The Red Menace

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During the later years of the 2nd World War, Nazi Germany, the ever insane inventors developed what would have been the deciding factor of the war if it had been produced earlier, the Armored Fighting Walker, large mobile weapons platforms As such, after a few battles with the 'Nazi Walkers', the Allied nations quickly reverse engineered the mechanical weapons for their own armies.

During the American invasion into Japan, the AFW played a key part in combating Japan's own AFW units. The two sides held each other in a stalemate until 1946, when the Soviet Union entered the invasion with their own AFWs, quickly leading to a victory for the Allied sides.

Japan was divided into the American controlled side of South Japan and the Soviet controlled North Japan. This made Japan the hotbed of post-war tensions between the two nations as well as being the concentration of the arms race between the two countries.

It was only a matter of time before the hotbed ignited with the flames of war.
Yep. Its dice based. You know, that Mecha game (not the d20 but I might have to resort to it) in the source topic in the table top tyrants.