The Revival Flames Of Immortality.

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  1. Sera collapses gasping for breath after a fight. Striker yells SERA!!!!! He catches her and yells you hurt my twin fight me now!!!!
  2. Ryu was swiftly rushed to the infirmary, where Wendy tended to his wounds, again. Joseph remained by his side. He wanted to take him on the moment he was healed.
  3. Striker carried sera to the infirmary He layed her down and said Wendy can you help heal her and please call grey. She has liked him for a while and she might want someone here when she wakes up.
  4. Joseph saw Striker and Sera come into the infirmary. "Welcome to the party you two."
  5. Sera coughed her powers way to weak. Strike yells Joseph please ask Wendy to help heal her magic wont work on herself. Also can someone call the ice block for sera please!?!?!
  6. "Fine. I'll be right back." Joseph stood up. He smirked and vanished with a loud sound of thunder. Not even a second later, Greg was flung across the room. "Here you go. The ice block is here now. He was a pain in the ass to get to come along."
  7. Striker said thank you Joseph and sera slowly awoke her eyes holding tears her wings opened up. She said I'm sorry everyone she weakly got up and ran past grey and everyone and ran straight out if the guild. Tears flowing down her face. She said I disgraced our name. She ran to the nearest cliff edge. Her only weakness was right beneath her. It flowed around splashing like waves in the ocean did they crashed against the cliff.
  8. Joseph sighed. "Give me a moment. Leave her to me Striker." He vanished again with the sound of thunder. He appeared next to Sera. "What do you think you're up to Sera?"
  9. She screamed and gasped then went back to staring at the waves she said I am umm jumping maybe why Joseph you saw my fight that attack is supposed to kill anyone me and striker use it against.
  10. "So you're upset that you found someone strong. I don't see anything wrong there. To be honest, I glad that there's someone strong in the guild. Gives me someone to try and beat. Also. Concerning your attack. If you die, who's going to help Striker use it?"
  11. Striker will find someone else to fight along side. It's my fault Joseph i was weak that has to be why that's how it didn't work that has to be why it won't work. Sera begins to cry softly.
  12. A sudden slap came across her face. "Now stop that right now Sera! You maybe a few things, but weak is definitely not one of them. So what if you lost. Everyone loses one
  13. She gasped and held her chest her wings wouldn't even appear as the cliff they were standing on broke away and began to fall towards the water she said thank you Joseph I'm sorry it was a mistake thank you for snapping me out of it. Her angel like wings appeared then disappeared as she begn to black out again.
  14. By the time she write back up, she was laying on the infirmary. Joseph sat next to the bed, his clothes soaked.
  15. She slowly opened her eyes an summoned some of her fire to dry Joseph off she looked at him with a smile and said thank you for saving me. Her body steaming from her body heating up.
  16. Joseph was asleep, not waking even from the heat drying his clothes. He just nodded his head as the wind blew in.
  17. She smiled and tryed to get up but fell back onto the bed. She cringed in pain afte drying him her magic had gone away again making her weak.
  18. Ryu regained consciousness and sat up. "Hey there Sera. What happened to you? Your clothes are steaming."
  19. She says walk over here bend down and close your eyes I will show you what happened. She didn't have the energy to explain it.
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