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    Has anyone figured out why Iwaku occasionally thinks it's and HTML site? In the past, every time I report a post having it's BBcode converted into HTML upon being posted I get radio silence. Now I can't view certain pages because it's mistaken bbcode for HTML?
  2. O_O I dunno, man. I've never had a problem with Iwaku turning posts into HTML or pages becoming unviewable because of HTML. And judging by the "radio silence" you've been getting, it seems like it's not a fairly common issue.

    Calling @jared555 since I feel like he's your best bet at figuring this out. o_o"
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  3. I haven't seen it in a while but I know a couple of people who had this problem several times in the past but didn't report it. It happened to me on one occasion when I was editing a Roleplay in the previous style.

    EDIT: I remember the first time the HTML conversion bug was reported by a member, it was passed off as some weird one time bug.
  4. *points at @Diana since it seems to be a xenforo generated error*
  5. I have NO idea what this is and what's causing it. O_O I would need page urls and context of what you were trying to do. And you are also apparently using mobile? There's a possibility that the bbcode/html on the page is not compatible with displaying properly on mobile. But again, I have to know page urls and context to even start trying to figure out what's happening there. D:
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