The Reunion

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    "Hello and welcome to Truest Tv's newest hit show; The Reunion!"

    Truest TV is a station famous for their hit reality tv shows. Their shows range from Pursuing the Parkers to Heaven's Bakery to Brother Husbands! But now they're about to produce a new show; The Reunion. Our stars this season are Camille Archer an EMT and former hefty high schooler. Belvira Chamberion a model/chef with a HBIC backstory! Scrumdidly-umptious Gabriel Stark, a psych professor and former bad boy. Ex-Con Isaac Morales. Ashley Rhodes, a former...Um...Free spirit. And last but not least, Teen Mom, Annaliese Ferguson." These six people who knew each other in high school and were either friends, enemies, lovers or more! After graduating from Smith's High School ten years ago, who knows how they're going to react to seeing each other again! And to make things juicier, these six individuals have to stay in a lovely beach house in Ocean City for six weeks, without killing each other for things they've done in their past and present.

    "Moving right along! My name is Miranda Mars and I will be your host and guide for the duration of your stay at You-Topia, the beach front property that Truest Tv has provided to be the set of the show! Please take a moment to look around at the many rooms that we have here as well as your own personal room that was designed to your liking. And when you're finished, please head down to the Casting Room (Cast List Tab) for your interview!"

    "When you walk into You-Topia, you'll find yourself in a lovely and expansive living room with a fireplace and a 90" flat screen HD tv with every channel known to man! And if Hi-Def isn't your cup of tea, have a look out the huge windows overlooking the glorious beach!"
    Living room (open)

    "Now, walk down the hall a few paces and you'll pass two identical bathrooms."
    1st Floor Bathrooms (open)

    "The kitchen is at the end of the hall and features top of the line appliances, islands and crazy comfortable bar stools."
    Kitchen (open)

    "The room adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room/rec room for all your dining and entertainment needs. This will also be where we will gather every night and a secret about your pasts will be revealed for all to know! But don't worry too much about that! After the big reveal(s) you can take out your stress on our many gaming stations! I'm talking Wii, PS4, Xboxs, Alienware and for you throwbacks, we even have some retro consoles! "
    Dining and Rec Room (open)

    "Now upstairs are your individual rooms set with your own personal bathroom that you designed yourselves to fit your needs and desires. There's also a library, and a pool/hot tub room!"
    Leisure Rooms (open)

    "Alright, now that the tour is over you can move on to the Casting Room for your interview! (Cast List Tab). What's that? Where do I sleep? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Honey, I have my own house at another location. Can you imagine if I had to deal with five other roommates? I would literally *mimes gun in mouth*. No offense."

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    Isaac Morales
    28 Years Old
    Former High School Fake ID Vendor

    Isaac knew as soon as he stepped out of True TV's fancy shuttle, that the trip to You-Topia would be the best part of the experience. In high school, Isaac had made a lot of enemies and he really wasn't looking forward to seeing said enemies again. But, he knew that if he ever wanted to see Aimee and Laura again, that he'd have to make himself look good on TV for them. He figured that if he showed Aimee that he was a big enough person to see his old peers again, then she'd have to come back and let him see his daughter. And if not then...Well then, this would have been a waste of his fucking time.

    Standing right in front of the mansion was the show's host...Miracle? Manuela? Marcia?--"Hee-llo! Isaac, I'm Miranda Mars!" Said host practically shrieked into his ears. Isaac couldn't help cringing, but the woman didn't seem to noticed. "It looks like you're the first to arrive, but fear not for the others are on their way!"

    "Yay." Isaac deadpanned, unable to get psyched up. He didn't know what he was going to say when he saw them. Sorry? My bad? I was stressed? What could possibly excuse his behavior back then--

    "I see you're contemplating to yourself, and I would just like to remind you of the forms you signed, stating that any internal thoughts you had about your former peers would be recorded on this little gadget right here." Miranda wheedled and Isaac groaned. He'd forgotten about the full disclosure agreement he had signed. The host shoved a small dark blue audio and video recording device in his hands and then made a 'go on now!' gesture at him. Isaac sighed and turned the thing on, discovering that it had a front facing camera so he didn't have to hold it at an awkward angle.

    "Uh...Okay, so...I was thinking that I don't know what I'm going to say to my...Former friends and enemies when I see them again. I mean, what can I really say? Sorry? Shit, was traumatic man." He muttered, and Miranda made a displeased noise. "Don't worry we'll edit out your blips later. Now then, why don't you go and wait in the living room for everyone else to arrive."

    Obliging her 'suggestion', Isaac hauled his things into the house and set them down near the door. He couldn't even marvel at the decorations because his stomach was in knots.
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ashley Rhodes[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]28 years old[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Former High School Rocker and Rebel[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Care-free lowlife[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As soon as Ash set foot out of the fancy True TV shuttle, he had a look around the place. It looked fancy, maybe a bit too so for his liking. However, he just shrugged it off, grabbing his bags after slinging his most prized possession over his back, his guitar. It was in a soft case, just for ease of transport as he made his way towards the building. He wondered which of the High School nightmares he would re-encounter here, along with if any of his few friends would be unfortunate enough to decide to come on this show as well. He was just doing it for something to fill in time, because what else was he gonna be doing in his life? Getting a stable career? Very doubtful. Jamming out with a few guys at a bar once before losing touch? Most likely.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He saw some woman, the show's host, standing outside the building he was approaching. Based off of what he had heard about these kinda shows, the host was bound to be overly eccentric and flamboyant, so he prepared for the screeching in his face he expected… and got moments later.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Cool." He said in a very,very unenthusiastic to her once she had introduced her name, but his curiosity peaked once she mentioned that someone else was already there. He was wondering who it was absentmindedly, whether it was someone he hated, someone he mistrusted or one of the very few he got along with… back then.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]I wonder if everyone's similar to how they were back then… Everyone knows I am… [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]He thought, although the host thrust this device thing into his hands, stating that thoughts must be recorded on it. Clicking it on. "I wonder if everyone's the same as before. It'll be cool if someone I don't hate shows up." he recorded before turning it off, seeing the host gesture and head up towards the place.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ash sighed, following the direction in which the crazy host was gesturing him, and heading into the fancy place. Seeing bags already set by the door, he put his there also, looking around and seeing an all too familiar face. "Now, there's someone I didn't think I'd see again." He commented in a deadpan but also semi-sarcastic way, talking to the back of Isaac's head as he faced away from him.[/BCOLOR]
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    27 Former High School Bitch Modelling and Owner of Leux
    MENTION : @Wonderful Thing (Isaac) | INTERACTION : Miranda, @UnboundDestiny (Ashley)|LOCATION : Living Room

    BELVIRA CHAMBERIONBelvira was battling herself when she decided to join this show. She would have perfect chance to atone her sins in high school if she agreed to be here, however she couldn't face them, especially those she bullied in high school, like nothing happened and asked for forgiveness. Now, she was here, standing in front of the mansion, no more turning back. She already signed the contract too, all she could do now was step inside and greeted every single soul that already there.

    As soon as walked closer, she was welcomed by an extra cheerful lady who later introduced Belvira to the audience. Working as host meant she needed to stay happy all the time, tough job indeed, "Hi! Glad to be here," Belvira smiled at her and opened her arms to hug the host. It was just her style to greet someone. After she hugged Miranda, Belvira reached her hand to accept the unfamiliar device. The host told her that this device used to record her internal thought. Not so happy about it, but then again, Belvira could do nothing against it.

    "Um, okay! Is this on already? Oh! Hi, it's me Belvira, I'm excited to death to see everyone, especially those who hated me so much in high school," she stopped and laughed softly, "What can I say? I'm their bitch in high school, but believe me, I have changed and I hope to fix every broken relationship I made."

    Belvira clicked the device off and walked inside the mansion. She was not the first to arrive, there were already two males inside. Belvira squinted her eyes to see them better, their faces were familiar, but she couldn't recall who were they. Are they... Isaac and Ashley?

    Putting her luggage near the door, Belvira then walked closer to them, but she stopped herself when she was just an inch away from Ashley. Was she afraid? She didn't know... She bullied him quiet a lot back there, she wondered if he still holding grudge on her. She tapped his shoulder lightly and smiled, "...Ashley, right?" She was smiling as sincere as she could, hoping that she made a good first impression after several years holding the evil bitch role.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Location: Shuttle --> Front of House --> Living Room
    Mentioned: Belvira ( @Azula ), Ashley ( @UnboundDestiny ), Isaac ( @Wonderful Thing )
    Interactions: Miranda Mars ( @Wonderful Thing )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE

    Camille Archer ♥ Former Fat Girl

    While Camille did not enjoy the shuttle ride there was nothing particularly unpleasant about it. Truthfully, the ride was only so torturous for her because it gave time for suspense to build. Who would she see at the island? What if she made a fool of herself on television? Why had she agreed to this? Only the last one she knew the answer to: Because she wanted to show off her transformation, and make all those horrible people in high school reflect on the way they treated the poor fat girl she once was. Still, now that she was actually on her way, Cami couldn't help but regret her decision to come on the show.

    It was too late to back out, however. Already she arrived at the island, and the contract had been signed weeks before. She had to follow through with the choice she made. Taking a deep breath, Camille stepped off the shuttle with her luggage in hand. Almost immediately she was approached by a overly enthusiastic female, who Camille recognized as the host of the show. She smile politely as she was introduced to the audience.

    A device was placed in her free hand, and Miranda Mars reminded her what it was for. "Oh, right," Camille said, wondering why she had agreed to record her personal thoughts for all the world to hear. Heaving a sigh, Camille bid the host goodbye and turned on the recorder. She held it up as she walked so that her face was in the frame, giving a half-assed smile. "Well, I'm hear," she said, rolling her eyes at how obvious her opening statement was. "Feeling really nervous about who I'm going to see... I'm sure there will be more enemies than friends."

    By then Camille had reached the front door, and she paused to finish her video. "I guess it's time to face what I've gotten myself into... I wonder if anyone will even recognize me, now that I'm so much thinner." Not knowing how to end her monologue, Cami just switched off the camera and tucked it away in one of her bags. She then pushed open the door, stepping inside.

    There was a pile of luggage by the door, and so Camille decided to just leave her bags with the others. Her name was written on all of them anyways, so she was sure she wouldn't have to worry about someone mistaking her bags for one of theirs. She then turned towards the three people who were already in the room.

    It took Camille a minute to recognize the first person she looked at, but after studying his face she realized it was none other than Isaac Morales. He had pretended to be her friend in high school, and then dropped her as soon as he got the grade he wanted. She felt herself stiffen and instantly turned her gaze to the other female in the room. Unfortunately, her mood was not lightened upon seeing Belvira Chamberion, a girl who had bullied Camille constantly.

    Luckily, the last person was Ashely Rhodes. The two had been friends in high school, and Camille was looking forward to seeing how life was going for him. Most people may know a little bit about the lives of the people they went to high school with, but after graduation Camille had deleted any form of social media that would give her insight to their lives. She wanted to keep as distant as possible from the people she attended high school with. In fact, until she was invited to be on the show, she had highly doubted she'd hear from any of them ever again.

    Camille decided to just stand by the door. She might have gone to speak to Ashley, had he not already been talking to Belvira. She had nothing nice to say to Belvira, and so she thought it best to avoid her for as long as possible.

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