The Return of the Elgen (Michael Vey RP)

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  1. After the work of the Electroclan, the Elgen disappeared, or so it seemed...

    Dr. Hatch had split of and recreated the Elgen with his remaining Glows. After lots of research he discovered a way to create Glows... He finally figured out the secrets of the MEI.

    You are one of the new glows. Your powers are like no other. Will you stay with the Elgen, or with you split of and follow the path set by the Electroclan so long ago?

    -The original Glows are now 30, the original Electroclan will not be part of this RP.
    -All Glows are 14, unless you are a non-Glow
    -If you want to rp as a canon character, Hatch and the Elgen Glows are available.
    -You power must be completely original, no two Glows are the same. (You may uses powers from canon Electroclan members, except for Michael)
    -The Elgen compound is in Tuvalu (Where they planned it to be in "Battle of the Ampere")
    -If you are rping as Hatch, you will also rp as generic guards and assistants.

    -No Powerplaying
    -No Mary-Sues (Sorry girls, not everyone can love ya)
    -No Godmodding (Unless it has to do with your power)
    -Be realistic! You are not successful 24/7!
    -Please don't kill someone without their consent!!!!!!!

    Form for original character-
    Glow or not-
    Power or skill-
    Pro-Elgen or Anti-Elgen-

    Form for canon character-
    RP sample-

    Canon Characters-

    Original Characters-
    Kimberly- SplashRaven24
    Connor- SplashRaven24​
  2. Username- Splashraven24
    Name- Kimberly Mitchell
    Age- 14
    Glow or not- Glow
    Power or skill- Can alter the electric flow from nerve to nerve in a person's body (Therefore, controlling their movement)
    Personality- Headstrong, Proud, Tenacious, Determined, Tsundere, Intelligent
    Strength- Sneaking up on someone unexpected
    Weakness- Having someone sneak up on her
    Appearance- Brown chest-length hair with green eyes. She has fair skin and she wears a purple tank top with jeans short shorts and black converses (Will upload pic later)
    Pro-Elgen or Anti-Elgen- Neutral
  3. Username- Splashraven24
    Name- Connor James
    Age- 14
    Glow or not- Glow
    Power or skill- Can break down self into electron and then reassemble self.
    Personality- Good Leader, intelligent, strategist, loyal, OCD
    Strength- Spying
    Weakness- His power sometimes fails him, usually when he needs it the most
    Appearance- Blonde-brown coppery hair, hazel eyes. He has olive skin and he wears a black hoodie with jeans and torn up black vans. (Will upload pic later)
    Pro-Elgen or Anti-Elgen- Anti-Elgen
Thread Status:
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