The Renegade of the Reborn

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  1. December 1st, 2220

    United States, Arizona 8:30pm (MST)

    In a land where the sand lay hot beneath the feet of mankind and critters of all sorts scurried about for some shade, it was surprising that the nighttime air was so frigid it shook the very marrow in your bones. Gusts of wind would cause the hair upon arms to stand up as tall as the end of a rifle, the dirt that littered pathway after pathway would unfurl and run from the footsteps that echoed around them, and the remains of the habitats flora would shake until it seemed something was just about to hurl themselves upon you. The remains of Phoenix, AZ called upon many weary travelers, offering it's tawny background as coverage from raiders and aiding those in need of secret herbal medicines. It was one of the thousands of hotspots (pun-intended) that men, women, and children ran to when The Rebirth of the New World dawned. It was scarce in food and even less accommodated in water, but it was the first place that people journeyed to when all other options had been eradicated. Maybe it was the tranquility of the Sonoran Desert that beckoned mankind or the fact that Phoenix was just another step closer to Nevada where Area 51 was located. People do unintelligible things when they are desperate, finding someone else to blame other than themselves was the most apparent of mankind's stupidity. Those that simply passed through Arizona were no threat, but isn't it ironic that the people Phoenix opened it's arms to were the ones that should've been feared most? It feels as if icicles are forming between your nostrils at this point and walking through the many patches of desert is only doubling the fear gripping your belly. What day is it? It must be close to winter for it to be this cold... Phoenix narrows it's eyes at mankind now; suspicion hardening it's shell until newcomers bow down to it's stare made for steel.

    United States, Michigan 10:30 (EST)
    "Soul Survivors"

    This land bites more than it barks. The air cannot be described as frigid, but as raw, numbing, and piercing. It snapped at the heels of fleeting groups and slashed at the faces of the young until there was no other choice than to fall to your knees and hold back sobs of pain. Lansing, MI was the furious ruler of the North. Walking through it's ivory terrain was a death sentence in itself, setting up camp was it's own torture, and scavenging for something to aid life was harder than tying your shoes without gloves. Lansing did not succumb to the people that passed through, no, it started out icy and irate to make a point. It would not kneel; it would enforce the kneeling. There was no safe-zone between it's borders simply because there were no borders to differentiate Lansing from it's surrounding allies. Anyone and anything could be plotting their revenge, organizing your demise, or devising an attack plan to expand it's walls of fortitude. The Rebirth of the New World was cruel and Lansing's people sought out other areas to continue living. Lansing, MI was not sustainable for their life. It was unable to give them exactly what they required to throw their pain back at the oppressors. The oppressors for Lansing was it's people and after the land became barren it decided that ruling with an iron fist was the only route available. The snow piled upon three feet minimum around your thighs is decreasing the blood flow you so desire. You mumble a thanks to your parent's for being taller than five foot four or you curse the very bane of your existence for barely exceeding five feet. Where is this snow coming from? It could be summer in this hellhole and the white flurries would continue to fall... Damn... Lansing laughs manically at the agony etched across your features. The moon is hiding behind the clouds and you know that nobody is around to hear your cries of defeat.

    United States, California 7:30 (PST)
    "The Fanatics"

    Beaches upon beaches, once plagued with marvelous memories, were now useless and despondent. The billowing palm trees scattered across the West coast were hunched over, their branches dragging across the ground in despair. The bright land that once was had dimmed excruciatingly and anything that crossed it's path was glanced at once, then forgotten not a moment after in a vain attempt to block out any distractions. You were a distraction and distractions needed to be eliminated with such intense care that it was almost alarming. The eyes behind San Francisco, CA did not leave the shadows often. No, it believed that secrecy, sorcery, and stealth were the only rules to live by. When the New World formed, San Francisco was the first to close it's doors to all intruders and stock up on anything that was in arms reach; it did not speak to it's allies nor did it blink an eye when they began to fall off the map one by one. Emotions never passed along it's face, it's movements were thoroughly planned and miraculously acted out, the hours that once were day and night now became death and survival. The fauna retreated, leaving San Francisco lonely, but not forgotten. Even you knew the danger's it's own walls carried. The only way mankind could slip through the cracks was by deceit and strategic planning that could take months, years even! Despite all attempts though, only one out of twenty patrons made it through to the heart of San Fran, not only gaining the respect they deserved, but gaining many, many soldiers beneath their wings. Tattered shoes carry you through the damp grass, leading you to place not even you know. There is fog shielding your vision and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to step over the bodies that lay in your path. I should be almost there. Is the sun going to come out soon? San Francisco is watching your every move, following close behind and whispering promises that will not be kept. At the end of survival, you only wish for a home and it's apparent that this illusion is beginning to fade away.

    These are only three out of the thousands of Factions that litter the United States. Be weary where you walk.

    Josephina "Joe" Lorraine Anderson

    Joe decided it was safe to allow herself some time to rest after hours and hours of traveling. Her back ached with each movement of her pelvis, her fingertips were still pounding from the most recent jogging adventure, and the young woman's head was reeling with questions. Where was she? Involuntarily, her hand found it's way into one of the many pockets located upon her pants, pulling out a thick, crumpled piece of parchment that had been Joe's guide for more than three weeks. Her trembling fingers brought the paper up to their owner's eyes, giving her enough space from her face so she could scan the scribbles that seemed almost like a fifth appendage at this point. Joe had found this intricate map in an abandoned home on one of her scavenging trips. At first glance, she deemed it the same as any other map that littered her pockets, but a second made it apparent that this was no ordinary map. It was not traced, half-assed in a basement by some sweaty gentleman who had raiders upon his door. It was not artfully drawn out by a feverish mother who wanted her kids to go out in search of something that was not there. On the contrary, a closer examination indicated that this map was created by someone was knew what they were doing and what they wanted to be found. Who knew that a simple scavenging hunt would give Joe the chance of a lifetime?

    She nodded to herself, folding the map back up and burying it back into it's home. After that was all said and done, she gave herself a few minutes to relax and go over her belongings to make sure nothing had been misplaced. "Let's see here..." she whispered, being extra careful (despite the unfruitful surrounding area) to not disturb others that could be lurking, as she began to rummage through her duffel bag as well as rummage through the imaginary check list in her mind. "Sleeping bag; check, delicious meat and a few bottles of water; check, medicinal bag; ch-..." she stopped, realizing the red medicinal bag she found months back was not in it's usual place. A small sense of panic stuck her gut, but then she remembered earlier when she fell (who could forget the blood) and in a half-hazard attempt to fix herself and get the fuck out of the situation she was in, the red bag had been thrown in her mini duffel bag. The miniature bag was unzipped and Joe smiled to herself, the whispering growing fainter, "Check. Now, where are my trinkets... Check-a-roonie!" Her hands toyed with a few watches and jewels that littered the bottom of her mini-duffel bag and then she zipped it closed quickly. Another once over was done to her larger bag before that was also zipped closed. Joe gave a sigh of relief and then decided to relax in the grass that had been crunching beneath her feet. She felt safe for the time being, so this was the perfect opportunity to actually study her maps. As her eyes scanned the darkness her hands retreated back into her pockets, crumpling a mass of papers and a piece of coal in each palm. Withdrawing these items sent an excited spark up the woman's back. This was her favorite part of traveling; knowing exactly where you were going.

    "So... let's actually figure out where I am..."
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  2. Sun shone upon their heads, and as they moved through the country, it started to feel more and more hot. They were going to California, and the unforgiving sun wanted to dehydrate his companions. THe road was fucking cleaned up years ago, and the sun hit intensely.
    Let's take it another day. by the night we'll be in san Francisco. Maybe before, even, and that was the plan. Get there before the star of the spring, so they had time to fix a boat and fish. They where enough to take the risk of living in the boat, and making expeditions to the land. if they could sail south and get through the Panama´s strait, and seize an island, that'd be awesome, but he had to take risks one by one.
    For now, he was going to reach california, and be ready for anything
  3. Ebony slid her back off of her shoulders, staring across the barren landscape before checking her gps. It was an old model, but a reliable one. And in this case it was incredibly useful when there were very few identifiable landmarks. The blue triangle swiveled around and the map twisted and zoomed until it gave her a clear direction. She pushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes and took a sip of her dwindling water supply. The air was too dry here for the absorbent foam filter to get much moisture out of the air, so she would need to find an actual water source soon.

    "Add that to the list," she grimaced, tucking her water bottle back into one of the side pockets on her pack and then heaving the tforty pound bag onto her shoulders. The sun beat down on her relentlessly and Ebony readjusted her hat to make sure none of the burning light was reaching her face. You could never be too careful in weather like this.

    Her goal was to find other people, but so far she hadn't had any luck. Her uncle had said that some might be dangerous, but also that she would have more advanced weapons and gadgets than any of them. If he had packed her bag, it would have been a tank, and as it was she was still a walking arsenal. She was constantly finding some tiny knife or strange gun stuck in pockets, obviously hidden there by her uncle when she wasn't looking. Ebony shook her head, a small smile crossing her face as she thought of her uncle pacing worriedly in front of their house, telling her to make sure she ate enough and never ran out of water and was always on her guard.

    Ebony squinted off into the distance. Were those people? Or trees? Or was she simply going crazy? She reached behind her and deftly pulled a battered pair of binoculars from her pack.

    Yup. Those were people.

    She began running towards them, waving her arms. "Hey! Over here! People! I come in peace! Wait up!" She barely felt the weight of her pack at all as she raced across the ground, the sun beating down over head.
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  4. ╠Alexander "Ace" Coburn╣

    He didn't know where he was and frankly, he didn't care. He was nothing put a speck on this godforsaken planet and there wasn't much else to it. Growing up, Alexander didn't realize that this is where he would be. Ever since he had been a teenager, he had been a rogue, a boy without a cause, a trouble-maker. It helped that he had his friends with him every step of the way, but they soon died or got caught up in love. Not Alexander. Not Ace. Oh, no. He could easily get what he wanted, but death and love were not goals for him. Not even close.
    Alexander had been riding for who knows how long. He knew it had been a few days because he had stopped to rest for part of a night (or two), but he had stopped counting the hours long ago. The majority of his time had been spent on the interstate, which was mostly calm save for the thieves that would appear from the overpasses. He had nothing to give them, and thinking he was a liar, these idiotic fools would try to pressure him into a fight.
    "Give us all your silver, or else," they would say, holding out a pistol or knife. Unfortunately for them, the "or else" was always a token of misfortune on their end. On the third day (or fourth), Alexander claimed the lives of three men. Three times that day, he had been stopped on the road. Three times that day, he lost nothing but the sharpness of his blade.
    "Ace, you know what you need? A woman. Let's go down to Varsity Drive, and we'll hook you up. A man always needs a woman after a fight," his friend would say, punching Alexander on the shoulder. Lampshade would always have some remark, something to say to lighten the mood and feed the adrenaline. God, how he would be right if he said that now. Alexander needed a woman more than he could bear to imagine, but there was no one to be found and he would be able to rise to the occasion if cornered with it. No, Lampshade was dead and there was no more witty advice to be said for him.
    It had happened suddenly. The rest of The Rockets had disbanded just weeks ago, and it was left to them to continue heading west. They how scouted all of Huntsville, Alabama that they could, and like an itch that couldn't be scratched, they felt the need to leave. Rock, Big, and Salamander decided to stay behind. Obligations, they said. That was fine. Fuck them if they wanted to stay out and no explore the world. Their loss. That night, Lampshade and Alexander packed up what they could find and at eleven o'clock, they set out on their Harleys, and never looked back. They rode and rode, juggling the interstate with its overflow of mechanical corpses and human remains. The sky was beginning to burn when Lampshade suggested that they stop and rest up before riding the sun away. He should have said no, but he was exhausted and agreed that they needed rest. They took the exit ramp and were starting to make a small camp when it happened. Oh, he should have said no.
    "You're trespassing," thundered a voice to their right. It was a man, a large man towering at around 6'4. His face was hidden behind some type of mask, but the assault rifle that was pointed straight at the two friends was seen as clear as day.
    "We were only going to be here for a couple hours. Nothing to be uptight about," Alexander said, taking a step toward the beast. "We'll be out of here before you know it. No harm done."
    "No, you stay. You won't be leaving this place any time soon," the tower chuckled. He leveled his rifle and prepared to pull the trigger.
    "Look, you large-headed buffoon. We're just sleeping and going. We don't want any of your shit. We want to sleep. We want to eat. We want to leave. Can that clear that big head of yours? Do -- You -- Under --Stand?" Lampshade harassed, his voice growing with every word. "Sleep. Eat. Leave. Three words. Three fucking wo-."
    A shot rang out. Or was it two? Or three? Alexander's ears burned with the sound, screaming at the violence that they had suffered. Down Lampshade went to the ground. All Alexander could do was reach for his blade and attack, surprising the large brute and making him stumble. The man's back landed in the dirt and Alexander's knife plunged into his chest. Again. And again. And again. Even as blood began to foam around the beast's mouth, Alexander didn't stop. It was only when a struggled cough reached his ears that he pulled his blade from the man's corpse a final time and raced to his friend, stumbling and sliding in the dirt that gave him no promise.
    "Jacob- Jacob, talk to me, man. You're alright. You're alright." But he wasn't. Alexander tucked his arms under his friend's body and pulled him into his lap. He felt Jacob give a final shudder before relaxing against him.
    Alexander wasn't sure how long he had stayed in the dirt, or what happened after that. His mind was blank. His stare was cold. His body was numb. For once in his life, he was alone. The roar of his motorcycle kept his mind off of things, drowning out his sorrows with each change of the gears. He rode like his life depended on it, ignorant of his friend's (and killer's) blood stains his clothing. He wore a motley of blood, but nothing scarred him more than Jacob.
    On the fifth day (or sixth), movement caught the corner of Alexander's brown eyes. Someone was alone. He was going to press forward when his bike began to sputter. He took the nearest exit ramp and doubled back to the individual, It looked like a female, and as he drew closer, he realized his was right. The bike came to a rolling stop, forcing Alexander to get up and push it along with him. That showed him for skipping the gas stations, but he wasn't fond of risk. He came to a halt just yards from her and lifted his hand to show he meant no harm.
    "Trying to get yourself killed?" He asked, an edge to his tone. Was she an idiot? What was she thinking? Just in time, another voice was yelling at them. He turned to see the perpetrator and found it another woman. He needed them a few days ago, and now he needed that one to be quiet.
    "Shut the hell up, will you? Not everyone is a fucking saint!" He yelled back, unable to control himself. He shouldn't have stopped. He doubted these girls would kill him personally, but he'd be damned if he allowed them to get him caught up and killed in their little games.
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  5. A big group of rocks gave them protection from the sun, so they decided to wait up half a day and then get to San Francisco some other time, by night. Dehydratation was not something to fool with, so he wouldn't like to be in the road.
    As they settled camp, they prepared a watch, and then they saw it. 3 people, 2 girls, 1 guy. A girl and a couple. The girl ran, was desperated for some kind of attention. Maybe needed help?
    The couple... i don't know what to think of them.
    We kept an eye on them.
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  6. Ebony came to a halt a few yards from the two people. "Greetings, fellow humans," she said, breathing heavily. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" She pulled out a tiny recording device and held it up, taking a few more steps towards them. "I've been searching for more people for days and I finally found some!" she told them excitedly. Her other hand hovered above the gun hidden in it's holster under her jacket. "So what are you doing out here? Have you traveled a long way? Have you met any other people? Did you come from a settlement or a group of nomads? How old are you? Have you ever received any kind of schooling?" Ebony rambled on with her list of questions, asking everything she wanted to know.
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  7. In a blink of an eye, Josephina was sitting calmy in the towering grass, scratching away at her map with no desire to leave the serenity of her field for a few more hours and then... Two things happened at once; the first happened to be a female character running across the large field. A glance gave Joe an indication that the girl had quite the load on her back and she looked almost frantic to seek out another individual. Joe hurriedly stood to her feet, shoving the map and her writing utensil into the nearest pocket of her duffel bag. It was priceless and the blonde didn't need some other loud-mouthed idiot to go prancing around with such information on their lips. The second happened to be the faint whirring of an engine of sorts, but as quick as it came, it disappeared. The sound had caught Joe's full attention and she was quickly scanning the interstate for the sound-- not like that took a lot of her time though. This secondary character was already pushing his monstrous hog towards her and shouting across the field with all of his might.

    Josephina cursed, quickly jogging to close the distance between him and her to slap her palm against his mouth. She wasn't about to get massacred by an unknown vigilante because of some foolish antic to prove his masculinity. Her other hand came up to create a gesture of silence; hoping he would get the point so she could take her hand off his mouth. Nobody really knew what was lurking beyond the shadows around here.

    Once that was taken care of (for Joe that is) the first female character had finally gotten close enough to begin her ramble. The young woman looked about Josephina's age-- white hair, a splay of freckles across her face, and a tape recorder that seemed to have come out of nowhere. "Greetings, fellow humans," she said, breathing heavily. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" Joe opened her mouth to speak, but the overenthusiastic woman continued her barrage of questions until she was blue in the face. With a sigh, Joe hissed in a low tone, "Will you please keep it down?" She was irritated now and maybe just a bit paranoid. She looked over her shoulder and off into the distance, going back and forth and all around until she felt a bit safer. There didn't seem to be anyone else around...

    "Before I answer anything... Who are you two and how did you find me?" she took a step back from them, keeping one hand on the mesh pocket of her duffel bag where a knife had been hidden.
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  8. Carly knew that it probably wasn't a good idea for her to wondering in the woods, but she had recently saw a few men walking on the path as she. She was unarmed leaving her with nothing but her backpack that only held the necessary means of survival. Carly was following the light on the other side of the trees. She maneuvered her way through the thick brush and thorns, being careful not to trip over any large rocks and fall. After days of being stuck in the forest she finally managed to make it out. The harsh sun blinded her momentarily, in response she covered her eyes with her arm shielding the rays of light from her eyes. After her eyes adjusted she took in her surroundings, nothing but a wide grass-land field, it relieved her. She looked around for a place she could sit, she hasn't been able to actually sit down a moment and take a break. Not seeing anywhere to sit, Carly walked a little bit away from the entrance of the forest. She sat down hastily pulling out her canteen with water, taking a few small gulps and screwing the lid back to return it to it's proper place. As she was sitting there resting, she heard voices along with other voices too, Carly tried to make out what they were saying trying to decipher whether they were friends or foe. Even though she dreaded the idea of being part of a team, she needed to make some friends if she wanted to keep her promise to her sister. Thinking of this made her grab at the necklace around her neck.
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  9. "Excellent!" Ebony said excitedly, hitting the record button. "You speak english! My name is Ebony, and I am from a research facility in Utah. I've traveled for days just trying to find other people. Do you think there are more around here?" She looked around the barren landscape as the woman had done a few seconds before. "Because more subjects means more accurate data! And more variations." She glanced down at her tracker before tucking it into the belt of her backpack. "And I would really really love it if you would answer at least some of my questions.

    Ebony turned towards the man on the motorcycle. "And you too! It would be great to hear about life out here from a male perspective as well!" She shrugged off her backpack, letting it fall to the ground with a heavy thud, then sat down with her legs crossed, obviously not planning on moving for a while.
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  10. "Man, I hate this heat," Ethan thought as he pulled the cowl of his cloak down to hide his face better. He had been following a path through the forest hoping to find a water source, when he saw the girl. She had black hair and blue eyes and was sitting there holding a necklace. "I wonder if she is a friendly? Hell might as well let her know I'm here," Ethan thought as he walked toward her. As he opened his mouth to say something, he heard voices. "Who is making all that racket?" He said loudly.
  11. Carly jumped to her feet, when the man approached her, she immediately pulled a small knife from her pocket and pointed it towards him. "Don't try anything funny, it won't be good for you," Carly said in a low voice, "and shut up they probably heard you!" She looked over the hill and saw the people still talking, hopefully they didn't hear or Carly's cover would be blown thanks to this guy.
  12. "Whoa Now! I don't want to hurt you. Just please put the knife up so we can talk," Ethan said as he put his hands up showing that he didn't want to hurt her. His weapons were on his back. He didn't think he could have reached them before she stabbed him. "Besides, I don't think that they heard us," Ethan said keeping one eye on the girl as he looked at the group, "They look a little occupied at the moment. By the way, I didn't catch your name."
  13. Carly shoved the knife back in her pocket, "Carly," She said sitting back on the ground, shaking her head, "I've been by myself for like months now, I haven't met anyone I can trust so I'm very weary," She pulled out her canteen again and took a small gulp, "I can't stand this heat anymore," She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.
  14. The white haired mistress suddenly plopped down in the field leaving Josephina to peer over her, incredibly surprised. This girl seemed so incoherent to the dangers that some people harbored within themselves. Either the man or Joe could be som psycho murderer who had taken the time to skin their victims and eat them. What a situation that would be?! She looked at the male suspiciously, but since she was really not a killer, she decided to sit down across from the girl, keeping her knife firmly in her palm as a precaution. "What's this research going to go towards exactly?" the blonde questioned, an eyebrow raised as she began to think about if someone were to recognize her answers and come searching. She didn't want her life to be public if such questions were uttered, but it's not like she would dish everything all in one sitting. Now, she was worrying herself...

    The girl directed her attention to the male, giving Josephina a second to realize, again, that they may not be alone. There was this feeling in her gut; one that said there were many eyes upon the trio right now and with the sun so high in the sky, they were barely able to hide behind the tall grass surrounding them. She tugged on the pant leg of the motorcycle man, ushering him to sit as well so he wasn't susceptible to a random bullet to the head.

    "My name is Josephina by the way. You can call me Joe though," she scratched the right side of her head, causing her green helmet to rattle slightly. "It's um... Nice to meet you Ebony."
  15. "Hey Carly. My name is Ethan," Ethan said as he lowered his hands and sat down facing Carly. "I've been traveling alone since I left my sister back in North Carolina. I've learned that you can never be to cautious when it comes to people nowadays," Ethan said, removing the cowl of his cloak. Ethan reached into his pack and grabbed some salted meat out of his bag. "Want some?" Ethan asked the girl, holding some out to her.
  16. Carly looked at the meat, grabbing some, she put it close to her nose and smelled it wondering if he might have contaminated it, for some reason she felt that she could trust him, so she took a deep breath and took a small bite of the meat. She found that it was good, so she continued to eat, more willingly. "Do you think we should partner up with them or something..?" She asked Ethan, looking back over the hill a bit to make sure the group was still standing around.
  17. It's nothing important, but i don't want to be questioned. let's move. So we took things on the trucks and started the enginnes. Then, we started to head where we were going.
    Let's go by the wood's side. Don't want to get surprised in the road. So the convoy tried to figure out a place to go close to the woods, for protection.
  18. It was his day off and since it was his day off he felt the need to cut some innocent person up and today it was a 17 year old girl with red hair and hazel eyes and honey brown tan skin 5'3 fit and and very 'sexy' body as society would say but that part didn't matter all he cared about was how well she was going to scream. That's all he knew and that's all he cared to know other than she just a normal teen getting through high school. She was strapped to the stainless steel table naked by titanium clamps at ankles, wrist and forehead (so she cant move) on a titanium portable 'plate' that was secured to the table. She was beautifully crying as took a picture of her face. After everything was setup he leaned over so he was face to face to the girl "Now that everything is in place lets see how well you scream!" he says with excited evil grin as he picks up a a scalpel and and readies a blow torch on the table.

    Then he proceeds by grabbing the the woman by her jaws he he starts to slowly cut off her left cheek letting the blood flow out from her skin as she wiggled like a worm and whimpered like a beaten puppy as the tears have stopped now her eyes red and hurting from all the crying and the beautiful distinguished fear that they revealed. He loved it and smiled even more cruelly as he slowly continued taking great pleasure in hearing the whimpers and seeing the fear and pain in her eyes. It stimulated him and excited him a lot as his dick became hard. He never needed sex for torture was his sex. He got his rocks off by cutting people open and make them scream as he cut and burned them. Why he has never cared to seek regular sex for any reason also why he is still virgin. After he finished cutting off the cheek he released her jaw letting cry out beautifully begging him to stop which became a lovely incoherent scream as put the lit blowtorch to her side of her face where he cut off the cheek to stop the bleeding by burning the beautiful red flesh and muscle to stop the bleeding. The scream was music to his ears and before she could calm down he sets down the scalpel and picks up a small bone saw in which he proceeds to use to cut of the index finger of right hand taking his time so he may enjoy the screaming of the poor girl. She was wriggling like a worm on a delightful hook and begging for some 'God' to save her and to wake her from this nightmare.

    Which excited him more so as he seductively licked his lips as he continued the torture, and again burn her with the blow torch on the nub of where he cut of her finger to keep her from bleeding out. To keep her alive, to keep her screaming so beautifully. He repeats the process till all of her fingers are gone ejaculating in his pant from all of the excitement this torture was giving him. Next he set down the bone saw so may return to using the scalpel. Which he used to open up her lower stomach area revealing her intestines which he carelessly grab and pulled out as he set them in the boiling pot of water he had prepared ahead of time. Then he proceeded humming a Christmas carol 'Deck the Hall' as he enjoyed the screams of his victim who voice was starting to become hoarse from screaming as he burned the opening to stop any bleeding before he piled her intestines back on top of her. Then with wicked laugh he speaks joyfully "Enjoy hell my Darling" as he moves the plate she was sill strapped to on to a sliding platform that went to the furnace which he shoved her in and enjoyed the sight of her being burned alive. Today was a happy day for Dr. Auschwitz, as he danced happily around his lab as he cleaned up.
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  19. Ethan grabbed some more of the meat out of his bag and took a bite. He chewed slowly trying to decide if the girl was trustworthy enough. "Hell might as well. I've already gave her some of my dwindling supply of food," Ethan thought. "I think that it might be a good idea to team. I should be able to provide food for a whole group if I can find a good place to hunt," Ethan said before taking another bite of the meat. "I think that it would probably be smarter to travel in a group," Ethan said as he looked down at the talking group,"Shall we go on down there?"
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