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    After what has felt like years and yet no time at all Tidus and Yuna stand reunited. Standing in one another's loving embrace they can't help but almost cry. Tidus having been taken by Sin not so long ago and Yuna who went on a quest to bring balance has brought her lover back. He stood in the calm waters of the ocean off the shore as she came back in the great flying ship he had never seen before. Dropping down she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him in a gleeful hug. Now that they were back together... What would happen next?

    Tidus was ecstatic as he wrapped his arms gently back around Yuna not sure if this was real. He could feel her and she could feel him. It made him want to cry. Shutting his eyes tightly he leaned his head against her neck holding her small framed body to his. He opened his eyes softly and whispered quietly so that she could barely hear him, "This isn't a dream right...?"
  2. They were together again after what seemed like years. Finally he was there in her arms. This felt like a dream, a dream that she didn't want to wake up from. Running through the water to get to him, to wrapping his arms around him. Everything felt so unreal. They were back together finally. Nothing could separate them now. They will always go back to each other no matter what. She felt his touch, felt his breath against her neck, and heard his voice. This was real.

    "No, this isn't a dream," Yuna whispered, and looked up at him. She wanted to look at his face, she wanted to look into his eyes. A smile spread across her lips, embracing him more. "You're back." This felt so strange to her, but everything felt so right. Tidus was home, that was all that mattered. Now they could continue their lives. He was there to fill that empty void that she had, now she was complete again.
  3. Hearing her soft voice again he almost fell backwards. It was the same as he remembered it and it brought back memories of a time past not so long ago. He smiled more to himself and hugged her tighter. This was the moment he had dreamt of in his time away from her. She was here in his arms and he was here with her. All of the great times they had shared came rushing back and he almost shed a tear from his joy. Pulling away gently but quickly he looked into her eyes, "It truly is you...." he smiled and looked at her, "I don't even know what to say...."
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  6. This moment brought Yuna into pure happiness. To feel him there, to be able to hear his voice. The smile that was on her face was wide, showing that she was truly happy that she was there with him again. She couldn't wait to tell him all the stories about sphere hunting, and all of the adventures she had when he was gone. He would be proud of her for having her own journey, she knew of it. Now they could experience another one together.

    "Just know that you are home," she said, giving him a smile. Then she grabbed his hand, tugging him to follow her out of the water and to the shore where everyone was waiting for them. "I can't wait to tell you all of my stories!"
  7. He stumbled a little feeling her tug him towards shore. He could see so many faces he recognized. It brought a huge smile to his face as he caught his footing and started to try to keep up with her but it was a little difficult. She had apparently gotten faster during their time apart and the way her body looked had this sense of hidden muscles from work. It made him even happier that she had been busy. He couldn't help but nod enthusiastically, "I look forward to hearing your stories..." His smile returned and he gently squeezed her hand running with her out of the water.
  8. "Hey love birds!" Rikku exclaimed as the both of them got to the shore. She was excited that the both of them were finally there together again. Now Yuna wasn't going to have that certain sadness to her, and it was going to be great together with the whole group again. Everyone had their own stories to share with Tidus to keep him up to date with everyone. Yuna held Tidus' hand as Rikku came up to them on the sand, and laughed when the blonde haired woman started poking at his face.

    "You are real, this is great!" Rikku bubbled, having a wide smile on her face. "There are a lot of changes going on around here."
  9. He laughed and swatted at her hand with his free one, "Of course I'm real Rikku... Jeez..." He looked at her new outfit as well, "Okay seriously? It seems like everyone changed what they are wearing..." He sighs but smiles and reaches out poking her cheek, "I'm hoping you didn't give Yuna too much trouble."
  10. Rikku let out a small laugh, moving away from his finger. "I didn't give her too much trouble, I promise," she told him, sticking her tongue out at him. She looked around for a moment, then motioned Paine over to join them in their little circle. Might as well introduce the other woman that traveled with the two when they were going all over Spira looking for spheres. Paine just stood there with her arms crossed over her chest, looking Tidus over for a moment.

    "This is Paine," Yuna introduced with a smile. "We brought her in, and together we make the Gullwings."

    "Pleasure to finally meet you," Paine spoke, holding out her hand for him to shake.
  11. He laughed with her, "Good. I'm glad to hear it..." He saw the strange girl dressed in black join them. He was about to ask who she was but Yuna beat him, "I see... Paine." He gently let go of Yuna's hand and shook hers, "So you three were a team huh? Just what were you all working together to do?" He was becoming increasingly curious about their adventure.
  12. Yuna looked at the two ladies before looking back at Tidus. "We hunted for spheres," she told him. "Well, it all began when I saw a sphere of you, or at least I thought it was you." The story was long, so they would actually have to sit and talk about it. Right now Tidus had to go see his old friends again after being away for so long. "I will save the story for later, but come on, there is someone you have to meet!"

    She took his hand again, bringing him further up the beach. Wakka was standing there with Lulu at his side, and she was holding something in her arms. That something was their baby.
  13. He raised his eyebrow, "You were hunting spheres?" He smiles, "I look forward to hearing this story... Someone I need to meet?" He gets pulled along and he recognizes his old friend, "Wakka!" He smiles and runs up to him wrapping his friend in a hug. Turning he sees Lulu and her baby, "No way... You..." He points at Wakka and Lulu, "I don't believe this..."
  14. Wakka laughed at his surprise, and he patted Tidus on the shoulder. "A lot has changed, ya?" He questioned, grinning widely. He looked down at his son for a moment, then up at Tidus once more. "His name is Vidina, it took me a long time time figuring out his name, but I finally figured it out."

    "It is surprising that we have a child, huh?" Lulu questioned, and smiled as she kiss her son's forehead gently. "But he is the greatest gift that I could ever ask for."

    "Lulu has been in mother mode ever since he was born," Yuna mentioned, letting out a small laugh. "And Wakka has been freaking out about having a son. It's cute really."
  15. Tidus couldn't help but smile and he crossed his arms observing the happy couple, "Well you have my congratulations you two..." He playfully punched Wakka in the arm, "Glad you're so happy..." He glances over at Yuna wondering just what sort of adventure she experienced while he was gone. He sighed smiling and turned around to look out at the water and the large red ship sitting there, "So much has changed... I just hope I can get used to it..."
  16. Yuna gave him a smile, just enjoying the fact that he was actually there. She couldn't wait to tell him all about her adventures and how brave she has gotten because of them. Now they could settle down and enjoy life once more. "You will get used to it, I promise," she told him. "We are all the same people, just the things are different around here."

    "We should go back to the village and get some food, ya?" Wakka asked, give the two a smile. "We have some celebrating to do!"
  17. He returned her smile seeing her familiar face brought back memories of days long past. Nodding gently he looks at her happily, "If you say so then it must be true..." He laughs a little and turns to Wakka as he talks about food making Tidus' stomach grumble, "Food doesn't sound like a bad idea..."
  18. Yuna grinned, liking the mention of food. The villagers were probably getting a whole party going right now, there was no doubt about it. She held onto Tidus' hand, starting to lead him up the beach. "I think Kamarhi would be happy to see you as well, so we should make a trip to see him soon," she told him, just leading him up to get back to the village. The village where they first met. She still remembers that day perfectly.
  19. Again he is tugged away but manages to wave to his old friends as he is pulled up the beach, "Kamarhi... Ah yes..." He smiles and regains his footing moving to beside her, "So what is up with the whole thing about a celebration?" He was curious about why the village that he met her in what felt like so long ago would be holding a party, "Is it like a welcome back for you?"
  20. Yuna hummed as she walked, and then stopped as he asked about the celebration. "Well, you can say that," she said with a smile, looking up at him. "And I am sure Wakka wants to add in that the fact that you are back as well." This was going to be a great celebration. Food, talking, a big fire and dancing. That was something that she needed, maybe what they both needed. "We all need to have some fun once in awhile, right?"
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