the red wtaer is pouring

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  1. hi

    this is somenoen elses rp he siad i coudl stel it and maek it better so i did its abiout a girle gets murderd in alle outsife bar and lauraess is a ditctive who swers to fin the killer. you can all paly peopel inthe bar and other peppel but lauress is teh best detecitve and you cant be bettre than him.

    i also plya bob but you cant hve mre than 1 charcter i have 2 cos im the gm and my ruels go an if yuo dnt liek it you cn levae

    likn is here

    The flolwing membrs arent allwoed to join cos tey dnt undresttan my vision or cos thy drop out to much and theyre ritin is bad:

    tack shaed
    do not steel thsi idae
  2. I'm not sure whether I should laugh my ass off or travel down to England and burn your village for this.
  3. yuo guys can folow bob into teh alle, he is gong to start the invustigaton now.

    thnkz fro joinin and remebmer yuo can haev onky 1 charatcer
  4. Should I feel upset about not being on the list of people not allowed to join?
  5. u gais need to psot or i will kill yur charatcers becase i am gm
  7. Sweet I can join. There's no one named Rory on this forum right now. ;D
  8. wont joyn.

    kan u giv sheet plz
  9. kk

    What people call you:
    What you prefer to be called:
    How old you appear:
    What you prefer to wear:
    Marital status:
    Where you live:
    Where you were born:
    Family members:
    Normal abilities:
    Special abilities:
    Magical abilities:
    Supernatural abilities:
    Fighting style:
    Magic style:
    Private Personality:
    Public Personality:
    Secret personality:
    Recent History:
    Distant History:
    Writing Example:
    What you hope to achieve in this roleplay:

    if yuo are aproved i will pm you with a colur tht indcaets how muhc i leik yur charcter and if he braks the ruels.

  10. Teh Awsums (open)

    Name: Ballsy McBadass
    Alias: That Twat
    What people call you: HIM *shudder*
    What you prefer to be called: Balls
    Age: 15
    How old you appear: 13
    Gender: Dude
    Sexuality: Likes Chicks
    Description: Hes awesome
    Physique: Like Duke and Conan but more like the Hulk only not green
    Image: His self image is he blames himself and is emo and cool
    Ethnicity: wut dis meen?
    Clothing: Optional
    Equipment: Bulging
    What you prefer to wear: The skins of his enemies
    Marital status: As if
    Where you live: Where I rest my head
    Where you were born: Sarsaparilla
    Family members: His is the biggest
    Weapons: Fists
    Armour: Is for pussies
    Normal abilities: Nothing he does is "normal"
    Special abilities: Hes not "special" either
    Magical abilities: Who needs 'em?
    Supernatural abilities: Don't believe in 'em
    Fighting style: Badass
    Private Personality: Wasn't he in a movie?
    Public Personality: He likes to shoo them.
    Secret personality: Cultistcultistcultist
    Likes: 100087986872665 on facebook
    Hates: Haters gonna hate
    Fears: Hes not real
    Religion: Self worship
    Phobias: That greek guy?
    Addictions: Breathing
    Goal/Purpose: TO ruin your plot
    Recent History: He was made
    Distant History: Like in Texas?
    Writing Example: You'll never see a post
    What you hope to achieve in this roleplay: See "Goal/Purpose"
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  11. do i ned a charcter sheat?
  12. Name: Crystallia Alianorra Moonnight Desi'ree Dumbledore
    Alias: Tsukikohime
    What people call you: Alia
    What you prefer to be called: Whatver is fine but i do liek Suki
    Age: 3000 yrs old
    How old you appear: 14
    Gender: I like bois because i am girl
    Sexuality: Girl duh
    Description: She is beautiful like moonlguht that is why they call me Tsukikohime it means moon princeass in Japenese and she has long pure wite hair down to florr and blue eyes like crystal whuch is why her parents name her Caryslallia and she has scar on forehead in shape of many pointed star (its kind of pinkish lookins and really pretty not ugly at ll but she thinks it is ugly so hse tries to hied it) salso she has pointed ears becuaes she is elfish
    Physique: Telekineses
    Ethnicity: She is in Slitherin
    Clothing: This dress [​IMG] but in all colors kinda prsimatic liek an opal or whatver tat stone is caleld but she is nota slut ok she is actlly real self conscious and not slutty at all she hatwas sluts anf wil not sex until marage or with her true mate
    Equipment: [​IMG]
    What you prefer to wear: [​IMG] this is wht she wears whe she is in the elf court (preten it says elf not fairy ok)
    Marital status: Single ;3
    Where you live: Hogwarts
    Where you were born: Mid Earth
    Family members: None they are alldead tey died in sa crarcrash when she was little and she has been alone and derpessed about it all her lief
    Weapons: [​IMG]
    Armour: She has physique armoer that magickly appears when she is in danger and it protects her it looks like it is amade from buterlfluys wings
    Normal abilities: Yes
    Special abilities: Yes
    Magical abilities: Yes
    Supernatural abilities: Yes
    Fighting style: Yes
    Magic style: Yes
    Private Personality: She is vry derpressed but she hies it and she llikes to be by herself
    Public Personality: She is vry derpressed but she hies it and she wishes evtyone whould leave heralone
    Secret personality: She is posessed by you know woo
    Likes: Elfs, magick, pretty things, bein alone
    Hates: Motals, Muggles, ugly things (she tinls shes ugly) and crows of people
    Fears: Tat you know who is back
    Religion: She used to be Cetholic but since her familu died she has convertes to Stanism
    Phobias: I dunt know this word
    Addictions: She is addickted to painkllers and is very deprezed about it
    Goal/Purpose: She just want to be a normal teen girl in the ellfin kingdom
    Recent History: She came from her homworld with her family and then they died an she was adopeted by her grandfather and now she lives with him at his skool
    Distant History: I dont get it
    Writing Example: (You will c when I join the rp)
    What you hope to achieve in this roleplay: Whoknows...
  13. i forgot pic [​IMG]
  14. Vay, bals will be cryustalea's twin brohter, k?

    Kitty, pots sheet plzx.
  15. LOIS!!!

    Name: Lois Fein
    Alias: LOIS
    What people call you: LOIS
    What you prefer to be called: LOIS
    Age: 22
    How old you appear: 17
    Gender: Grrrrrl
    Sexuality: i liek guis
    Description: Rely hot and gorgus, LoiS lieks guis but iznt a hore.
    Physique: Curvee but not fat
    Image: [​IMG]
    Ethnicity: Humen
    Clothing: Her cloths are liek her's
    Baesball bat cuz she iz sacred of men

    What you prefer to wear: She lieks to waer this but cnat to werk

    Marital status: No

    Where you live: studeo apartmant by a bar

    Where you were born: Frence

    Family members: nun cuz shes an orphen

    Weapons: baesball bat

    Armour: nun lol

    Normal abilities: She can hit rely hard & jump rely hi cuz she waz a cheerleeder

    Special abilities: she can tak to dogz

    Magical abilities: the moon maeks her rely strong and she can uze moon magik cuz she iz a werwulf

    Supernatural abilities: she wuz bit bya werwulf but she iz strong so she can b a werwulf wen she wants

    Fighting style: she uzes claus and baesball bat

    Magic style: she can heel peepl with moon magik

    Private Personality: rely nice and shy but can be strong wen mad. gentile but strongr then she looks

    Public Personality: nice, protekting, sillee but not to sillee

    Secret personality: lieks guis but doeznt no if they liek her

    Likes: guis, cofe, pink, blu, candee, braslits, wyn
    Hates: mean peepl, rood peepl, peepl hoo theenk shes a hore
    Fears: bein atakd

    Religion: budist
    Phobias: spydrs

    Addictions: maycup

    Goal/Purpose: fine hoo atakd her mom & dad

    Recent History:
    got a job and a pupy and a apartmant and met bob and tok a wak and seen bob

    Distant History:
    her mom & dad got atakd by a mean man and dyed so she iz an orphen and she sed "i will fine hoo atakd yu" she cryed. then she grewe up.

    Writing Example: i posteed

    What you hope to achieve in this roleplay: sho yu she can b strong & prety & sexi & nice
  16. Name: W
    Alias: W
    What people call you: W
    What you prefer to be called: W
    Age: W
    How old you appear: W
    Gender: W
    Sexuality: W
    Description: W
    Physique: W
    Image: W
    Ethnicity: W
    Clothing: W
    Equipment: W
    What you prefer to wear: W
    Marital status: W
    Where you live: W
    Where you were born: W
    Family members: W
    Weapons: W
    Armour: W
    Normal abilities: W
    Special abilities: W
    Magical abilities: W
    Supernatural abilities: W
    Fighting style: W
    Magic style: W
    Private Personality: W
    Public Personality: W
    Secret personality: W
    Likes: W
    Hates: W
    Fears: W
    Religion: W
    Phobias: W
    Addictions: W
    Goal/Purpose: W
    Recent History: W
    Distant History: W
    Writing Example: .....W
    What you hope to achieve in this roleplay: For Asmo to laugh?
  17. W iz mai favright chrktr becozzz W ekwulz Win
  18. kitti, lois is twin too ok because we are obvaously sisters we ar so mch alike

    time vortex change her bcaus of wereqwolf btie