The return of...wait...weren't you...but you just left....

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  1. Well folks, I know that I had left for a short while and even said that I wouldn't be back online until next January. Well...things have changed in my personal life (some for the good some for the worst, I won't say in public what was the worst but I will say this I am a single man again) Anyways I am back, for the most part.

    Now I will be leaving again in a few months because I will be moving to Idaho (because I have quite a few things to sort out in my real life, I will be here for...a while), and will not have the resources or rather access to the internet and I will be busy studying. I've missed being on iwakuroleplay, and want to really get into this site and community while I can. Please forgive me if I am snippy and depressing for a while, I am going through a lot right now.

    So I guess that's it; Phoenix's Wrath is back. Yay.
  2. Welcome back sweetheart
  3. Hey. Sorry that I just left like's been hard. But hopefully I'll be back to my roleplaying spirit soon.
  4. Glad to see you back sooner than you expected. :] I hope your life gets all sorted out. Be strong.
  5. real life comes before fiction
  6. Welcome back and hope it get better. RL comes first.
  7. Thank you all for your support and welcome backs.