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  1. I was wondering if anyone would like to do an rp with me about this idea:
    It is an academy for both boys and girls that don't fit/belong in society. They have done some sort of crime or crimes and they stay and go here to learn how to get along in the world. And the characters don't have to be human, but at least look it.

    Here is a little bit of info, or at least on the background on the academy and what races are accepted:

    Basic description of Setting and the Academy: It's in modern times or present times or what ever you want to call it, on the out skirts of New York City.

    St. Agatha's Reform School, It had been built in 1952 as a private school for girls by the name of St. Margret's School For Girls. About a year after starting out as the private school, one of the girls set fire to it, because of bullying. So they had to shut it down. A mysterious figure bought the school and decided to rebuild the entire inside. Once rebuilt, they had opened it as a reform academy. All social classes attend the academy, whether they're rich or poor. Some of the students that are attending the academy were forced to go there by law enforcement, some where forced to attend by their parents or they have no clue why they were sent there in the first place. All students don't get along in normal society, either by doing crimes or something else. They are sent to the academy, to get "reformed", so that they may "fit" into society. Most of the students are human, but some are not, only with a human ruze.

    This is what the academy looks like:

    Races that are accepted in this role play:
    Half Demons
    Half vampires
    Vampires(if they have a magical enchantment upon them to withstand the sun)
    Other supernatural creatures- as long as they have a human form (was too lazy to list them all)
  2. My silly net doesn't want to load the picture for some reason.

    Anywho, I love the premise and will be happy to participate if you'll have me. What requirements are there for character usage? Templates/Sheets?

    Thank you. ^.^
  3. Yay. I was hoping at least one more person will join in and then I will make an OOC thread.
  4. I like the outline for this and so would like to join. I'll be off for a little while but will be back on later tonight in case you do make the OCC.
  5. Alrighty since I got the players I need, I shall come up with the OOC ASAP.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.