The Revolution

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  1. Thunder clouds rumbled overhead, rain threatened to pour down at any minute, and a cold wind blew through the trees. It had been this way since Raka, an incredibly strong raiku, took the throne.
    The storm made Sol's old injury ache fiercely as he did the afternoon patrol. The absol had a deep scar on his side from none other than Raka himself. His sharp red gaze was ever observant as he looked for any signs of trouble. If one of Raka's followers found out the location of the rebellion's base, then his efforts of rising up against the power hungry legendary could be destroyed. And Sol didn't want to loose any more friends to that monster.
    Something felt a bit off as he stalked through the brush. Almost as if someone was nearby. Sol paused and narrowed his eyes, listening closely for signs of another pokemon in these woods.
  2. Aria, the Zorua made her way around thewoods. She did not reveal she was a Zorua, but instead disguised herself as something to be feared, a Scolipede. Though this thundering sound was very unsettling. She knew her footsteps in this form were probably just as loud. Anyone withing 20 yards could probably hear her s "Tch, probably should have chosen something smaller, like a Galvantula." As she said this, the Scolipede forms tall head spotted something in the distance, it was white...Odd, she began approaching it.
  3. Sol turned, hearing steps coming nearer and nearer to him. A soft growl sounded in his throat as his gaze fixed in the direction the sound was coming from. "Are you friend or are you foe?" He called out, body growing tense for a fight. The absol was in no mood for nonsense.
  4. Aria heard a voice, so it was a pokemon after all. "Well, that depends, who are you? I'm more than willing to fight if thats what you want!" The Zorua of course didn't mean this, but as the Scolipede form became visible, she believed most would back down.
  5. The absol sized up the female scolipede, deciding it was safe enough to reveal his identity. "My name's Sol. Who are you?" He answered simply, his posture still on edge as he waited for the scolipede to respond. He didn't smell any signs of toxins in the air, which was odd, considering how poisonous scolipede could be. His eyes narrowed slightly. Was he getting played by a ditto, or some other pokemon?
  6. "My name is Aria, nice to meet you Sol." She noticed he had some suspicion on his face. "Oh, right, I'm guessing you've seen through my form then? Guess I shouldn't have chosen this after all, oh well, maybe next time." With that, the Scolipede began to appear fractaled and broken, then it disappeared and in it's place was the small Zorua that truly was Aria. "I do hope you aren't too surprised." She smiled.,
  7. "Your scent gave it away. Try to avoid turning into poison types, most of them have a certain scent to them that marks them as poisonous." Sol advised the zorua with a polite smile on his face as she returned to her true form. His posture was relaxed and calm, though he still remained observant of his surroundings. "So, Aria, why were you following me exactly?" He asked curiously.
  8. "Following you? I happened to be here and your white form starkly contrasted the forest. Who wouldn't be curious?" She saw him checking the surroundings, and decided to look a moment herself, but nothing was there. "Your pretty suspicious of things aren't you?" She cooed as she sat down.
  9. Sol nodded slightly with her explanation, it was reasonable enough. Her statement made him chuckle a bit. "What brings you around these woods? I would have known a zorua was living in the area." He didn't answer her question, instead asking his own. He needed to continue his patrol. He could tell that it would start raining soon, which would wash away any trace of anyone venturing into the area held by the resistance.
  10. "Nothing in particular truly. I wander a lot, a bit of a nomad really." She smirked "Of course, being a nomad, not always the most... comfortable per se." Her tail twitched slightly, despite her allusions [and Illusions] she had a rather well-kept coat and her eyes were a deep green.
  11. Sol nodded softly, a small smile of understanding on his face. "So I take it you don't know you wandered into probably one of the worst places to be, then." He cut himself off as he shut his eyes, a vision coming to him. Rain was pouring down and the nearby river was in full flood mode, tearing away the homes of more than a few pokemon who lived nearby. His eyes flashed back open, a chill running up his spine. "I'm afraid I have to go." He spoke abruptly as he turned and took off at a quick pace, revealing the deep scar on his side to the zorua as he did so.
  12. "Hey wait!" Her voice was unheard as the Absol took of running, she had noticed a prety big scar on his side. "Well that was rude. Don't think your getting away that easily." She said as she took off after him. Unfortunately she wasn't quite as fast as him. "Hey..*pant* wait up..*pant*" She said as she was running after the crazed pokemon, what was he even running after?
  13. Sol could feel rain beginning to fall down. His vision was beginning to come true. He had to warn the pokemon living by the river. He finally reached the small village and quickly began to get pokemon out of their homes. Fortunately they knew him and trusted his judgement. The water had risen a lot in a very short period of time.
  14. When Aria had finally arrived she was met with the sight of the Absol taking pokemon into the trees. "What are you doing? Its raining, but I don't think its..." Suddenly water had begun rushing from the river from upstream, a dam must have broken and Aria was swept up in the huge wave. "Gah *gurgle* H-help!" She yelled as she was swept away.
  15. With the pokemon moved away from the River, Sol thought that everything would be okay before the Zorua from before came upon the scene, far too close to the water. He stepped towards her, his gaze stern. He was about to tell her to get away from the water when a massive wave came down from upstream, sweeping him off his paws and dragging him into the river. His sharp red gaze searched wildly for a way out of this as he struggled to stay above the surface. He heard Aria's cry for help and swam towards her. "Climb on my back!"
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  16. Aria saw the Absol swim towards her and tell her to climb on his back. She quickly paddled to him as fast as she could and got on. "What do we do?!" She yelled over the roaring water. That is when the pair hit something, or rather, something hit them. It looks like they just found out what broke the dam up river. Thrashing about in the water in front of them was a Gyarados who was rather far up river compared to most other Gyarados. Aria was scared by this sudden appearance and clutched tightly to Sol.
  17. Sol growled in pain when something hit him beneath the surface. Then he saw the gyrados up ahead. There was no way he would be able to fight it in the water... But maybe the gyrados could get them out of the water...
    He narrowed his eyes slightly, seeing that the gyrados was about to use ice beam. Sol allowed himself to sink under the water just as the gyrados used the attack. Seeing the ice form on the surface, the absol quickly swam up to the surface and grabbed hold of the ice with his claws. He hauled himself up onto the ice, checking to make sure that Aria was still holding on. His large paws and claws offered a decent amount of traction as he hurried to where the ice met the shore.
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