The return of Azula.(Revised)

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    Okay, okay. . . I've devised a wonderful advertisement stretegy this time! You see, I've come to realize that people heavily prefer a "set trail" with an unpredictable outcome. Its quite common amongst us all! No one wants to wander aimlessly without a goal, without a point! So I've fixed what I was lacking before!~

    Story and development? Definitely available! I, myself will be taking up the role of the time traveling Azula, and you - with either Korra or your own OC - will start off venturing from the South Pole to Republic City within a steam boat, stowed away below. Without spoiling too much; we'll build relationships/rivalries, experience the world and it's views, and forge a change within it for the greater good, or for the worse. During these endeavors, build a reputation, as well! Pro-bending, Underground establishments, and perhaps becoming a vigilante! The Avatar needn't be the only legend spreading from wagging jaws.

    Despite portraying a rather solemn character, I'll be dishing out my own course of humor and little silly antics.

    There'll be laughs, agony, drama, bonding, and endless adventures throughout the LOK world.

    The objective is to reach the Day of Reckoning -- a final bout of sorts between Azula's ambitions and those who desire equality.

    [ Also, I wouldn't mind using this premise within a 1 on 1, group session, or even both. Merely leave a reply within this thread, if you prefer a group on this; otherwise message me personally for a duo act. In addition; I'm open to the idea of romance, though its not something I'd personally go searching for. ]

    Book One, Chapter one: The Beginning

    Deep within the very bowels of the Fire Nation's most pretentious temple - the Firelord's grandstanding home itself - resided one of the most elaborate holding cells for the most dangerous of the dangerous and uncontainable by normal means -- here laid captured Ozai's true heiress and the nation's greatest prodigy; bounded in stern metallic locks that concealed her hands like mittens and gave them little to no room to budge. The full-handed cuffs were connected to a mechanical contraption capable of being adjusted in terms of raising it's prisoner arms high along with their body, or descending toward the smooth redwood floor of the rather kempt room. Upon her knees and head hung low, the princess dwelled in despair - eyes swollen and continuously producing thin streams of tears that fell at their volition and moistened her cheeks as she cursed everything & everyone. The Avatar and his bothersome companions who would've literally followed him to the very ends of the earth, her farther who lost not only the battle against Aang but his ability to bend fire as well, and lastly herself. . . Had she been more tactical, swifter and relentless when on offense - her world might not had to come crumbling down around her .
    "I swear. . . I'll get you all back for this..! How dare you put me in shackles and lock me away like some common outlaw!? To the true heir of the Fire Nation!? I won't forgive any of you! None of you!" Her voice started within a murmur and raised into a roaring shout when she swore vengeance on everyone who had betrayed her and foolishly gotten in her way. Though she wasn't alone within the dark, single-candle lit room as she presumed and thus her claim didn't go unheard.

    "Ah, and you'll most certainly get your chance to do so, princess." Came a deep raspy voice from the shadows, successfully drawing Azula's puzzled and wrathful gaze toward the source. Without having to demand so, a figure clothed in robes stepped out of the darkness and into what little light radiated at the center of the chamber. Azula pegged the stranger to be a man of countless secrets, for the only thing she could make out from him was the mask he donned within that dingy hooded attire. This very same man reached to place his hands upon the right lock of her restraints as he spoke.
    "No need to be alarmed, Princess Azula.. I am merely here to help guide you toward your road of redemption and vengeance. All you need to succeed is the will power to accomplish your ambitions." He explained while melting apart the cuff with an intense amount of heat with just his hands alone, or so Azula assumed. With no further aid from the masked man, she retracted her free hand with a soft grunt and brought it over toward the left cuff to mimick his action; burning it down sufficiently enough to slip her trapped hand out after melting the material away.
    "Who are you?" She finally questioned, currently soothing away at the irritating feeling around her wrist as her firery sunny eyes glared up at the complete stranger.
    "An ally of yours, my dear Firelord." He responded with a hint of smugness Azula's paranoia quickly caught on to, earning a harsher glare from the royal adolescent. The mysterious man kneeled down before her and set his sights upon her left hand she was attending to. "I have a gift for you, Azula." He announced and reached without waiting for a response from the fallen Fire Princess; a firm yet gentle take of her palm as he drew it outward in his direction while his other hand came forth and slipped a peculiar ring onto her index finger - which oddly enough, morphed into a perfect fit around it.
    "What're--..." "This ring is the tool you'll need to reclaim your throne, Princess." He chimed in, cutting off her question, and in lack of a response to his words.. She merely stared questioningly at the gold jewelry he slipped onto her finger. The center of the very top held a small gem embedded into, whilst unfamiliar patterns were etched onto it all elsewhere.

    "That is the Shijiān ring -- an artifact thought lost to the entire world. It is said a goldsmith of great ambition and knowledge, yet of no notable fortune at all, crafted this very ring with his knowledge of sacrificial rituals and magic to manipulate time. To keep a long story short, he came to a conclusion that he could not properly better his life or other's without some hinderance of consequences occurring, and thus he hid it away. Your case will be different. . . Instead of traveling back and forth between the past and the future, you'll be confined to the future. In order to return, you would need a drop of blood from someone from this timeline, so fair hunting finding someone who fits the bill when you're there." He explained in sufficient detail and then took advantage of Azula's moment of utter confusion and brooding to fetch a small glass vial of blood from his sash - remove the cork and tilted it above the ring's gem.
    "Safe traveling, Princess..." He spoke his last to her just before the slightest drop of blood landed and sent Azula ahead in time within just a single blink of the princess' eyes.
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  2. This seems interesting. However, I am not as well versed in LOK as in the original series.
  3. No worries, friend. You don't have to be in order to take part. It'd be quite convenient if you were fairly versed in the Last Air Bender at the very least, but no pressure!

    I'll be giving descriptive details and perhaps some images for references to give a better idea of the scenery and surroundings.

    Trust me, you'll be just fine.
  4. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this. Haven't seen all of LOK but at least the first season so I know the premise of the world.
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