The Return of the Reapers [A Mass Effect Roleplay] (Signups/OOC)

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  1. [Warning: This Roleplay is based off ONE ending in Mass Effect 3. It will contain major spoilers and other things of that kind. Keep reading if you’re like me and either have seen it or don't care.]

    When Commander Shepard Synthesized all organic and synthetic life. He made a decision that was supposed to save the galaxy. For the next 100 years, life was good for all things. The Reapers helped rebuild the civilizations they had destroyed. But, when Shepard made that decision he had left out a major fact. When the Reaper's gained organic sentience...What would stop some of them from still hating organics and wishing to return to being fully synthetic? Now that day has come. A group of 5 Reapers have conducted experiments, and have made a fully synthetic Reaper and new means of making more. They have also managed to purge themselves of all organic components. Now, they are on the warpath. Using the Synthetic molecules in multiple new organics, the Reapers are creating new species of full synthetics that only loosely resemble their previous lives. Many of the other Reapers have attempted to battle against these new ones, ending with them being captured and re-converted.
    The Universe needs new heroes. This is where the crew of the new Carrier-Class ship the Leviathan come in.
    As a candidate to join this crew, you have many options before you when it comes to jobs aboard the ship, though all members will be called on for situations involving the safety of the galaxy. Now then, screening aside, my name is SCOUT, or Synthetic COntrol UniT, I am the A.I. of the Leviathan, and may you have the best of luck with joining our crew!
    CS Skeleton

    Species: [Must be from Mass Effect Universe] {Restricted species: Prothean, Collector, Reaper, Husk, and Leviathan}
    Job: [Whether it's the job you had before joining the Leviathan or the job you have on board is up to you]
    Background: [Doesn't have to be extremely long, but a good paragraph at least.]

    1. Don't be "That Guy" [Don't be the jerk who tries to ruin everyone else's good time]
    2. Don't kill off other people's characters without their permission.
    3. You may have sexual scenes, but this is under the guise that you do not spend a large amount of time in it and that you keep them relatively far in between. [Though I don't care if your characters flirt alot around others.]
    4. Don't God Mod or other such things. [Does this even need to be mentioned?]
    5. Finally, Canon characters may not be played, but can be mentioned or be interacted with.
    Extra Info and Facts.
    Here's the extra crap I didn't mention till now.
    Leviathan's Appearence (open)
    Carrier Spaceship.jpg

    Fighter's Inside Leviathan (open)
    Drone's in Carrier.jpg

    The Story So Far (open)
    We ain't started yet!

    Character List
    1. Proculus Maucius
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  2. My Character

    Name: Proculus Maucius
    Age: 28
    Species: Turian
    Appearance: Turian.jpg
    Personality: Proculus is a calculated individual. One who excels in thinking through things logically. Though this does not make him boring in any way, in fact, he spends much of his time enjoying himself. He stays away from alcohol because he does not wish to impair his ability to think.
    Sexuality: Straight [Any Race]
    Job: Commander
    Background: Proculus is a rare individual. He is a biotic Turian. After having been exposed to element zero, Proculus became extremely adept at the use of biotics. As such, he later joined the military and became a Kabalim [leader] of a Turian Cabal. [An elite group of biotic Turians.] While he does not carry much more than an SMG into battle, his biotic capabilities are outstanding. Laying waste to enemies in large rifts of gravity and improving the strength of him and his allies with poisonous and biotic fields.
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