The Red Thread of Fate Entwine Us...

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  1. First of all, know that the warnings are what may be, no what MUST be.

    Greetings, everyone, to my first Partner Search!

    You may call me Tatine, and I am a twenty three years old woman who is looking for some people to create extraordinary tales in first a small test run of a simple plot and then, if all goes well, for something more ambitious. I like threads better than PMs, and enjoy both the lighthearted and the sinister ranges of plots, so if you have cravings and deem them simple enough, I would be happy to hear about them!

    Why simple and short, you ask? That first rp will mostly be for us to see if we are compatible to write together, if not, we can freely say so and quickly wrap up the rp after a few rounds, so that no harm is done and we won't waste energy and time in a doomed endeavor. There will, of course, be a good hook in each attempt, but to start I don't expect us to put that much thoughts in anything, in case we don't fit somehow. Simple and clean, basically.

    Now, how this work is that I ask you to post below with a short introduction of yourself and either a prompt, a craving, or a basic plot, I will then respond with either a PM with a few plots of my own or my interest of the plot you made up below. After that, if we agree on a plot, we may fine-tune some of the details and wing up the rest, good? Excellent!

    I only ask that nothing overly sexual, taboo or angsty be issued at this phase, let's keep things light and fun for now, okay? That said, I hope this will generate some interests, and point out that I love historical pieces and scifi set on our planet earth!
  2. Hiii! I would like to see how well we do as partners, if you're up for it. :3
  3. Sure!

    What do you feel up to?
  4. Well, I'm a fan of fantasy universes, specially modern fantasy. Any ideas you have in mind?
  5. I'd like to join in, if that's alright. I'm feeling like some fantasy stuff, but also something modern as well.
  6. I unfortunately don't have any idea at the moment, but both feel free to PM me with any ideas you may want to try :)!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.