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  1. Races that are accepted in this role play:
    Half Demons
    Half vampires
    Vampires(if they have a magical enchantment upon them to withstand the sun)
    Other supernatural creatures- as long as they have a human form (was too lazy to list them all)

    And here is the Character sheet:
    Appearance:(Short description or picture- picture can be real life or anime)
    Crimes committed:
    Any Mental Issues:
    Abilities: (Only if they aren't human)
  2. Here is my OC

    Here is my characters:
    Name: Glycerin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Demon
    Appearance: [​IMG]Height: 6'
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Crimes committed: Arson, Murder, Terrorism
    Any Mental Issues: Pyromania
    Personality: Glycerin is very hyper active and fun loving. He loves to set things on fire and make things explode, he's very easily entertained and easily distracted. He is also very very random. He is constantly on the move and can't sit still worth a minute. He loves/ finds entertainment in the pain of others, as well as pain inflicted upon himself. He is obsessed with fire, bombs and explosions. He is very chaotic and out there.
    History: Little is know about his parents, and who they were, except the fact that his father was a demon.
    Being an orphan, he decided to live out on the streets, with no one to help him grow. He found out that he was half demon when he was 16 years old. Since no one what to moderate him, he decided to go on a spree through new york city and set things on fire and exploding things and killing many people. He was then caught and arrested and sent to juvenile hall, his parole officer suggested that he went to the reform academy
    Abilities: He is able to create and summon demonic creatures and bombs at will, from thin air and out of his imagination
  3. Name: Viola Claire Erium

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Race: Demon


    Height: 5' 4"

    Weight: 126 lbs

    Crimes committed: murder/serial killer

    Any Mental Issues: none that anyone can put a finger on.

    Personality: Viola is Calm, Daring, Imaginative, Calculating, Adventurous and reckless at times. She's always up for a good time no matter what it may call. Killing is her forte, something she absolutely enjoys. She prefers killing someone on a personal scale, allowing her to hear the screams and thrashing of her victims. It makes her laugh and feel a thousand times happier.

    History: Viola came from a simple family. She had an older brother who took on more of his father's abilities and she took on more of her mother's abilities. Viola's mother was a yuki onna, or a snow spirit, while her father was a shape-shifter. Anyone with either of these abilities can do some serious harm to people, but not her brother. He was a goody two shoe type, never the one to hurt a fly. Viola was different. When she found out what her ability can do such as freezing others, and somehow found happiness from it.

    Viola started off killing helpless animals and found the squirming and thrashing for dear life was funny. In school she was made fun of for her crystal white hair, her ghostly white skin and lastly her unnatural cold body heat. Viola hated it and in the 5th grade students went missing. Each one would be found dead from hypothermia or stabbed mercilessly by an unknown object. The only evidence there was around was ice and water everywhere. This went on for two years, killing those who trespassed against her, but that wasn't enough. Killing for a reason wasn't enough for her anymore and so began killing random people. Some old, some young, but they never had anything in common.

    When Viola was about 14 Viola couldn't remember how many she killed, but became a bit reckless in her killing. She had killed the old man down the street from her and didn't realize there was a witness in the home. It was his daughter and she wan't gonna keep quiet. After the trial they found that many of the deaths over the years that had no evidence except water or ice linked to her. Even though Viola was a serial killer the judge couldn't place her on death row. With such an innocent face, maybe she could change. So she was sentenced to the reform academy in hopes Viola would change.

    Abilities: Controls Ice, creates blizzards, freezes other at will and lastly can drain a person through a kiss if she wanted to.
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  4. Name: Christine Blackheart
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Christine holds the look of a morbid teen: pale skin from the common lack of sunlight, entirely out of choice, a distant, near expressionless look in her cold sapphire eyes accompanied by shoulder-length raven-black hair. She has a lean build despite the look of malnourishment.
    Height: Five foot, eight inches.
    Weight: 140 pounds.
    Crimes committed: Drug use, dealing, theft and assault.
    Mental issues? There are several theories but no official diagnosis. She displays several dissociative symptoms at minimum.

    Personality: introverted most of the time. Shows a cold calculating ability on some days, cleverness, boldness or utter withdraw from social conventions. A wastebasket term applied by former “specialists” as “bipolar.” Of course, novice specialists know little to nothing, right?

    History: Christine’s history is a clean, simple and lovely one. At least from the view of the professionals. See, she had all the privileges a child could want along with the extra pleasantries some broken-home kids could not dream for. Answers from her are vague, out of the ordinary, bizarre and even “outright weird” as far as interviews can suggest. How can it be, then, that a lovely girl with the entire world at her steps fall into substance dependency, theft and violence? A trigger exists somewhere, most agree, yet it is impractical unless the source flies externally to her home.

    Fact is, Christine did not believe in compulsive action. Her pride knew that only the core of an individual could drive from normality to insanity, the colored continuum of what is and what could not be.

    “A reason?” She asked the counselor.

    “Why should we have a reason to abandon ourselves?”

    Her parents, upset, afraid and discouraged accepted the only course of action advised to them.

    “There is a place for troubled souls…a reform academy. I cannot help your daughter; surely they can.”

    So it was written. So it came to be.

    (I think that's what is needed? Let me know.)
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