The Relic Chronicles: The First Of Many

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  1. Prologue: A Godly Rivalry

    "You dear stand between me and my brother?!" shouted Amara as she pushed her hand forward; she was almost putting all her strength into the magic that was pressing against the child's protective barrier. The child only just arrived; appearing in front of a deadly blow that Amara sent at her brother. They were fighting due to a long term conflict; but when Amara caught wind of a powerful artifact appearing inside her domain, well all bets for her brothers survival were off. But monsters managed to hear whispers of this Relic; and as the rumors and whispers grew in numbers, so did their curiosity. Eventually the monsters scavenged the land looking for this powerful item.

    "Amara! We don't have to fight!" shouted God as he stood with his feet ready for a dash; and his hands in a tense fist. His posture was tense with his shoulders risen and his arms appearing just as tense as his hands; it was clear that his survival senses were on high alert.

    "You're wrong brother." plainly spoke Amara as she attempted to push harder on the child's barrier.

    "I will destroy all that you created; and in order to achieve this goal i will need that Artifact." simply put Amara. Her dark cold eyes moved between the child and her brother as she began pressing her hardest onto the child's protection. Her full force and magical capabilities pushed against the shield in a raw magical energy; causing the child's magical barrier to spawn a large crack. With the sight of a crack Amara kept going with her attack, but after a few moments of no results she decided to pause her assault.

    The boy chuckled as he examined the damage, it appeared the crack was thin and spun from one end of his barrier to the other. It would of cracked the shield if it was made from a newer form of magical energy.

    "I am stronger then both of you;" started the child. His voice sounded to be a mixture of 12 different voices; all having different variations of pitch. The child's barrier vanished as he waved his hand.

    "Now where is the Relic?" demanded the child; his head moved left, Amara stood with her hand in the air, turning his head right God stood idle. But not shortly after the child's words left his mouth; Amara pushed her hand forward attempting to crush him. But the child did not flinch at the pressure; instead he waved his hand and Amara's attack disintegrated. God looked to the child in disbelief, his jaw was dropped and his body managed to attract a more relaxed posture.

    "I have no idea where it is." stated God as he took a step towards the child.

    "but I do know that I must find it; My sister and I opened the gate to the multiverse in order to draw in allies, but that was before she attempted to kill me." stated God; only as he neared the word ally did his voice draw a hint of panic.

    "but i fear that opening the gates to the multiverse was a mistake, nothing but chaos has ruled over my planet since allowing others to enter." sadly spoke God as he facial expression showed signs of agony. The child did not care about the suffering of any of the beings inside this universe; no, the child only cared about the Relic.

    "Is this the spot where you opened the gate?" asked the child; God nodded yes as Amara attempted to crush the child once more; but once again she was met with defeat.

    "WHY CANT I KILL YOU?!" called out Amara in frustration.

    "because I am stronger then you," stated the child as he lifted his hand, his palm facing Amara.

    "Now begone." and with those words, Amara turned into black smoke and flew into the sky; taking off towards the south. Turning to face God, the child spoke in a warped hushed tone.

    "I sent her to a temporary cage in the south; That should allow us enough time to greet us multiverse visitors." stated the child; God knew nothing about multiverse travel or even about the magic that this child has been using since his arrival, but he did believe the child meant no harm. So he nodded in agreement.


    You feel like your flying almost; like you've been thrown at thousand miles per hour, but everything around you rains in pitch black, you can't tell if its day or night or even what time it is. You feel the wind rushing against your skin, you feel it dancing in your hair, but as quickly as it came it was gone. The feeling of rushing air was replaced with the stale and motionless darkness. You sat in silence for what seemed like hours, but you couldn't feel the sense of time or even direction. Eventually you manage to drift off into sleep.

    It was entirely possible your sleep was dreamless; or maybe your mind plagued you with nightmares and terrible thoughts, no matter the case you were awake as your body come to a hard thud! against dirt. You feel a slight pain in your back as you stand, the first thing you notice are the other people around you; most of them seem to be just waking up, or looking just as confused as yourself. Looking to the west you notice a decent sized forest; maybe you can explore it to find out where you are? To the south you notice a small masked child standing next to a browned haired man; maybe they can answers some of your questions? To the East is a small pond, maybe you can take a quick break and relax by its water, or maybe it holds some clues? and last but not least is the large grass filed you stand in, it seems to reach towards the north and its quite possible that the area holds some sort of clue to where you are.

    The Prologue will last till July 3rd.

    Cast List:

    @Verite as Maki Nishikono

    @Crow as Yazawa Nico

    @york as Eren Jaeger

    @The Wanderer as Frank Jaeger and Michael Myers

    @-Vesper- as Francis York Morgan

    @Lulunopia as Lucy Heartfilia and Levy Mcgarden

    @Minerva as Leone

    @C.T. as Miltiades Malachite

    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Benjamin Bon Jovi " Ben" Wheeler
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  2. The aged man with white hair wearing a veteran's outfit, with the nametag that read "Frank Jaeger" looked around in confusion. He was no longer looking at the world through the helmet's view, nor did he feel the slight, constant pain in the back of his head. Infact, he looked at his arms like they were foreign to him. That was when he took hold of one of his fingers, before slowly bending it in such a way that if a greater force was applied, it would break his finger. But he stopped with a wince of pain.

    ".......They're real.....And not some cybernetic replacement?" He asked himself. Before giving himself a very close inspection. That included touching his face, his hair and various bits of his body. Well, not all bits, since he was in the presence of other people. And it would be very inappropriate to do such a thing.

    With his newfound information, he concluded that he was somewhat back to his old self, save for his left eye, which was completely white with a scar over it.....And wasn't dead...

    Deciding to investigate his surroundings, he noticed that a pair of dog tags was next to him. Picking them up, he noticed that one dog tag had his name on it, along with his codename. "Gray Fox." And the other one has a very detailed engraved "drawing" of his visor.

    After putting the dog tags on, he felt.....Different. Infact, it felt like he was missing a vital part of him, and he had just found it. Slowly, he stood up. Turning to look at the group. He remained quiet. Hoping someone or something would explain what exactly was going on.

    Meanwhile, with another man, whom was lying on the ground. Seemingly out cold. The man looked to be middle aged, with black hair, he was wearing a dark gray mechanic's overalls and black boots. Next to him were a kitchen knife, and a mask that seemed to have been fashioned after the appearance of a actor who played in the Star Trek series of old. Before long, the man's eyes opened as he sat up straight. Like a machine being turned on. With an emotionless expression, he glanced over the group. Before he slowly looked around, noticing that his personal items were nearby. Reaching toward the mask first. He gave it a thorough inspection, before he slowly put it on. Taking only a few seconds to get it adjusted properly. He picked up the kitchen knife, holding it in a reverse grasp.

    The only sound he made was him breathing as best as he could with the mask on.
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  3. The child was examining the groups expressions as they all arrived; it seemed that he was correct about where the multiverse group would appear. Taking a step towards the man who was putting dog tags around his neck, the child's white plague mask gave a chilling feel to the air for anyone who looked to him. He knew that the mask was creepy, in fact that's why he choose to cover his face with such a mask. Many people tend to leave the weird and strange alone; and that's exactly what he wanted.

    "Do you know where you are?" asked the child; his voice seemed to be a mixture of multiple tones and people. If someone would guess how many, well it would be at least 12.

    @The Wanderer
  4. "I would've assumed the afterlife or a dream......But the lack of more people....And the abundance of......Life.....It dashes the chances of the afterlife......And if it was a dream, I wouldn't feel pain......So, I am assuming you are going to enlighten us......Such as why I am not....Dead, and not as my other self." Frank said the last bit in such a way that he was referring to something else. His attention on the boy with the mask. He didn't know much about the others. And he didn't want to assume. He did cast a glance at the others to pitch in with their questions.

    While the mask on the boy's face was creepy, it didn't completely creep out Frank. For in all of his years, he had seen strange things, and it was easy to obtain a mask and voice modifier. Yet, Frank didn't underestimate the boy. For he had firsthand experience of how deceiving a child's appearance can be. Afterall, he used it to end the lives of many enemy soldiers during his time as a child soldier.

    With the man in the white mask. He merely tilted his head at the child. Akin to how a dog or bird would when they saw something that sparked their curiosity. Although, his free hand clenched with slight anger when the man in the veteran's outfit glanced at him.

    Other than that, he remained quiet. And did nothing, but stand there. For he wanted to hear what the boy had to say.
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  5. Lucy Heartfilia

    A young girl with blonde hair sat up blinking in confusion. She was no longer sitting in the guild with her friends. In fact the place she was in was completely foreign to her. Panic suddenly struck her as she looked around frantically until she finally found what she was looking for. A pouch full of key's and a whip lay to her left. "I'm glad I still have you guy's," She whispered holding the pouch of key's close to her.

    Looking around she noticed a man and what looked like a child standing to her right. Slowly standing she made sure she wouldn't fall before walking over to them pausing slightly when she thought she saw a familiar figure to her right. "Excuse me. Do you know where we are?" Lucy asked hopefully.

    The Wanderer, TheColourlessRainbow

    Levy Mcgarden

    Sitting not to far from the standing group was a petite blue haired girl looking around in confusion. Having no idea where she was, she figured the only logical solution was to look around and see if she can find anything that will lead her back to the guild and her team. The must be worried about me, she thought to herself grabbing the pen and glasses next to her before standing. Looking around she say a lake not to far from her to the left while a group of people stood behind her. Thinking it better to split from the group Levy decided it best to go towards the lake. Possibly she will be able to find out if anything about her had changed.
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  6. Ben had woke up after a hangover in a lot of strange places. He had it happen in his bar, in his bedroom, on the couch, on the fire escape, practically everyone. However, waking up here was something entirely different. He wasn't in New York or for that matter, anywhere he knew . There seemed to be an older looking man ( 40s or so) and a child ( maybe 8). " Excuse me, where am I?" He asked, very uncertain to his location. Maybe these two knew.

    @TheColourlessRainbow @Lulunopia @The Wanderer
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  7. The child looked to the two man, then to the girl. He did this twice before finally speaking,

    "You are on Earth 679 Ul. You are in the corner of the multiverse; and in the mist of a powerful rivalry." stated the child, his voice still ranged in pitches and was a terrorizing noise for those who expected a normal tone. Lifting his hand with his palm facing outwards, mist seeped from his skin into the air, forming into a memory of what happened before the arrival of the group. When the memory caught up to current events, the mist exploded; leaving nothing behind.

    "There is a very powerful item that has been lost in this world; and you have been pulled here in order to assist us in finding it." stated the child.

    @The Wanderer @Lulunopia @LuckycoolHawk

    As Levy would approach the pond she would notice rose bushes among its borders. The roses seemed to be a variation of colours, some were red while others were blue and gray. Some remained solid colours such as ash gray, blood red, deep sea blue, and sunny yellow. The pond was clear enough for someone to see the bottom, which seemed to show large groups of fish and coral. However as the water was clear, it also seemed to reflect the sun and a persons reflection. A small wood bowl sat in front of the decline where one could enter the pond, it seemed to have roses inside it. Maybe you could try to pick one and place it inside the bowl? Or maybe you'll look into the pond to see your reflection or the fish? Or you could skip all of that and take a nice swim.

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  8. Ben wasn't sure what to think of the kid who kept looking his way and he paused as he waited for him to answer.

    He tilted his head." Earth 679 UI, multiverse, I don't get it, are those words supposed to mean something to me because to be honest, they don't make much sense," he honestly told the kid. He couldn't understand or wrap his head around any of this. It was almost as if the kid was speaking some sort of weird language that mixed English with geek or something, it just wasn't him. He looked around and realized he was missing something- or rather someone, his daughter. She wasn't with him... she wasn't here at all.

    " Have any of you seen a two year old, about this big? Female, adorable? How exactly do you lose a powerful artifact? Where did it go?" He asked, really confused by everything going on.

    @The Wanderer @Lulunopia @TheColourlessRainbow
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  9. Lucy Heartfilia

    Lucy couldn't wrap her head around what the kid had just said. It made no sense to her. Man I wish Levy were here, she'd know more than me, Lucy sobbed in her head. "I'm sorry but, could you elaborate on that. What's Earth 679 UI?" Lucy asked looking at the men next to her. They seemed as confused as her. Though she was slightly surprised when one of them started spiting questions left and right. Mearly looking at the older man Lucy answered one of his questions, "I'm sorry I haven't seen any children."

    TheColourlessRainbow, LuckycoolHawk9, The Wanderer

    Levy Mcgarden

    As Levy walked towards the lake she could see could see roses of many different colors. It took her breath away especially when she could see the bottom of the lake. Upon closer inspection Levy saw a bowl with what looked like roses in it. Curiosity over took Levy and she ended up kneeling next to the bowl examining it. It looks normal, but is it. Hmm...does it serve a special purpose or was it simply left here by accident, Levy had many questions but no answers. Sighing Levy stood up and walked to the lake looking down at her reflection. Everything seemed to be exactly how it was. Nothing changed about her, which she was thankful for.
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  10. "Haven't seen any child with that description." Frank replied to the man's question. He would've cared less, but if they were about to be sent to find this artifact. The constant worry that the someone's child is lost could prove to be a very distracting. Thus reducing the efficiency in performance.

    And the task of finding the artifact was far too important for anything below perfect.

    ".........By the way, what are your names? The faster we get acquainted, the better we can function." He asked, before deciding to add in. "My name is Frank Jaeger."
    Michael looked back and forth from the group and the boy in the plague doctor's mask. In such a way, that would be comparable to a machine. He wasn't interested in the man's question about the whereabouts of his daughter. Afterall, if he assisted, he would most likely give the child nightmares.

    He had that effect with children.

    He did however get interested when the man, now identified as Frank Jaeger, asked for everyone's names. Unfortunately, he didn't have the ability to speak. Afterall, it was decades since he last spoke. And even then, he was quiet.

    So, assuming the boy knew who they all were, he would be able to assist Michael with telling his name. Infact, if the boy wanted. He could tell everyone about Michael's nickname's origin.

    Despite Michael's size. He was extremely skilled in walking without making a sound.

    As evident as he quietly walked to the boy, stopping a few feet away from him. He stored his kitchen knife in one of the pockets in the overalls, in an attempt to not come off as a threat. And hoped that the boy would understand his unspoken request.
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  11. [​IMG]


    Leone was sleeping when she was taken. The blonde woman woke up on the ground, and yawned. "Good morning, everybody!" She shouted happily. She spent a moment looking around, only to realize that she knew no one here. Where were Akame, Chelsea, Tatsumi, and everyone else? Did they just leave her in this field overnight as a joke? Leone sat up, and brushed some dust out of her hair.

    She then began to approach a group of other people who had gotten up.

    "Hi!" She said, in her chipper tone of voice. "Do any of you know where we are? Because I really have to be somewhere."

    @The Wanderer @Lulunopia @LuckycoolHawk9
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  12. "My coffee didn't warn me about this..."

    Those were the first words spoken by FBI special agent, Francis York Morgan, when he awoke to find himself in a completely different reality, like always. Something about this place felt different to him though; this wasn't the realm of dreams that offered him esoteric messages, nor was it a shadow layer of the world he was already familiar with. No, this was not his own world at all. And somehow he knew this with 100% certainty. Zach knew it too.

    The man touched a hand to his ear, as if he were meant to have a communicator concealed there somewhere. Except, he clearly didn't. That didn't stop him from striking up a conversation with the air around him though. He started asking it questions. Questions about coffee.

    "Looks like we won't be buying that brand anymore, will we Zach? The flavor wasn't that good anyway." He stopped to rummage through his coat pocket, retrieving a cigarette which he placed between his lips, lit up, then took a long drag before blowing out a stream of smoke from his mouth in the loudest manner anyone had ever heard. The sound of him exhaling was like a gust of wind drowning out the words of everyone else trying to talk.

    This was the first time he paid attention to the fact that there were other people in the area nearby, getting engulfed in a thick cloud by his bad habit. But it would have been a shame to just throw away an unfinished cigarette, so instead he discreetly slipped out a small cylindrical container, in which he stamped out and stored it for future usage.

    "Excuse me." York began by calling out to the strangers as he walked forward into the small group ahead of him. "I'm special agent Francis York Morgan..." Without missing a beat, he whipped out his badge to display it forcefully in front of everyone's faces. "...but please, just call me York; it's what everyone else calls me." The badge had only been shown for a split second before it was being tucked back into the agent's coat again. "Can any of you tell me where the nearest town is?"
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  13. Ben also wished that they would elaborate to him more about where he was.So nobody had seen a little girl, did that meant that Emma was not here and he wasn't sure how to feel about that. To one degree, it meant that she wouldn't be forced to go through whatever he had to go through. He turned to the girl and answered her question. " Earth 679 UI, whatever that means," he said, answering the younger girl's question.

    @Lulunopia @-Vesper- @TheColourlessRainbow @Minerva @The Wanderer
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  14. [​IMG]

    Leone waved towards Agent York. When he showed his badge to her, she grabbed it from his hands. She squinted as she looked at it. "What's a 'FIBI?'" She asked. "Is it some sort of government job? Maybe a type of soldier?" She asked. "Anyway? I'm Leone!"

    @-Vesper- @LuckycoolHawk9 @Anyone
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  15. The child stayed silent as the events unfolded, there was a question about a little girl, which he then only looked to the father and nodded no, then there was a appearance of another women. She was form the world of Fairytail, as was two others. It seemed 3 or 4 of the group rained from that reality. When a FBI agent showed up, well the child felt the presence of something dark. He simply ignored the being and continued the conversation.

    "Earth 679 UI is the multiverse world for two heroes known as Sam and Dean. It holds more monsters then any of its counterparts, its also the world known to attract the most trouble." stated the child. His voice still didn't change its tone, which was still a mixture of so many pitches. Sighing, he gestured towards Micheal.

    "But if we're doing introductions, that's Micheal." simply put the child. Micheal was large, in the child's opinion Micheal was the size of a brick house. Not to mention Micheal was dead silent, and hid his face behind a mask. Oh, and he was a serial killer, not that the child cared; but it always adds a bit of creepiness to a person. Pointing to himself the child spoke in a hushed voice,

    "I am Kepti." spoke the child, his voice was hushed like he didn't want people to know his name. Kepti didn't like to tell people, it always made him feel like someone had power over him.


    As Levy examined her reflection, it appeared normal at first. It moved as she did, physically looked like her. But that was only for a moment, then it began to move on its own. It pointed to direction of the wooden bowl, and mouthed the words 'put a rose inside the bowl.'

    You could do as the reflection asked, examine the reflection, or simply ignore it.

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  16. Eren Jaeger - Prologue; Bloodlust
    @TheColourlessRainbow @Others

    In a peacefull room, deep within the inner walls, Eren was having a well deserved rest... No more titan-shifting, or incredible bursts of anger... Just, peace and tranquility at last... Except-

    "Kill them... Kill every last one of them..."

    His dreams. Eren was muttering to himself in his sleep again, it looks like his dreams weren't so peacefull...


    Eren was in his titan form, staring down another titan, just about his height... Except it's body was covered with thick, sturdy plates of armor, they were standing just outside the inner walls, with the armored titan looming just in front of a massive hole in the wall directly behind it. All was still, for just a brief moment, before the two simultaneously let out thunderous roars, rushing towards each other... They were quickly picking up speed as they moved, closing the distance between each other in very little time...


    Just as Eren was about to clash with his armored opponent, determined to tear them from limb to limb... He suddenly... Missed? No, wait, that couldn't be right! He was moving, faster and faster, his surroundings suddenly blurring around him. All semblance of the world he knew soon faded away in one big blur... Until everything was still, absolutely still.



    "On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls."



    He awoke with a gasp, and a cold sweat... Looking around; the all too familiar feeling of a breeze washing across his face finally calming him down... He was somewhere alright, but not home; there were no walls in sight, and his back ached slightly, as it usually did when he used to fall asleep like thie, but only this time... There wasn't any sort of bag on his back to blame for this. With questions beginning to fill his mind, he paid most of the areas no mind, and instead decided to head North up the field, towards the mountains, where there had once been walls... In a similar field he had once napped in every day, when he was much younger, maybe he was still dreaming? There was no other explanation he could think of at the moment. Besides, he made a promise he would one day see what was beyond the walls; the large bodies of sald-water, the "fire water" he had only read about... And so much more... As far as he knew, there was nothing stopping him now.
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  17. Ben Wheeler paused when he heard that it was the multiverse where Sam and Dean were from. " But that is a TV show in my world," he stated. How drunk had he gotten within the small amount of time to wind up in a TV show dream?

    @Lulunopia @-Vesper- @TheColourlessRainbow @Minerva @The Wanderer @york
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  18. Frank decided to quickly ask this while everyone was occupied.

    Walking over to the child. He held the dog tag that had the helmet of the cyborg side of Frank Jaeger etched onto it, out to the kid.

    "Can you explain why this dog tag has my former cyborg helmet on it. And why it felt like I had re-connected with a part of myself." As Frank was talking, the center circle of the helmet was slightly glowing an orange color.
    Michael walked off after the child said his name.

    Since his name was now known to the whole group. He didn't have to do much, until they would go and look for this artifact. In which case, he'd do his best to assist, but until then. He was just going to sit on the ground. Periodically looking from person to person like a sentry.
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  19. Lucy Heartfilia

    Does this mean there's more than one world, Lucy questioned trying to make sense of everything. She wished she could just go back to Fairy Tail and be with her friends. Looking at the man with the badge Lucy asked, "I've never heard of the FBI. Is that kind of like an army?" Shaking her head Lucy introduced herself, "I'm Lucy! It's nice to meet you all!"

    @TheColourlessRainbow @The Wanderer @Minerva @-Vesper- @LuckycoolHawk9

    Levy Mcgarden

    Nothing seems to be missing or replaced. I can feel everything, Levy thought moving her arms around. As she examined her reflection it started to move on it's own. With a gasp Levy jumped back away from the water. Reflections don't move on there own. What's going on, Levy panicked as she slowly crawled back to the water. Looking at her reflection again it mouthed 'Put a rose in the bowl.' Bowl? Turning around Levy looked at the bowl of roses. She couldn't tell if this was a trap or not, but her curiosity got the better of her. Picking a blue rose Levy placed it in the bowl waiting for something to happen.
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  20. Upon placement of the blue rose into the bowl; Levy could feel a intense tingle on her skin. The intensity increased till she could feel nothing but the tingle through out her whole body, upon examination she would find nothing out of the ordinary. However this normality only lasted for a mere second because Levy would notice a dark blue glow spark from her skin; and in a flash she would be completely transformed.

    Levy Mcgarden would now be the opposite sex.. This transformation would last till round 3.
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