The Return of Michael Myers

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  1. Plot : Now is 2014, the Halloween films are always talking about Michael Myers and how he comes every Halloween to kill people. Yeah those where myths right ? RIGHT?! well sorry your mistaken Michael is real and he is back for a kill this Halloween. A girl moves into the house of the Myers knowing about the story and everything but thinking it a myth she ignores it. Till one day she see's him and now gets worried. The worst part is that the local jocks keep teasing her and go into her house one day only to meet their own gruesome ends, can the girl stop Michael ? Something isn't right Michael is unable to seem to hurt the girl. But when a local myth as well Jason comes in and wants the girl dead, its the battle of the immortals can Michael save the girl > Does Michael have a heart? Has something changed about this psycho killer ?

    I need

    Girl - the one that catches Michael's attention

    Jason - The camp killer that comes into the town in search of the girl, will fight Michael later

    Jocks - Three boys that mock the myth of Michael Myers, all three get killed

    I shall be Michael.
  2. Can I rp the girl?
  3. Sure
  4. Waits
  5. I would join, but wow, does this story need a lot of work...
  6. Well chris help me out with he story if you would like.
  7. Who is this girl? Why are both Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees after her? Where is the setting of the story? What prompts Jason to leave Crystal Lake? Is this RP following canon of both franchises? All these need to be addressed for the foundation(in my opinion anyway) for a good plot line...
  8. The girl is up to whoever wants to rp her really. Micheal wants her dead but can't do it Jason is just out to kill people and she happens to be one of his targets. Jason leaves crystal lake for more challenging people to kill. Micheal Myers and Jason are the only Cannon characters.
  9. So these characters just happen to randomly show up in the same place for no other reason than they just want to kill people? Why does Michael Myers want this girl dead? You see what I mean about having a good and developed back story, so it makes sense as to why these characters are just randomly thrown in together. I'm not trying to spam you, I'm just trying to get you see that you have literally zero story going on in this scenario. Are you new to RP'ing?
  10. No been rping for eight years, I have not done a Micheal Myers RP that's why this is new to me
  11. Try to get a good premise or general plot line as a basis for this RP, one that develops a plausible reason these two characters would meet up and you'll probably gain more interest in this. It helps to have researched the subject matter, in this case become more familiar with both franchises, read up on the characters, watch a few of the movies etc...
  12. I have watched both movies each are great I must also say.
  13. Combined there are more than twenty movies between the two series, including each of the re-boots.
  14. I know I have seen them.
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