The Relic Chronicles: The First Of Many

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    A world known to hold monsters, demons, angels, and even gods; has finally acquired a item so powerful that even God and his sister Amara has broke the walls of the multiverse to bring in reinforcements. The item would become known as the Godly Relic. With the strongest of the supernatural creatures clawing at the ladder to reach the Relic, Amara and God managed to lose track of the Relic among Earth; and with the arrival of strays from the multiverse, they fear what is to come.

    There are three roles. Investigator, Citizens, and Sabtors.

    There will be a total of 5 investigators; who will be the ones to investigate certain items and locations every mid-round. They're clues and findings will determine where the next chapter lands. However; at the end of the investigation the whole group of investigators will vote, determining which clue to go with that round.

    Citizens are going to be the normal players; who just kinda go along, They can try to convince a investigator to look into something; or not too, but they cant directly influence the investigation.

    Only 2 Sabtors are going to be in play. They are going to act like investigators; but attempt to lead the others into false evidence.

    So powers will not be effected in any dramatic format; however a characters powers will be presented in a physical form. Meaning; it can be presented as any easily carried item.

    Exp: Earrings, Necklace, Ring, Small Box, and so on.


    1. There are going to be between 20-40 players, and this RP should last about 3 weeks depending on the length of each round.

    2. Since this game will only be lasting about three weeks, activity is a must. You don’t need to post all day every day, but at least a post every few days is important. If you can’t do this, be warned; you’ll have a LOT to catch up with!

    3. Absolutely NO god-mod, metagame, powerplay, and/or having Mary/Jerry Sue OC's. If you aren't sure whether your next post is god-modding or not, it's better to ask me or a fellow player before posting the reply. Better safe than sorry. ((WORKSHOP - Godmodding and Metagaming ))

    4. I completely understand if you're busy or have things going on that you need to deal with or need breaks from the roleplay. It happens to the best of us. Please, though, if you have the chance to at least let me know beforehand you'll be gone, please do. It helps with knowing what needs to be done with characters that are currently with yours.

    5. Do your best with spelling and grammar, please. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to be understandable. ((Here's an on-site guide to grammar you canread through: WORKSHOP - Grammarholics Anonymous - Your Grammar Guide! ))

    6. This thread will be solely for discussion about this game and for signups; they're will be a Discord chat opened once sign ups are filled.

    7. Please don’t try to put your character as the focus of the game. Every character will get their chance in the spotlight, so I’ll be sure nobody gets left out.

    8. I will definitely recommend having at least one interaction partner selected for the game. This assures your character has someone to interact with for at least the starting period. Though, this is not required!

    9. In this post, further down, there is a format for CSs. Your CS will need to using this format, with any additional fields you wish to add. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you’re in!

    10. As the GM; I have the right to add; remove or edit rules as I see fit.

    Here is a link to the sign up thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.