The Reign of Stars

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  1. Might change the title I'm not sure..

    This is based on a book/story I've been writing so please don't steal any of the matter included.

    If there are enough people interested I'll add in the rest of the information and make an sign up thread.

    If not I've got another idea or two I'll be posting up.


    I don't have an 'official' introduction yet, just the basic plot so here it is:

    The Long Story (open)

    On Earth, there is a species of humans with wings- some might call them angels, but they are not angels, with no relation to Heaven or Hell or anything like that. They look exactly like humans but have wings. They also bear a few other defining traits that I'll explain later. Main concept, they aren't human. They are called the Caelestis. They've been around just as long as modern day humans have, probably even longer, although nobody knows for sure, nor cares to find out.

    The Caelestis hold a link to the godly world that humans don't. They are inherently light (good, per say) creatures that rely on energy to survive. Without this energy, they cannot live, cannot use magic, cannot do anything. They get this energy from the sun (and can get it from other sources, but the sun is their natural and dominant source). Think of them as hyper balls of energy wrapped up in a human package with wings.

    Caelestis also have Guardians, who aren't really Caelestis nor human. They are their own race of sorts. They (obviously) guard the Caelestis; typically only very important Caelestis get protected, but Guardians are still pretty common otherwise.

    Caelestis and Guardians are only mortal representatives of the godly world. The Caelestis were born from the Moon, the Guardians from the sun.

    If you want to be more specific, the moon and sun are energies represented by gods and goddesses. They have other names but most people call them by the sun and moon for ease.

    The Caelestis get their energy and life from the sun, but they don't worship the sun. Instead, they worship the moon. The moon rises at night and allows for the sun to rest; without this, the sun wouldn't be able to rise and power the Caelestis and would die (not 100% scientifically accurate I know). Thus, in turn the sun protects the moon during the day, while the moon rests. The sun bore the Guardians, while the moon bore the Caelestis.

    The moon and the sun were sister and brother respectively, created by one of the two main gods in the universe; Matrem and Patrem are the two gods (if you want you can think the former is more pagan while the latter is more Christian, but they don't really distinctively follow either). Matrem created the sun and the moon, and then from the moon came the stars.

    Here is where the plot comes in:

    The stars are the twin sister to the moon in a sense, coming from the same energy. The stars were meant to provide energy to Caelestis at night, but the moon turned on her sister, scorning them for offering guidance to humans and Caelestis, and convinced the stars that they were less than the moon, and that the moon created them only for her convenience.

    So the stars turned on the moon and Caelestis. One new god, Stellae, was created to represent the stars as a whole. She hated the moon so much, her rage was so unquenchable, that she created a new worldly faction; Darkness (previously there was only light).

    She and her sister, the moon, have been battling ever since, but Stellae is winning.

    This is when the Caelestis and their guardians come in, battling back the darkness.

    The Short Story (open)

    This is a story about light vs dark. You play as Caelestis, a mortal winged being similar to that of a human, or as a Guardian, a mortal being who protects a Caelestis. Either can be light, or dark.

    The Caelestis and the Guardians are really only pawns in a game played by the gods. There are three main gods and the creator; The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, and the creator, Matrem. The Sun created the Guardians, and protects the Moon. The Moon created the Caelestis, who are protected by the Guardians. The Stars were created from the same energy with which the Moon was created, making the two sisters. However the Stars turned on the Moon, and became Dark. This is where the beginnings of the conflict began.

    Usually, there is a balance between light and dark in the world, but recently, the dark has been growing. Are you going to fight it, or urge it on?

    There's a bit of backstory that is better explained in the long story. If there's enough interest I'll post all of it but here's the basics.

    The Gods (open)

    Matrem = One of the two creationist gods. She created the Sun, Moon, and Stars, as well as humanity and a bunch of other gods that aren't important here.

    The Sun = One of the three celestial gods. He provides energy to the world, and is key to the survival of the planet and it's people. He is not worshipped as heavily as his sister is, the Moon. He protects her from harm. He also created the Guardians, to protect her mortal creations, the Caelestis.

    The Moon = One of the three celestial gods. Her domain is at night, providing rest to her brother. She is most worshipped for this cause, as she grants the Caelestis life by allowing the Sun to rest. She created the Caelestis.

    The Stars = Created from the same energy as the Moon, they were intended to provide energy to the Caelestis at night, when there is no Sun. However the Moon shunned the Stars, and thus they turned Dark, created a new god named Stellae, the Queen of the Stars, whose only aim is to destroy the Moon and Sun.

    Stellae = The sum of all the Stars- or their Queen. She is entirely Dark, and only wishes for utter destruction.

    Caelestis and Guardians (open)

    Caelestis = Mortal beings with wings, in a human form. They harness energy from the Sun to survive. As such, they love flight- they are closer to their Gods. When underground, they lose energy, because the core of the Earth drains them of their energy and essence. Their wings are transparent and holographic, yet support their weight and can also cut through objects (become in a sense, tangible, although they still appear relatively transparent) at will. They vanish when they are not in use.

    When they use their magic powers, which vary between Caelestis, their iris' change color (if you have blue eyes, they might turn a much brighter blue, or purple) that tends to match their wings, and they also have full body tattoo's that only appear when they are actively using certain types of magic. These tattoos are typically just patterns that run along their body, like vines or swirls (not images). They vanish completely when they are not using magic.

    Their eyes are very light sensitive; the more powerful the Caelestis, the more sensitive they are to light. They all have 20/20 vision and can see color in a spectrum humans can't- some even can see colors humans can't see at all, and all colors are brighter and there are more shades. A black cup may look to be a different color than a black laptop or a black bag.

    There are several types of Caelestis, and not all have wings. I'll go further in depth if there is interest.

    Guardians = Guardians are not human or Caelestis. They do have magical powers, but are mortal. Their powers vary greatly. Some have healing abilities, or have an attunement with nature. None of these powers are on-par with the abilities of a Caelestis, but generally are focused around combat and protection. I.E, perhaps a Guardian can create an energy shield around himself and his charge.

    They train for ages before they are 'given' to a Caelestis that they guard for their entire life. They can grow close, and can develop telepathic or psychic bonds with each other. Some can communicate through thought, some can sense their charge's emotions.

    That is the basic gist of it. There is a plot in place to guide roleplay but it will be largely left up to the players.

    Please do ask questions and leave comments as well!
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