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  1. WARNING!!!!!! Contains spoilers of shows and movies! If you do not want to read the spoilers of said show and or movie, then leave this page for good. Don't ever click on this again, for it may cause these symptoms in some; anger, frustration, creates lack of excitement over the show and or movie you would have loved to see, or plain out boredom with said movie or show. Thank you. You have been warned.

    Alright then. This is the review thread, where I am going to give my review of a movie and or show, and get your opinions on it. Remember this is just a review, my opinion. Put your review down below here as well, of movies or shows, tell us what you think. I will post one of these every week on this thread. Enjoy.

    Pixar's 'Brave'

    As cute and charming as it was, I'd give it only one thumb up. It had the same old 'Adolescent seeking her place in the world while trying to tell the world around her that she wants to do her own thing', and the 'everything is solved with love and compassion as well as understanding'. While part of that could be true, teaches children to let things solve itself while not trying to figure out how to solve it themselves. Life isn't always a fairytale (thus why I avoid these movies to prevent...erm...this). While duly noting that it's just a cartoon geared towards kids, yet having the same amount in adult humour is well balanced in this movie actually, I'd still say it's a renter at best because of the lack of true creativity here. This plot has been over used, like I said before, someone wants to be different from the others kind of stick out, they make a mistake, there's a struggle, then light is brought into the whole subject and well you get the point. It's a long since stretched to the limit plot line. I can't really relate to being turned into a bear and trying to lift the curse, though I will admit I can relate to making mistakes in life. But frankly this movie was putting out the same message many other movies do; 'I want to be myself and not have my mother/father/antagonist tell me other wise! I'm different!...Look at me!'. I just can't buy into it. I know that the plots have all been over used and nothing really new can come out but put some effort into it at least, please. On a posotive note, it wasn't too bad of a flick looking past the plot line and the dull characters. It did have a good moral to it and they did try their best (the three twins didn't really get that big a rise out of me, neither did the father) but the way they portrayed the mother; fantastic.