The Return of Tepes, a Group Modern Fantasy Monster-Based Plot

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  1. The darkness existed long before the light.

    There is a world hidden to the bulk of humanity, a world populated by races of beings commonly known as ‘monsters.’ Such a world falls into a hierarchy, so as to keep a relative peace amongst themselves in order to prevent as much outburst and conflict with humanity as is possible. This hierarchy was determined long ago by a great battle among all of the races of monsters, a battle fought to the pain in order to determine who was the strongest. The vampires, the lycanthropes, the gargoyles, and the drow were victorious, and thus gave rise to the Four Monarchies. Each took a fraction of the night and held it under their domain.

    But, in time, the world of monsters was in shambles, save for the Court of Vampires. The Vampire King at the time, Vlad II Dracul, soon assembled his armies and made his way into the lands held by the other Monarchies and subdued them for a price: the undisputed loyalty of them and their descendants unto his bloodline as he elevated himself to become the Emperor of the Night, the ruler of all monsters. With this new rule, monsters everywhere became one true banner as the other three monarchs- now referred to as the Royal Triad- kept their crowns and acted in the name of their emperor...

    In time, the throne came to Vlad the Impaler, who renamed himself Dracula. It is under his reign that humanity became slaves to the shadows...


    I hope you've enjoyed the small teaser above. In short, this plot occurs after the son of Dracula, Alucard von Tepes, undergoes a states known as the "Great Sleep" after an attempt to rebel against his father's tyrannical reign in the early 19th Century. However, he still retains loyal followers and servants, namely Meremoth, a reaper, who would be played by one of you. Our story itself begins when Alucard awakens in the year 2023, one hundred and eighty years after he was defeated by his father. Our plot would not only involve Alucard's acclamation to the modern world, but it would also have a focus on the affairs of the world of monsters, especially given that our royal vampire has been long removed from the world of politics. Characters up for grabs will range from vampires who are subject to a caste system designed for the roleplay to lycanthropes to humans who serve as "anpyrs"- mortals with whom vampires makes contracts to feed from and gain more power.

    Our national setting is not quite set yet, but it is somewhere along the lines of either America, Japan, or the United Kingdom. In addition, various theoretical events for the future years are more than welcome. I am slo seeking a Co-GM and anticipating this to be an Advanced/Adept RP.

    Please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions!
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