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laruess walked thru the doors noticeing the beautiful woman at the bar. he walked up ordering a drink and ask the bartender who the gorges girl situng across the bar? the bartender said her name is Nicole i dont know who she realy is but she a nice person he said . laruess stood up and walked over to say hi but befor he could a man walked up and said sir we have a note for u. laruess grabed the note and looked at it with curious eyes and read it hes eyes filled with sorrow as he walked out of the bar he thru the note in the bin hopeing never to read what was in it ever agen he picked up a rose and thru it to nicole he turn and left befor he could see if she caught it or not. he walked up to anouth man who was in black clouthes where is she? in the back allyway commanda he walked down noticeing the white tarp and the womans bodie laying there underneath he nild down and notice her neck was broken and the blood marks over the walls where made with a sword her hands had defencive marks and her left shoulder was broken.he yeled back to the other person whats ur name i am kilver i spoted this incerdent on my protroll there where foot prints leading in to the bar but i didnt see who did it laruess stood up and said report this to command and close the whole area off only allow personal from command il go inside the bar and check it out.
bob had been siting all day wait for his wief it was there aniversarie and he had booked restront specally hey he said when lauress took the rose from table adn threw it at a woman siting at the bar. bob was upset but lauress did not hear him so bob got up and went to gorges woman and asked for rose back no said the woman and she sticks her tongue out at him. i want my rose back you bitch says bob but woman runs away laughing bob tried to folow but falled over ouch says bob then wife comes in to restront. you always let me down yells wife and bob tries to explain by his wife left with antoher guy. now i am alone bob sighed and starts looking for new girlfrend.
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lauress walked in and noticeing what happened to bob walked out and pulled hes wife back in and pushed her in to bobs arms and held up hes badge and yelld EVERYONE! I AM LAURESS CAPTIN OF THE VALERESS evrey one stared and looked the bartender walked up whats this about? there was a girl murdered out in the allyway near this bar and im shuting it down and no one will leave untill u have been questioned and sent thru the ves now lauress clicked hes fingers and 3 woman appered we are the ves what is ur order lauress? lauress turnd around and walked up to the woman in frount and said with a smile i told u when where doing a investagation to call me captin he smiled at Issara. Issara smiled and said fine but what where we called here for? a girl was murdered in the allyway near here and by the marks on her bodie i think hes finaly appered back in this time rever looked up with worried eyes are u sure about this? i dont know yet but i think so Issara and the other 2 girls walked up and started to scan the people in the bar there where sixteen people in the bar at the time but when the ves finished there where eight left there names where
1) anna volencia
2) herenker varnes
3) triven gorven
4) trin jostens
5) juarken norewer
6) yesses trinitey
7) bob tranveres
8) kira tranveres
bobs wife suffers sprayned arm as lauress psuhed into bobs arms ow my arm she says and bob says hah ha you got pulled back in by police offiser time travel dude with badge and his random girls who appreaed from nowhere. wife was sad then because she knew could not get out of bar until random girls has scanned everyeon with theuir minds. bob did not want to be scanned because has been scanned before by robots but then suiddenlyt there were 8 less people in bar hey where did people go! bob shouted and looked at lauress. meanwheile wife calls her laywer and asks if can sue lauress for assautl or if captin of valress has dipomatic immounity.
i am aphasia aphasia sed as she wlked in2 teh bar and ovr 2 bob. ur hot but u hev a wife she said and than she wlked over to lauress and smiled too him to. ur not as hot she sed and then walked behind teh bar and grbbed a botle of water cuz she was to yung to drink alkohall. i think tht lauress kilt the bodys of the pepul aphasia sed and the bar pepul all luked at lauress and got realy angri and wanted 2 fight lauress bad. thas rite i think hes a bad guy aphasia sed again and wlked over ot bob wnting ot help him.
Mah nem is w said w as he fllowd apasia arond te bar. he wus vr VRY hot jst liek edward cullen frm TWILIGHT n all te grls wntd 2 bang hm but he ws 2 cool 4 them. he thaht that bob wus cool, bcuz he lokd liek he wus tryin 2 do tat loner tipe thing. wow thaht w he must get all te ladyes. he thaht apasia wus kyoot 2 so he told her ur rlly kyoot apasia said w and he then orded a drink cuz he wanted 2 look cool. i wanna hit it n quit it wit her thaht w as he lookd at hr. he wsnt pying atention 2 wat evr1 else was doin cuz he wus a jerk. he fllowd apasia and sed hey man wassup 2 bob n handd him hs rose back cuz he thaht tat bob wus kinda kyoot 2. i wanna beer sed w 2 te bartender.
thankyou for my rose said bob its for my wife who had now left me and in the other side of the bar trying to sue lauress for being a jerk to her so i am now looking for a new girlsfriend and i think your are pretty cool and pretty and would likeyou to kepp the rose said bob and w blushed and put the rose in her hair. then bob saw everyhone getting anrgey at lauress and stepped into the middle of the bar and shouted stop he is good guy the one who muyrdered the woman outside is teh bad guy you should all be angry at him or her because it could be woman. thnen bob looked at aphasia and thouht it was wrong that he waas not drinking and said hey tyou should be drinking and hand him the jack danuls that bob always carries in his back pokcet and that is wjhy hhis wife left him and bob was tryuing to apoligise by taking her to restront and that was when thsi story started.
aphasia tuk the rose tht bob gave 2 w and put it in her own har and thn sed that it was a kewl persun thet wuld find the killer. she wnted to do w n so she smiled at him and tossed her hair n a flirtie way. thne bob gave her the flask with jak danuls n she sed im too yung too drink but i will drink it becuz it wus a present frum u and then she drank the hole alkohall frum the flask and tossed the flaks undur the bar and desided to make out with bobs wfie who wuz busy tring to sue lauress n she did it. ur a gud kisr sed aphasia and smled at bob becuz she wnted him jalos of her. thne she made out with w cuz he wuz kinda hot 2 n tehn she sed i want 2 hit it n quit it 2 herself then she chopped a table in half with the axe she kept in her coat
w wus sudenly a grl. he didnt no where his penus went 2 but sudenly it wus gon. so she lukd ^ @ bob n giggld n noded win apasia sed tat a kewl persun wuld find teh killer. she wanted apsia 2 but she wus afraid tat witout a penus apasia wuld nut want her anymore. but ten apsia drenked alls teh alkohall furm teh flaks n w wus empressed. she ten wotchd as apsia snoggd bobs wief and then got a grly boner as apsia kissed her.

she ten cummd wit teh force of ten thusand suns when apsia copped the tabled.

wow sed w will u mary me?
... sed bob as he saw w cum on the face of ten thosusnd sons he knew that w was a guy but turned her iotn agirl with pwoers he has learned as a space marien. then he saw aphsia making out with hsi wife byt he dint get turned on becsause he too cool and had learned to cotnrol emotions as a ninja. then he saw that lauress wasnt; talking so he got the table that apshesa ahs copped in half and put it back togetrhe with a spell then stood on it and shotued EVERYONE! I WILL FIND KILLER so FOLOw me! and bob knew that all the girlsw were looking at him anf thinking he was cool but biob didnt care because the only woamn he ever loved had died 10 yeats ago in trajic fire.
byron was watch frm shados evrthng that hapen with his shenegame namd ruky. no 1 cud se ruky but brnoy. 'haheheh' sed byrni. i haf def notbuk. anybode nam i rite in it wil di but i dint kil teh girl. i wil kil hte kilr 1ns i figr owt hu he iz. byonr wux teh wirldz gaytes dtektiv. evry1 call him 'kyra' butt dey din't now it wuz rely bryon. ruky et apel an laff.
no i cant marri u aphasia sed becuz she wuz alredi in luv wit bobs wif n she jus wntd to hit n quti w. she luked at bbo as he stud on teh tabel tht bob majkly ripared n she wuz kinda trnd on by bob butt she luvd bobs wife so shi wlked bck to bobs wife and made otu wif her a lot. dam gurl u nasty bobs wife sed and thn thei saw tteh ninja gui apiear n she sed hi my names aphasia n this is my gf n well help u find the killr after teh lywer gits dun sewing laruess she sed b4 she chped anuther tble in hlf wih her ax
w cryed when apasia sed dat she culd not marri him n stoled teh rose bak from her cuz shes a ho. he thaht dat bob wus kool when he repard teh tabel all magikally but wus angrie when bob turnd him bak in2 a gurl. but it wus o k cuz bob had ben a ninija n that wus hott. she fallowd bob when he had sed dat he wuld find teh killar and thaht he wus kewl.

w finuly had enugh of dis shit n went supa sayin, magikaly turnin her bak in2 a guy bcuz ever1 nos dat gurls cant b supa sayins. he den went camehameha" n fird it @ byron cuz he wuz balently kira frum seth note. he ten twichd his pec musels cuz he new de ladies liekd teh pecs.

he wus kewl butt wat pepel didnt no wuz dat he hd canser n wus gunna die in 42hrs.
byron dicidid to folo bob n d others bcuz he wus the wirlds gretest detect an smartr den evryon ls so this post is mor clere then the uthirs sens byron smart he pretten 2 listen but rely manpulat every1 an he tells w 'no im not kyra an this jus my hiy scool yrbok gimmy yor atograf so we kin b frinz an i pruv imnto kyra' his shinegame (thatz jpense 4 grim reper) namd ruky was invislbe an aet appels and laffd agin cuz he sed teh ppl wer funy. bron iyes turnd red an evrythn startid 2 shayk
out of no wear their came a loud bag what was that loud bag said that man to me??!? i knew that it was strange also and i did not know and it was wierd i said i then took out my sword because i had a wierd feeling that what had happened might have been bad to them all and i needed to find out was happening int he alie so i had to leave to know wear the loud bang had come from i then stopped and siad tot he man that my name was miksuko and he said that it was a good name and that it must have been extrremly rare and that maybe i was the only girl still alive with that name and i knew that he was propably and said yes to him then it was time to go and i did and it was into a street with people and they did not no what was going inside so i walked more until i got to the alie and went down it but had to stop because i saw that there was something there and then i knew that iwas a woman because of her long hair with blood on it i then broke down and started to cry becaue my dark memories were coming back and it was very dark to everyone around and they all look but i just kept walking to get away when will this stop i said to myself??!? i did not really know and would probably never even know until i got my trew powers back then i saw a girl that was also looking and i said hi to her!!".
bob went out into hte alle and ooked ariund hey he sid to misuko who had mistken him for a girl i am not a girl but i am lokking for a killer you can help if you wantr my names bob and i am taking form lauress because i am aslos a ditective, this was true because bob was really a ditective all along and had been wokring undervcoer in the bar and watcoign lauress as part if an intrernal affaris ivenstigation but now he had decdided to taek over the case from lauress who was okay wirh that. bob smiels and looks at miksuko shell we fidn the killer now?
lois had desided to take a wak at the alle sence it semed clam and quite. she herd voyces so she went ther and she saw bob, then se waved "hi bob" she said. she new him from her werk, he came and bot cffee sumtimes at her coffeeshop b/c he got tird. lois wantd bob to notis how pritty she was 2day in a pink dress. maybe he wuld tell her "you look like lois lane except your hotter" and then ask her out. when lois walked close to bob tho, he seemd bize. "what are you doing bob?"
I HAV TO FINED TEH KILLER bob shouts hello louise he winks at her then wlaks uop to the body of hte gurl and picks her up chekcing for wounds i think it could be mybother says bob his brother was a epxert swerdsman who turnd evil and was once a ditective to but he left becuas he was posest by a demon and the demons want him to kil seven vergins. bob looks at kilver who was the guy from bloodsocked angle of gravteers firstt postand sau kilver! was teh gurl a vergin and kilvrer says yes we chekced. bob sheads a tear as he stroked the hari of the gurl i will revange on you he whispred she looks liek his long lost lovr who dies in the trajic fire only not as hot and then he has flasback
ther was a pertty girl walk down stet her nam was cryasallia alinor moonnight desree dumblydore but evrone call er alia she was ver prety and had long whit hair she walk to the store and baght som fod cause she was hunge then she waljsed to the bar there as a man named bob at the bar with a other girl who was ver pretty "hello" she sy to the girl "you look relly familyer" but she did no why "my name is crasyllia but you can call me aia" she walk to the bod "omg is that a body she scremed" she had see ded bodies befor but it was deffrent becaus this was elf body not humon
oh heyt cryasallia alinor moonnight desree dumblydore sed bob he knwe her from theyr marital arts classs whch they took atogetherand thye had prveious relashunshp byt left cos bob had to got to tibbet wher he met his wief, there is a gurl ded he sed and ponted at teh elf teh neck hsa bin brkeon and thre are blud on the alle wals from a sowrd i thnk its my borther who was onec a ditiective leik me and turned to teh drk side whn a demun posesed him. then he loks at loios who luks liek lois lande byt us hotter and he sed hi losi you mite not wnt to see this ther is ded gurl and lost of blud and he huged lois to maek sure seh does not luk at teh gurl