The Reunion - A Samurai Champloo RP

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  1. (some of the things listed it to contain are only a precaution due to character personalities im unsure if this should be in libertine A or not)

    Ten years have passed since the trio parted ways. Mugen has fallen into a sticky situation he on his travels joined a mercinary band,when the group is hired to abduct and kill the family of a yakuza boss and the plan fails as the new recruit the entire thing is pinned on him. now he's on the run with the Yakuza after him,knowing he can coax his old companion Jin into helping clear his name he heads to the last place he saw the samurai: the Sunflower Samurai's island home. upon arrival he meets a small boy who shares his name and torments him,upon catching the boy he learns the boy Mugen is the son of the very man he seeks: Jin and his other former companion Fu. Jin returned to the island not long after parting ways,met up with an married Fu,hung up his blade and lived a quiet life with his family. Glad to see their friend back the pair welcomes him unknowing of the danger that follows.

    Characters Available
    Yakuza Boss
    Yakuza Minions (several)
  2. Can The yakuza boss be a woman?
  3. I have an oc who is supposed to be the child of a yakuza boss. Either way, interested
  4. Of course the Yakuza boss can be a woman,welcome aboard both of you
  5. Oh, and if ProphetofProfit isn't okay with the Yakuza boss having a kid, my oc can just be a member
  6. Welcome aboard n.n
  7. I can happily play Fuu and / or Mugen.
  8. Which Mugen? And sure if you think you can handle two
  9. I'd like to play Jin
  10. Sure n.n welcome aboard
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.