The Return

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Lets skip the formalities.

What I expect from you
- Intermediate or above.
- Be flexible. (Schedule)
- Don't give me shit writing.
- Be active in plot building.

- Grammar and spelling should be proficient.
- Be a sweetheart.
- Flexible writer.
- Be able to stomach some stuff.
- Lets throw away the awkwardness and be friends. I'm not an ass.
- Juggle more than two characters.
- This will only be a leisure roleplay.

What you can expect from me
- 4 paragraphs or more.
- Got problems/school or family problems? Take your time.
- I'll give you grade-a writing. (Maybe b, we'll see)
- I will throw my heart into plot building.
- My grammar and spelling is checked myself and a website. Then checked again.
- I'm fucking sweet as candy.
- I ain't about weird shit. (ex - please don't describe vomit or feces)
- I can juggle a whole family.
- Can do either physique (anime or real).
- I'm moderately busy. Please do not knock on my PMs 24/7.
- I just want one partner.

Current Plot in Mind

What I'm craving?
Psychological, Drama, Survival (?), Romance (?), Horror, Fiction/Non-Fic

Up for anything?

Any Questions?
Wanna roleplay?
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Hey - if this is still open, I'd love to take a shot at writing with you. Should I PM you?


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Could you guys send me a PM when you have the time? Thanks. :)
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