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  1. So yeah, John Romero is teaming up with Adrian Carmack to make a new FPS:

    After the new map he made for Doom way back in January, I'm kinda sorta majorly hype. As long as it's not Daikatana-quality shit, I really can't wait for Monday to see what he has been working on.
  2. Every time I see that guy it just blows me away, like that's who made Doom years ago? Maybe it's because he reminds me of the guy who makes DoA and who's face looks like a bombing range.

    Also, kinda excited and I'm not sure why.. Now I wanna see what it is.

  3. He never gonna live that game down. Ever. Not as long as anyone is alive from that time-
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  4. So bad. Sooooo fucking bad.

    This video does get me a little hype about their new project though.

    * in b4 it's a sequel/remake/reboot of Daikatana*
  5. "I am re-releasing Daikatana with ET retro graphics."
  6. It won't be a true remake until John Romero says he's going to make us his bitch.
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