the room almost appeared white from how bright the technology was. The majority of the monitors were each showing a wonderful view of the Nursery and its areas. What she was most concerned with today, was Ann's house.
    Eleanor walked towards the monitor with Ann's marvelous kitchen in full view, there were only two people who are inside her house, but Eleanor knew that much more people were coming. And if that was the case, she had to watch the paths leading to her little Annie. With each minute, Eleanor was clicking her heels and straining her eyes, trying to find anything that would seem off to her. She didn't want her precious children to leave. Oh goodness no. She would be so distraught to see one of her children go. So, very, distraught.

    Eleanor pushed the thought out of her head with a shake and got back to looking at the bright screens.
    Peter was bringing a marvelous pumpkin to Ann's. Perhaps she will make pie. Pumpkin Eater was he. Peter was such a good boy. Such, a good boy.
    Rosie Simmons was bringing a beautiful and vibrant bouquet to Ann's. Ring Around The Rosie was she. She's such a sweet child. Such, a sweet child.
    Uh-oh.. It appears that Sparrow Louis was in a little bit of a terrible mood. Killed Cock Robin was she. That's no good. That's no good at all. She was such a weird child. Such, a weird chi--

    "Mother Goose, Are you in here?"

    What on this flat earth? Eleanor hurriedly searched for the monitor that showed the front entrance.
    Kohen. Pop Goes The Weasels kid. He's such a disobedient boy, such a disobedient boy.
    Eleanor rushed out of her surveillance room, making sure to seal the bookshelf shut before scurrying her way over to Kohen.

    "I made you breakfast, are you hungry?"
    A very.

    "Kohen! My dearest child! Good morning to you my love. What brings you here? Why aren't you at Annie's?"
    Ann slapped on a cheery smile once she caught sight of the boy. Her arms extended, her smile never fading. She walked closer to Kohen, walk getting louder with each step. Then, Eleanor hugged the boy tightly and warmly. She was a mother after all.
    "You know entering someone's house without knocking is a very very VERY bad thing to do. Did you know that? Hm?"

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  11. [​IMG]
    LOCATION: Annie Praxton's home
    ACTIVITY: Stuffing his face, observing the others

    Jonathon walked quickly, as it was best to always move as fast as possible. In nature, the slow animals were the ones that got picked off first. It didn't take him long to reach Annie's house, and when he did, he was met with the usual scene.

    Ann's door stood open, and John could already hear people talking inside. The smell wafting from the home confirmed that, as he had expected, Ann was already cooking something delicious; A quick check of his surroundings showed that others were coming to get something to eat as well. There was Peter, with a large pumpkin, as usual. Jonathon had never had much interaction with the man, as he had still been feeling him out, trying to decide whether he was safe or not. He seemed a cheerful sort of fellow, though, and generous. Though, his story was troubling, as was what Jonathon had decided was an obsession with pumpkins. He would try to be careful of him, though he felt drawn to his overly affectionate manner; Even Jonathon knew that he acted needy at times.

    And was that Rosie? She was singing that dreadful song, so he didn't know who else it could be. She creeped Jonathon out, if he was to be honest, though he wouldn't ever admit it to her face.

    He waited at the door for a few more moments, as if hoping for some sort of confirmation that he was allowed inside, and then hesitantly went to enter the house. Pressing his arms to his chest in a defensive manner, he flashed a small smile at the others. "Hello Ann. Hello..." He paused, grimacing a bit at the sight of Mary. She was a frightening one, so hard to predict. Jonathon hated unpredictable people, they could make him feel so terribly terribly nervous. "...Mary." He finished finally, giving a small nod.

    "It smells real good. Everythin'."

    Though he may have acted as if he needed an invitation to enter the house, he certainly didn't act as if he needed one to eat, and within a moment he had stepped forward and was sampling food after food so quickly one would think he would make himself sick.
    It never seemed to matter how much he ate.
    He was always hungry.
    And it seemed he never gained a pound.​
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  12. [​IMG]

    LOCATION: Annie Praxton's Home
    ACTIVITY: Talking

    Adelaide was the picture of happiness, now.
    Sure, she didn't actually feel happy - if anything she felt like tearing Mother Goose's head off - but that didn't mean anyone else had to know.
    With a grin on her face, and a slight spring in her step (how wonderfully cliche) she completed her walk to Ann's house, waving at everyone she passed by.

    "Hello, Peter! You heading to Ann's as well? I see you have her weekly pumpkin! It's a great one, I'm sure she'll love it."
    Adelaide hated pumpkin. It was disgusting.
    Adelaide hated the fact that Peter dragged a pumpkin to Ann's every week. What was he trying to do, make himself look better than her? She could be four times the gardener he was if she tried.

    "Oh, and hello Rosie! It's just great to see you as well!"
    She added, as she walked up towards Ann's door.
    "It's just such a lovely day, isn't it? I love blue sunny skies. I'm sure your garden does as well. Those flowers are certainly doing good, at least."
    It was, of course, a lie.
    Adelaide couldn't stand bright sunny days.
    Adelaide couldn't stand that Rosie had brought flowers either.
    What was with everyone and bringing stupid gifts? They didn't think anyone actually wanted to see them, did they?

    With a shake of her head, she stuck her head in Ann's door, taking a whiff of the air.
    "Mmmh, seems you've cooked us another great meal! I'm so happy you let us all come here so often! The snacks are amazing!"

    Adelaide hated going to Annie's house.​
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  13. [​IMG]
    Location: Ann's house
    Activity: Chatting with the other Rhymes

    "Yes, hello!" Peter said to Adelaide. He had a fondness for the dark-haired girl (purely platonic, of course) and her strong moral compass. He felt it would be wrong to step on her toes, metaphorically speaking, so he rarely expressed his desire for friendship, but he couldn't help but admire her from afar.

    When Peter finally arrived at Annie's lovely home, he had left the wheelbarrow outside -- no sense in tracking dirt all over the wood floor -- and hefted the pumpkin through the front door. Peter was stronger than he looked; his loose clothes always hid the muscles on his arms and chest. There were times when his strength came in handy: not everyone listened when he had something vitally important to tell them. But thankfully those times were few and far between. Usually his strength was used in carrying his pumpkins, just like he was today. Whenever someone offered to help him, his response was always a polite "no thank you."

    "Hello, everyone!" Peter said cheerily to the Rhymes that had already arrived. There weren't many at first, but most of the others were steadily filing in. Peter appreciated the daily ritual at recess-time, and seeing the smile on Ann's face once she caught a glimpse of his weekly pumpkin was the icing on the cake. Rosie came in with a beautiful bouquet from her garden, and John followed shortly after, drawing Peter's attention. The boy's tale was such a tragic one. Peter often felt compelled to step in and become John's new father figure. Though Peter respected Mother Goose, she was an obstacle at best, and hardly fit to raise an orphaned boy.

    After setting his pumpkin down, Peter walked up next to John and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder. "Hello, John!" he added with a smile. "My, you certainly are hungry this afternoon."​
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  14. [​IMG]
    L O C A T I O N:
    In her kitchen.

    A C T I V I T Y:
    Standing and chatting.

    Sure enough, more Rhymes were coming in to greet one another. It was absolutely perfect. Ann greeted each and every one of them with a smile. A smile that never wavered nor faltered. A smile that was like she had fishhooks stuck to the corners of her mouth. Was that smile fake? It was only up to the people who could read a person like a book to find out that answer.
    "Hello John! Thank you for stopping by this morning. Please. Sit."
    Well isn't someone just afraid of Mary freakin' Shaw. Ann thought she could use Mary as an advantage to try and get to John in a horrific way. But that thought immediately faded with another twitch and pop of her neck. Being this way.. Being morbidly gore-y.. Was so wrong but so fascinating. Perhaps one day, Ann will stop trying to be so nice.
    But until that day comes, it's breakfast time.

    "Hello Peter P. Peterson! It's so lovely to see you this morning. I can smell that pumpkin from a mile away. Thank you for bringing it over. Please. Sit."
    Ann always found herself saying Peter's full name. It was so catchy and it flowed nicely. It was nice of him to bring a pumpkin over to her house. She could maybe make pumpkin pie later.
    Maybe stuff Peter P. Peterson in that very same pumpkin when she's done with it.
    Ann clenched her teeth tightly.
    Stop. Now. Please. You do not wish to meet with Mother Goose for your thoughts.
    With a deep inhale and exhale with a smile, she walked over to the dining table.

    "My, John, be sure to save some for the rest of the guests!"
    Looking around at the patrons that have entered her home, she just now noticed Adelaide Sparrow. That woman was very peculiar and Ann didn't like it. One day, Ann would like to rid Adelaide of her backwardness.
    "Oh.. Hello Adelaide! Please sit. I hope you're hungry. These 'snacks' are quite filling. Don't you agree?"
    Ann gave the Sparrow a bit of a forced smirk. She did not wish to smile at the woman. But she did it anyways.
    To be.
    Character Interaction!
    @.. Well.. Everyone who walked in.
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  15. Location: Annie's Kitchen
    Activity: Eating

    Rosie kept humming to herself as she arrived at Annie's kitchen, the room already filled with her fellow neighbors. "Gooood Morning!! What wonderful day it is, isn't it? Perfect for a picnic in the gardens!!!" Rosie greeted, giving each and everyone different kinds of bouquets. Everyone of it was personalized. A bouquet of fall flowers with mini pumpkins for Peter, a bouquet of butterfly weed for Ann and a bouquet of blueberries for Adelaide. Rosie didn't know what to get for John so she gave him a bouquet of waterlilies tied with a rope.

    "Sooo.. do you guys have any idea why Mother Goose wanted us to play together?" Rosie asked with a sickly sweet voice, trying to hide the tiny bit of distaste towards her fellow Rhymes. Rosie doesn't like it when Mother Goose got so many children. Why can't she only have one? Why does she have to share her love with them? Rosie held the bouquet of flowers tighter, almost to the point of breaking their stems but stopped herself. Rosie needs to be a good girl. Rosie needs to be a good girl she chanted inside her head, the murderous intent slowly fading away.

    With her sweet smile returning to her face once again, she skipped towards the table and began eating her fill, trying to control her inner demons.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Location : Annie's Kitchen
    Activity : Eating

    "Why don't you come in and find out?"
    As Mary heard the response she came on in and sat down before she was confronted with a question.
    "What would you like to drink?" Annie asked while rambling on about the different drinks..
    "Could I have tea please? I can put the milk and sugar in it myself though"
    Mary talked as she sat down and grabbed some food, and put it on her plate. Grabbing her silverware, she looked like a little girl at a tea party with her dolls. The silverware was grabbed tightly and it was held in fists now how a grown women should hold it. She constantly asked if anyone needed a refill and smiled at each and everyone person sitting down.
    Mary was weird definitely when it came to interacting with others because she liked to think she could control them just like she controlled dolls.
    "This is amazing Annie, I really wish I could cook like you!"
    Mary's high pitched voice rung in the air as she smiled. It seemed so..fake, like she didn't mean it even though she did. All the Nursery Rhymes had to get use to the way Mary acted and said everything because sometimes it was way to hard to tell if she was telling the truth or being overly sarcastic.
    Then Rosie asked why Mother Goose wanted them to play together, "Well of course to have one giant tea party?" Mary said smiling, it was always and act around everyone she wanted to stop acting to let people know the emotional trauma she lived through like them but all she had was her rhyme that made her look like she was the messed up one when really it wasn't her fault. Shaking the thought out of her head she looked out the window, as a single tear fell. Quickly wiping it away she smiled and continued to eat.

    I: @Commander Cheesecake @DANAsaur
  17. [​IMG]

    Location: Ann Praxton's Kitchen
    Activity: Making awkward attempts at conversation, hoarding food

    John knew the kitchen couldn't stay empty for long, but that didn't quell the disappointment he felt as the others only moved closer to him. He had an admittedly small vocabulary, but had it been larger he would have described the room as claustrophobic.
    He disliked feeling crowded.

    He became so wrapped up in thinking about how penned in he was, that he didn't even notice Peter moving up beside him - quite an oversight on the normally observant boy's part. He jumped at the sudden touch on his shoulder, and for a moment, he worried he would choke on his food. Wouldn't that be a silly way to go? He always imagined it'd be at the hands of one of the other nursery rhymes.

    "Hello, Peter." He forced out, once his coughing fit had subsided. The words came out sounding stilted, and almost as if he was copying Peter, but that was okay. They usually did. John simply hoped the others didn't view this as a sign of weakness.

    "Yes. I'm always hungry."
    He added, rather matter-of-factly.
    "It doesn't matter how much I eat."

    There was a short pause, as he pondered whether this was enough to say. Conversation was not his strong point, and he often felt he was meant to say more than he did.
    "...Uh... Are you well?"

    That was perfect.
    This was how a conversation was meant to go.

    For a moment, a smile crossed his lips, as he basked in what he thought was surely approval on Peter's part. Of all the nursery rhymes in the nursery, he considered him the most worthy of seeking confirmation from.
    And then Ann ruined it.
    His head turned sharply towards her, as she spoke. He didn't like when others tried to keep things from him. It was terribly selfish.
    He was no murderer, but sometimes he thought it would be alright for him to kill the others if they had something he wanted. After all, most of them were planning on killing him. He could practically feel their stares on him, as they plotted. Rather than protesting, though, he simply dispelled the thought from his mind. Better to seem clueless, anyways. They wouldn't try as hard, that way.

    "Sorry." He mumbled meekly, glancing down at his feet, though he kept his gaze on her from his peripheral vision. He waited until he thought she wasn't looking, before quickly reaching out to grab another piece of food, and shove it in his pocket, ignoring the mess it made. He liked to think it was out of necessity, but even he knew it was simply stubbornness and some inkling of indignation getting the better of him.

    He kept his eyes fixed on the ground for a while longer, as if waiting to see if he'd been caught, and then glanced back up just as Rosie showed a bouquet of flowers his way.
    He stared for a moment, debating whether or not it was okay to take them, before reaching out and going to set them down on the table near himself.
    Water lilies.

    He wondered if it was purposeful. A jab at his nursery rhyme, perhaps? A disgusted look passed over his face, though he tried to hide it with a smile, as he nodded back in 'thanks' at Rosie.



    Location: Ann Praxton's Kitchen
    Activity: Chatting with the others

    The smile plastered across Adelaide's face was beginning to make her feel sick. She wondered if any of the nursery rhymes believed in her false kindness. She imagined they must, as she perfectly executed it. As always. Adelaide had always known she was about as perfect as a person could get.

    The others though, the others were not. It was painful to watch their awkward attempts at sincerity. Peter was all smiles and cheerful tones, but he was twisted, and overbearing. Not mention how grating his voice was. Ugh.
    Adelaide was much more concerned with that annoying aspect of the man than the fact that he'd shoved his wife in a pumpkin. She imagined the slut was better off that way. She herself would much rather be dead than married to such a fool.

    Then there was Ann. Did she really think that smiled fooled her? Or anyone, for that matter? It was absolutely pathetic!
    She pretended not to notice though, and simply nodded in agreement as the woman spoke.
    "Oh, i'm starved." She laughed, as she went to take a seat. "Just the smell of your food is enough to make my stomach growl."
    She grabbed herself a plate, and some food, and pulled it closer - though she barely touched it. It was mostly for show.

    Oh, and there was Rosie.
    Adelaide was not a fan of Rosie. She disliked the constant humming and bouquets.
    She grinned and nodded when the blueberries were handed to her, however.
    "Lovely, simply lovely. So thoughtful, too. I can't thank you enough."
    She pretended to admire them for a moment, before going to set them in her lap.
    "They'll make my nest look so much nicer."

    Mary Shaw was there too, of course!
    Adelaide found her childish behavior quite frankly embarrassing, but she did her best to put up with it, and even tried to humor her from time to time.
    "Tea is simply wonderful."

    And then there was dear, sweet, baby John.
    He was such a weakling, it was laughable.

    Overall, she really thought Mother Goose was doing a terrible job of running the nursery.
    Adelaide fancied herself as a much better choice for the job.
    If she was in charge, things would be different.
    Peter would learn to be seen, and not heard.
    Ann would learn to either give a better fake smile, or not smile at all.
    Rosie's flowers would be a thing of the past.
    Mary Shaw would have to grow up, or get out.
    And John would either toughen up, or die trying.

    It really wasn't fair. Why should she be the one being bossed around, when she was obviously better fit to be giving the orders?​
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  18. [​IMG]
    Location: Ann's Kitchen
    Activity: Talking to John and (briefly) to Rosie

    The touch of Peter's hand to John's shoulder made the boy spring into a coughing fit. "Oh, goodness, I'm so terribly sorry!" Peter said, withdrawing his hand. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I have some medicine in my cottage if you should like me to fetch it." He had forgotten just how nervous the poor boy was. Such a nervous soul. All the more reason to make sure he had a more reasonable caretaker. "And I have more than enough food there as well-- Not just pumpkins!" he added with a cheery laugh. "You know you're welcome any time, John." He smiled, his own warm and comforting smile. The sort of smile that sent shivers down the spine of anyone who knew what happened to the last person who'd lived in Peter's humble home. Which was everyone. Not that Peter was cognizant of the awfulness of his deed.

    He started to say that yes, he was doing very well. He was proud of the pumpkin he'd brought, and happy to see many of the other Rhymes. Recess was always a cheerful time. Ann's remark did spoil the mood somewhat, however, and it seemed to affect John very much. Peter saw the boy sneak a bit more food, but he said nothing. Why would he? Surely Ann had enough food to go around. She always did, after all!

    Before Peter could give John any more assurance, Rosie skipped over to the pair holding unique bouquets for both of them. Lovely orange flowers and miniature pumpkins greeted Peter, and water lilies were given to John. "Goodness, don't offend the poor boy," Peter said to Rosie, chuckling lightly. "He's been through far too much. But these," he added, gesturing to his own bouquet, "are beautiful. Thank you very much."​
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