The Red Paved Road. {OOC}

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    The Red Paved Road

    The sun set on an uneventful Spring, school has come to a close as the world of possibilities open. A new future for those that find that their High school careers had come to an end. A new freedom, and for some, the last summer before they take on the responsibilities of Adulthood. College, work, or even a future already planed out out for them, the future hold so many uncertainties. Though there is no sense in constantly dreading this truth, embrace the time that is left, and make the most of it; and this is just what four friends did, one last summer before they went on with life, one last chances to have a trip they would never forget. Though as this trip, filled with humor, drama, and feelings to be resolved, truths to face, they might come to regret to agreeing to this Road trip, finding that getting lost wasn't their biggest danger. As they travel from town to town, state to state, the deadly truth of man being the deadliest predator of all....


    It is set in North America, starting from a little sleepy fictional town called Rockwell, Kansas. A relatively small town made up mostly of mom and pop stores, one mall, and two High School. with barely a population of fifteen hundred people (1,500).

    Characters Needed

    Spot One: Female/18/Samantha Marcel/Taken by AngelOfTheBrokenHearted
    The one who came up with the trip/providing van.

    Spot Two: Female/17/
    Ariana Elroy/-/Taken by Oyoa

    Spot Three:
    Nikolai Udinov/Taken by Nichoooo

    Spot Four:
    Male/18/Sebastian Conroy/Taken by Octobre Leche


    Just a few simple rules and I'm sure they are mostly a given. I just feel like a responsible RP maker when I type them~
    1) No trolling, I don't like it, but I'll trust no one is going to be an absolute jackass for no reason~
    2) No God-moding
    3) Please treat me and others with respect.
    4) Please try to post at least once a week, and if you will be unable to post for a while please tell me.
    5) Please keep OOC in the OOC Thread
    6) Please Pm your
    Character Profile to me, so I can look over it before you post your character here.
    7) Please no one lining, please post at least a paragraph or two a post at minimal, though I can understand if you have zero to work with.
    I reserve the right to edit these rules and kick out anyone who breaks said rules if needed.
    Also please feel free to ask any questions here or by Pm, I won't bite I promise!
  2. Character/Character Profiles

    [img]Picture of Character[/img]
    [B]Personality:[/B] {At least a paragraph.}
    [B]Brief History:[/B] {Don't need a whole lot, barely a paragraph feel free to leave plenty to be told in the RP.}
    [B]EXTRA:[/B] {Any thing else you would like to add. Crush, tattoos any thing specific you want to add.}



    Name: Samantha C. Marcel

    Nicknames: Sam, Sammy

    Age: Eighteen

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Samantha is an eccentric sort of girl, more likely to do what pops in her head before thinking it through. Impulsive might be a word to
    describe her actions. She is loyal to fault,never seeming to have a moral dilemma with lying or covering for a friend. If the local police had ever find out how often she has covered for someone she would likely have a nice little night in jail in her future. She is an emotional sort,if she is upset it will be known rather she wants you too or not. Sam is a loving friend, always happy to look after you, though her affection might be a bit odd at times, especially when she decides that it is her new duty to come to your home and wake you up. She loves to make things more interesting in her own way, be it tackle someone out of the blue, to putting a whip-cream cannon in her math teachers desk.In snort she is a eccentric, impulsive, kind hearted girl, with a hell of a temper and determination who hates to let life to be dull.

    Brief History: She is the middle child of three, her father a doctor at the local hospital, and her mother a photographer who prefers to travel for business, gone months at a time. Sam claims her big sister raised her more then her parents did, her grandparents being the only ones nearly as involved. She was known for being a bit more trouble then most would think she was worth in high school, she might have graduated with a 3.0 but when something blew up in someones face, she was one of the few to be blamed first. Though that wasn't her only problem in high school, she seeming to have a constant rivalry if not mini war with Rebeca Blaie, things escalating from vicious rumors to Sam getting in a cat fight and Rebeca waking up with her head buzzed cut, high school warfare is a vicious, vicious cycle

    .EXTRA: Has a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder blade

    Crush?: {To be announced~}

  3. tumblr_krtiegVX1Y1qzpsuao1_400.jpg

    Name: Nikolai Udinov

    Nicknames: Nick, Niki

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Nick is a closed guy he keeps his feeling to himself, he spends a lot of time in the nature taking pictures with his camera. Nick wants to become a photographer so that's why his going to study how to become one. Nick feels good around his friends and is communicative with them, but when he is around peoples that he doesn't know, he isn't very friendly and closes to himself. Nick has a crush on one of his friends and this trip is the last chance to tell her his feelings.

    Brief History: Nikolai lived in Russia with his parents, but they moved to America cuz they offered his father a job there. Nikolai was 14 when he moved with his family. The city when he lives now is very small but its very close to the city that his father works, they have a beautiful house in the center of the small city and the life there is better then the life they had in Russia. Nikolai made some friends but he wasn't very interested with them, he only cared for the landmarks that the city has to offer. Nikolai is going to college so that he can study to become a photographer, but he recently started liking his friend Samantha and now he has a crush on her, so this trip is the last chance to tell her his feelings and decide what to do next in his life.

    Extra: Nikolai has a crush on Samantha. He also always carries a camera with him.

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  6. Name: Sebastian Conroy

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    Nicknames: Nearly everyone calls him Seb

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Self centered, conceded and quick tempered. Although he does show slight compassion towards people, he is mostly out for his own. He has little concern for the feelings of others, but at times has moments where he isn't a complete asshole. People seem to like him because he isn't scared of speaking his mind in just about any situation. While it isn't uncommon for people to dislike Seb, just as many seem to like him for his outgoing, No-BS attitude. Most that meet him get the impression of confidence and independence, however, just under the surface he is a self conscious wreck.

    Brief History: Seb was raised by a single mother, his father having left home while he was just a baby. He Grew up too fast and always hung out with older kids cause they could buy booze and cigarettes. While he was still on speaking terms with his mother he would talk her out of money whenever possible. Seb was blessed with a silver tongue, able to make people believe whatever he wanted. For the last six months or so he has been out almost all night every night, when he isn't picked up by the cops, and never calls to check in. The last time he saw his Mother she threatened to send him to a camp for troubled kids. Seb decided that he would run away for good if she tried to pull that bullshit on him.

    Extra: Takes prescription meds everyday. This is most likely where his false confidence comes from. His favorite song is "Balls of Ice" by 3 inches of blood.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Ariana Elroy

    : Ari


    : Female

    : Has earned reputation of being shy or being stuck up when really, she just chooses to not talk to some people. She likes to hear them before she responds. She does have a soft spot when people are in need or hurt. Has been known to call people an idiot if she thinks they are one. But is loyal to her friends and will stand up for them when needed. Her definition of her friends needing her may vary slightly than most. She tries to think through her responses before she speaks, but it does not necessarily work every time.

    Brief History
    : Has both parents, but slightly ignored. Her younger sister tends to get more of the attention, whether it be good or bad. She grew up just not caring too much for the advice her parents have given her. Being of mixed ethnicity, she constantly is being asked what she is, and is used to it. She is secretly close to her little sister, but they both do not show that often in public.

    : Crush: to be determined/unknown.

    ((Sorry for the huge picture, trying to edit it to make it smaller))
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