The Returning

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Exploration Class Starship Paradise was slowing as a great blue planet appeared. One could not feel the shift in speed, but the overly sensitive always swore they could tell when the starship had gone from hyperspeed to light.

A crowd of crew members were surrounding one of the plasma screens watching with wide eyed wonder at the sphere growing in size. After thousands and thousands of years, here she was, Lost Earth being seen by human eyes for the first time. Theorists warned that her atmosphere would be red and dried up like Mars, or blackened and dead with poisoned air. But she was beautiful. Covered in blue oceans and green land masses. White clouds shifting in steady weather patterns.

Telara was one of many watching the screens, her hands on her hips. As soon as the Starship stopped, the first Land Crew was going to grab their gear together and go out for the very first scouting mission. She had volunteered with the same enthusiasm as her crewmates. Who wouldn't want to get the first look at their lost homeland?

And hand slapped her roughly on the back, sending her stumbling a couple steps forward. She cast a scowl at the tall man, face covered in scruff and clothes looking like they had just come out of a dirty clothes hamper.

"Ready to go, geek?" he drawled out. Not waiting for an answer, he was already strutting down the corridor for the exploration shuttles. They were going to be part of the very first team to set foot on Old Earth. Possibly one of the highest honors on the entire ship.

Or rather, Telara thought it was more likely they were the ones higher-ups wouldn't miss if something went wrong planetside.

"Stop walking so damned fast, Cassio! I still have to grab my gear!"
Aspen stood staring wide eyed at the large screen; the vast blue oceans of Earth were overwhelming to look at, even it was only on a screen. She had read about Earth in school and had seen pictures of how it once had been, but they had been prepared to arrive to a destroyed planet. However, after being free from humans for millions of years, Earth was able to revert back to its natural state. One could only imagine what type of life forms they would encounter once on land.

She pulled herself back to reality as people hurried towards the exploration shuttles. These people weren't just the first people to be setting foot on Earth in millions of years, they were also her crew.

She quickly hurried down the corridor, following the others into the shuttle docking bay. Here, eh would meet her entire crew for the very first time. As she entered the bay, she saw the faces of many, but she only recognized one, Alexei.

She had met him on their home planet, before the mission began. He now stood with several other crew members as they awaited for everyone else to enter.

OOC: Sorry it's not longer, I couldn't think of much to put in the very beginning. [:
Of course Cassio didn't wait. Telara wasn't expecting him to. He was one of those wild stallion types. Ran around free and stupid, and only came back when he was hungry. If she was lucky, the rest of the Land Crew wouldn't be filled with trigger happy morons. Their first steps on Old Earth shouldn't be marred with gunfire and flashy showing off.

After all, her entire agenda was collecting the plant life for study. She couldn't study it if they destroyed it.

Telara found herself one of the last few people to board the shuttle. Cassio had already entered, plopping in to a seat at the far edge. Making goo-goo eyes at anyone with breasts. Her pack was strapped safely over her shoulder. Nothing was going to get it out of her hands! Inside contained everything she would need for flora investigating. Very expensive equipment that cost her a fortune to get.

There was one face she was please to see, though. Sneaking unnoticed up behind Aspen, she threw her arms around the girl with a loud squeal.

"Aaaiiiiiiiiieeee! So you made the cut after all! Here I was thinking the entire shuttle was going to be crammed full of twits and dirtbags."
OOC: First off, I would like to apologize in advance for the shortness of what you are about to read. For some reason, I'm not really feeling this role play right now, and I'm hoping that it will get more interesting. [:

BIC: Aspen all but jumped out of her skin as Telara embraced her. She let out a small giggle and turned to face her. "I know right? I didn't think I would make it to be honest. A lot of things have been going on in my life, but I'm just glad to be here, you know? I am just so excited to be one of the first people to witness Earth! It's just wonderful isn't it?"

Aspen had been selected for this mission to be an explorer. Sure, everyone here was part of the same crew, but they had little groups within as well. Aspen and Telara would be part of the same smaller team, but they'd be doing separate things. Aspen would be one of the ones who saw everything first, and went through everything first. It was a blessing and a curse. Sure they'd be the first to see it all, but they'd be the first ones to come upon any dangers they encountered.

Alexei would also be part of their smaller team, and he too would be collecting plant life for study, just like Telara.

OOC: Okay, it's not as short as I thought, but oh well. I'm feeling it a little more after writing that. XD
"Squeal a little louder, ladies! Throw my name in there too while yer at it!" Cassio shouted the comment across the shuttle, casting a big wide grin as he leaned back in to his chair and buckled himself in. Everyone had their own opinions about him. He was the asshole, the pervert, the hot head, the flirt, the turn coat. Very few people ever had him pinned for what he really was.

Telara leaned an elbow on Aspen's shoulder as she flicked Cassio the finger. She knew exactly what he was like. He was harmless, but that still didn't make him any less of a pain in the ass. Choosing to ignore him rather than give him the attention he was after, Telara just laughed her way over to her seat. She sat down next to Alexei, barely giving him two glances and a grin before her focus was on her friend across the way.

"As long as you gunners don't go shooting everything that twitches, I'm betting we're gonna be able to bring back a lot of cool stuff." Telara was a little jealous that Aspen's team was going to be forging the path. Sure, she understood that the areas had to be staked out and made sure it was safe for the scientists. ...but those first few unmarred glimpses were a treasure!

When the last few people board, the doors were closed up. The pilot announced quickly over the com for everyone to settle in their seats. Engines roared to life as the shuttle's drives kicked in and prepared to launch out to the planet.