The Red Rose Corsairs

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  1. "Check. Mate." The prideful sound of the pirate ship's captain resounded through the quarters of the ship known as Avarite. She smirked, leaning back in her chair, throwing her legs up on the table. The crew member, lanky and stout, threw his callused hands up in frustration. The young woman fluffed her long, silky brown hair, laughing heartily. "Oh, dear John, you poor thing. You can't even beat me at chess! Hand it over lad." She held out her empty hand, soon filled with a small bag of gold coins.

    She untied the rough string around the ends, then dumped the contents out on the table, counting silently. "20 coins!" she exclaimed in triumph, standing up and looking around at everyone else. "Anyone else dare to challenge me?" she inquired with a mischievous grin, tapping the edge of the dark brown wooden table. When none stepped forward, she scoffed in amusement, leaning back.

    "Very well, then." Taking all of the coins into the brown leather bag, she secured the strap to her belt, and left the dining area, heading towards the front deck. Walking up the steps, Clarice felt a chill sweep lightly across her skin as the midnight air became known. Her brown eyes darted across deck, searching for someone in particular. She glanced up at the crow's nest, sighing in relief.

    "Brady!" she called up to the cleanly shaven navigator. "Anything yet?!"

    Brady, a young man with gray eyes and narrow bridged nose, gazed down at his captain, then turned back to look out ahead on the salty sea water through his brass spyglass with golden rims. "Port Royal coming into view!" he bellowed. Clarice smirked as she headed up the top deck, the soles of her brown leather boots stomping against the wooden planks. The crew rushed out from below deck, every single one heading towards their stations. Clarice tilted her head back in a fit of chuckles that turned into loud, ungracious laughter.

    "I will get what I want," she stated with malice. "-And there is nothing you, General Ross, can do to stop me..."
  2. George was strolling alone along the walls of Fort Royal. The cool tropic breeze blowing through. It was extremely quiet and still. The moon was blocked out by the dense clouds. Tell tale signs of a storm coming, atleast in George's opinion. He stopped at one of the bastions of the wall with a view of the ocean. It was dark, but it enough to put him in a peaceful mind state. He stood there, reflecting on his memories of when he was a captain. Now he assigned as the leading officer of General Ross' Royal Guard, a small detachment from the garrison tasked with guarding the General's manor and its occupants, periodically they guard the fort. In his opinion it was very mediocre, but it was better than being locked up in a military prison in London. It was General Ross' word that kept him out.

    George continued to ponder in his thoughts until he was interrupted by one of his young lieutenants that approached. He was carrying a stack of papers. "Sir, here are all of today's reports" he said as he handed George the papers. George took only a few seconds to examine them, as they were always usually the same from yesterday's reports. "Fine, where is Lady Ross?" he asked the soldier. "At the manor, I think" he responded with uncertainty, looking at George with a nervous face. "You think?" George responded with a tone of annoyance, staring at the soldier as he stammered on his word trying to make an excuse. George shoved the papers into the soldiers chest, pushing him out the way. "Imbecile" George said as he walked passed, heading toward the stairs. He marched to the stables, slightly angered on the thought that a manor guarded by atleast four men at all times can't do a simple task. He mounted his horse and steadily rode towards the gate, commanding the gatekeeper to open it.

    As it opened, he turned onto the road and begin to ride toward the manor. Lady Ross was more than likely at the manor. His main reason for going there was to ridicule the guards and why they weren't certain of where she was at.
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