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  1. The ruins were a ghost ship of stone adrift upon an endless green grass sea. Overhead, the sky stretched on infinitely over the plains, the grass whispering conspiratorially in the cool wind. It was midsummer and full moon and it was a seventhyear. The ghost ship was a circle of pale grey stone, composed as it was neither quartz and obsidian but of some substance having properties of both it glittered and glistened in a manner almost obscene.
    The dozen lonely standing stones were not to spend the night alone, for they were surrounded by a thick throng of persons. Persons, not people. Not people for they were not there together so much as they were individuals forced to occupy the same area, the difference between sand and sandstone, being not so obvious at first glance but immediately apparent in texture. Some of those gathered wore silks and velvet, some wore armor, some wore rags. Many came with gifts- gold, jewels, fine fabrics and rare spices. Others carried swords or spears or bows, some inchoate, some whole. One bore the etiolated corpse of a young girl just beginning to decay. One brought the shattered remains of what was once a handsome mirror. One corpulent man dressed in a diaphanous lilac robe was carried on a palanquin by eight strapping eunuch slaves.
    They were all brought by many different desires, but they all came for the same event: The Council of the Immortals. All knew that the Earth mother had borne a baker's dozen children. Some tended to be reclusive, others were very friendly. Some were benign, some malicious. Some followed a set code of rules, others were unpredictable. They were different in so many ways, but one thing was guaranteed: every seventhyear all but the eldest gathered within the circle of stones to bear their council over the affairs of the world. The issues brought before them varied greatly, from disputes between herders over pastureland to kings seeking an alternative to war to star-crossed young men and women searching for a way to follow their hearts. Whatever the need may be the Council saw all who stood before them on that night, whether twenty people or twenty thousand waited for them.
    The Immortals were unpredictable at best. They had been known to prevent wars and to start them, to contain plagues and to release them, to bring back those who were lost and lose them in the first place. Heroes came before them and were gifted magical swords and immortal steeds; heroes came before them and were laughed at. Young girls came before them and were blessed with beauty; young girls came before them and were given the weeping pox for their insolence. More rarely one of the Earth Mother's children would choose to join an adventurer or a king, to give him aid in a quest. The Smith often would craft weapons for worthy men. The Enchantress was rumored to pick her lovers at the seventhyear.
    Though the results were endlessly uncertain when a miracle was required, the Council was the only place to go guaranteed to give what no other power could.
    They assembled slowly, each more exotic and otherworldly than the last, for they were all birthed by a goddess and sired by things no mortal woman could dream of having children with. They were Immortals, half-gods, beautiful and terrible creatures with might to shame the greatest of heroes and power to best the greatest of emperors. They had never died, and thought they never would.
    When they had all arrived he Prince of the Forest cast his eyes over his younger siblings, smiling softly at the waif and giving his warrior brother a slight scowl. The seventhyear was one he looked forwards to in spite of the not-uncommon feuds that erupted between his siblings. This year, though, it looked as though it could finally be a long-awaited peaceful gathering.
    Finally he faced the gathered petitioners. "We are now complete, we twelve true children of the Earth. Come before us, young ones. Come make your case before the Immortal Council," he bid the crowd. His voice was surprisingly cultured for a half-beast, and all the mortals stilled to hear his voice.
    Then out from a crowd stepped twelve figures. Each held a sword red as blood, shining with a cruel light. The Twelve stilled to see them and opened their mouths to protest, but the swords flashed crimson and the figures sprang, and then there was nothing but screaming, and when they finished twelve bodies made mortal littered the ground.
    When the chaos had subsided and the other mortals had fled, the ruby-cloaked assassins moved in to clear their mess and erase the evidence, scattering the bodies far and wide so that they could never be made whole again.
    Or so they thought.
    Suddenly, a figure stood in their midst. He was a man perhaps thirty-seven or so years of age, tanned and long-haired and beautiful. He wore nothing but a hip wrap of white linen, and stood among them with a benevolent smile on his face. "You have killed my siblings," he stated without preamble or malice in his voice.
    "You are Matthias," the leader of the assassins stated. "First child of the Earth mother, fathered by a mortal man, and a fool to boot. You did not think because you had a human for a sire we would spare your life?"
    He shrugged. "I was rather hopeful, yes," The half-god admitted. "It would be damned decent of you."
    The red cloaks just laughed and closed around him, sword drawn and smiles on their cruel faces. Out came the blades and they danced around him, slicing once, twice, a hundred times, bringing the half-god to the ground in a shower of rugby droplets.
    But they had forgotten in their haste who it was they killed, for Matthias was patron of redemption, of forgiveness, of peace, and of sacrifice. As the last breath left his body the twelve standing stones split down their middles, and twelve maidens in the world felt a sudden pinch at their lower stomachs, as though something had suddenly decided to take up residence within them.
    Nine months later, thirteen infants were released unto the world from human maidens, all unexpected to some degree or another. Thirteen infants, all reborn souls of the thirteen children of the Earth mother. All blissfully unaware of their true identities- except for Matthias. As his sphere of influence included redemption, he was reborn with memory intact, the only one of the siblings to realize his heritage.
    Now he just has to convince the other dozen of who and what they are. Two decades have passed since the slaughter, long enough for the red-cloaked figures to grow old, and the reborn Immortals to grow strong. Matthias has called them together through their Mother's magic to a small clearing in the middle of a great forest where he will tell them of their true identities.
    Don't be a moron.
    Please portray your half-gods in a believable, if not realistic, manner.
    You get to choose the gender of every character you take; I'm going to trust you guys not to be douchebags and only play girls. I refer to them as the sex of their past body; it has no effect on what they were born with this time around. On a similar note, you are encouraged to keep the traits I've mentioned for them but permitted to have them take on entirely new personalities in their new incarnations.
    This will require four to twelve additional roleplayers, depending on whether you want to double or triple. In your first post on this board, introduce yourself and mention if you would rather double or triple, and claim ONE (1) immortal. You'll get your second/etc. choice/s after everyone else has their first choice. It's only fair. If you do not wish to double and/or triple, please mention it. I will be able to take extra characters for those who do not wish to.
    Speaking of claiming characters, you have TWENTY-FOUR HOURS to post a form, at least a skeleton form, for the character you have claimed. If the form is not posted (unless a really good excuse is provided) your spot will be up for grabs until it is.
    One last thing: keep sex scenes off the board, mostly because it's rude to have prolonged interaction between two characters where no one else can reasonably interact. ^^

    Le Immortals
    The Savior {Lady Sabine} (open)
    Immortal patron of non-romantic love, forgiveness, redemption, and rebirth.
    He was fathered by a human man named Ezekiel, and is the oldest of the children, though rejected by them for his half-mortal nature. It was his sacrifice of his life that resurrected them all, though he fears he will be unable to repeat the feat and is eager not to have to try, for he dislikes death and hates his complete recall of it almost as much.

    The Wildling {Ferril} (open)
    Immortal patron of forests, wild creatures, and solitude.
    Fathered by the legendary white stag, first of his kind to walk the first forest of the world, and considered oldest of the "true" children of the Earth Mother. He took the title "Prince of the Forests" and, as a deer-centaur, declared his antlers the only crown he needed to lord over all untamed places. For the most part he remained aloof, but sometimes found a companion in the Shaman.​

    The Warrior {LuluRS} (open)
    Immortal patron of combat, violence, and virility.
    The Warrior (open)

    Fathered by a volcano, the Warrior was originally born twin of the Enchantress, and was occasionally her lover as well as brother. Impervious to all damage, the Warrior old was present at nearly every conflict, preferring to stay on the frontlines as just another anonymous soldier, leaving countless numbers of children with women mostly unaware of his identity.​

    The Enchantress {Rufiya} (open)
    Immortal patron of the arcane, mages, nighttime, and sexual relations.
    The Enchantress (open)

    Fathered by the Moon, the Enchantress was originally born twin of the Warrior, and was sometimes lover as well as brother to him. She was the first female born to the Earth Mother and sometimes considered the most beautiful. She thought little of her brother's desire to stay on the down-low and bedded many kings and heroes throughout history, fathering several lines of peerless mages.​

    The Smith {Ferril} (open)
    Immortal patron of blacksmiths, crafting, hard work, and physical strength.
    The Smith (open)

    The Smith was fathered by a mine rich in iron ore. In his past life he was close to his brother the Ranger, for the two personalities mixed well and they rarely sought the company of any other. He crafted most of the finest swords, axes, and other great weapons of lore.​

    The Ranger {LuluRS} (open)
    Immortal patron of archery, woodsmen, and hunting.
    The Ranger (open)

    Companion of the Smith, the Ranger was fathered by the first longbow ever crafted. He was mute in his past body and his unspoken language of hand gestures was understood only by the Smith. He rarely chose to interact with humans but was a bowyer beyond compare, known to gift those who attracted his favor with bows that could only be drawn by their owner and arrows that would not stop until they pierced a heart.​

    The Rogue {Jack Shade} (open)
    Immortal patron of liars, thieves, freedom, and change.
    The Rogue (open)

    Capable of changing his form to please him, the Ranger's father is an unknown figure who bet the Earth Mother she could not figure out what he was in three guesses. Her price for losing the wager was sleeping with him, and so the Ranger was first born. Though the Ranger had no close companions he often traveled with the Horsemaid in his past life.​

    The Dancer {Lady Sabine} (open)
    Immortal patron of dancing, romance, and expression.
    The Dancer (open)

    Second youngest of the children, the Dancer was fathered by the West wind and said to possess its inherent grace and ease of movement in everything she did. The Dancer kept no constant companions but was kind to all her siblings, even Matthias, and was often considered the most benevolent of the Immortals.​

    The Scholar {Nabi} (open)
    Immortal patron of knowledge, learning, and memory.
    The Scholar (open)

    In his past life the Scholar had no gender, referred to as he only by default. Fathered by language itself, the Scholar had a lifelong need to learn, organize, and share knowledge, creating the world's largest library which was since burned to the ground by the red-cloaked figures as part of their campaign to destroy the Immortals. He was friendliest to the Prophet in his past life, finding her knowledge useful.​

    The Prophet {LuluRS} (open)
    Immortal patron of prophecy, mindreading, agelessness, and time.
    The Prophet (open)

    The Prophet was blind in her past form, though as daughter to time itself she could see into any event in the past or present, making physical vision needless. Though often solitary the Prophet was closest to the Scholar, often spending hours reciting events for him to record​

    The Shaman {Rufiya} (open)
    Immortal patron of nature spirits, herb lore, and witchcraft.
    The Shaman (open)

    Her sire was a spirit of the prairie, and like residents of said prairie, she resembled an Orc in her past life. Never one to judge on appearances, the Shaman was unfriendly to all her siblings, seeing them all as pompous and heedless, tolerant only of the Wildling, who was, from time to time, her companion and lover, though she could not abide by his pride.​

    The Healer {Nabi} (open)
    Immortal patron of physicians, bathhouses, and the sky.
    The Healer (open)

    Son of an angel, the Healer was ficklest of the Immortals. While he would heal those afflicted by terrible disease he often showed his displeasure with the release of plagues and poxes, punishing the wicked with withered limbs and other disfigurements. He equated cleanliness with godliness and was a perfectionist at best, driving off all followers and companions with his unrealistic expectations.​

    The Horsemaid {Phi Chisym} (open)
    Immortal patron of horses, travelers, and wanderlust.
    The Horsemaid (open)

    Stuck in the form of a small human girl in her past life, the Horsemaid was the youngest and considered the most innocent of the Immortals, for though she had seen practically everything under the sun she remained curious and endlessly amused by the world, always travelling from place to place in the company of a celestial herd of horses, many of which she gifted to various heroes and villains over the centuries. All creatures capable of transporting a man fall under her dominion, which often put her into conflict with the Wildling, which saw becoming a beast of burden demeaning to "his" creatures. She was closest with the Rogue, who often "borrowed" horses and drove a wedge between them.​
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    ^ the actual thread

    Feel free to make this as pretty as you want, re-order, add to it, etc. This should just be posted as a reference for everyone to consult.
    NAME (and whatever nickname/s are applicable)
    (as all characters were killed/reincarnated at the same time, everyone is 20 years old)
    APPEARANCE (pictures DO NOT replace a written description, though if you have a picture with LINKED credit to the artist you may add one)
    SKILLS (that they have learned in their new incarnation)
    ABILITIES (very, very minor abilities they have discovered- please DO NOT give your character powerful abilities at this point, they will learn more later) ​
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  3. I'm in the throes of vacation, but I've taken interest.

    I'll see what I can do later tonight. *Reaches up to snatch the Rogue and the Wildling*
  4. Sounds good ^^ that's a reservation for the rogue, then?
  5. >-> <-< *steal the dancer for myself and leaves a note*

    note: hi yeah i am taking this so see yeah when i get the CS up.
    ps love the idea
  6. Aye, and the Wildling. I think I can double up on this one.

    Hold up. Debating between that and the shaman. I'll decide when I return from excursion time. Definitely the Rogue though
  7. Jack, I'm only going to reserve everyone their first choice at this point in time and if someone else wants the Wildling/Shaman for their first role I'll give it to them. You're more than welcome to make your interesting clear and try to talk anyone else out of taking the roles, though. ^^

    Mushishi, no offense, but your grammar/spelling makes me physically cringe. I think I'll put up an official character form in a moment; would you mind filling out that one out using correct English? Google Chrome and Firefox both include free spell-check programs; that might help you out. I, for one, always have spell-check turned on to catch typos. Keeps me from embarrassing myself, y'know?
  8. sure once ii use my computer i am usig a kobo sorry ^^
  9. sure once ii use a computer wich i dont have right now i am usig a kobo wich dose not has speell chek sorry ^^
  10. Alright. As soon as you can fill out your form properly I'll reserve the Dancer for you. ^^
  11. thanks it will not be long

    i hope
  12. Matthias
    The Savior
    male, 20
    Matthias is handsome in a wholesome, earthy way. His skin is deeply tanned but unfreckled and otherwise clear, like a farm boy's. His hair is a mix of coppery and bronze, falling mostly straight to his shoulders. There's usually a short beard on his jaw, still thin due to his age but giving him an edge of wisdom. His eyes are a warm, chocolatey brown that exudes gentleness. He has a very kind face, with soft lips and mild brows. Though he's strong he doesn't particularly show it and stands an inch under six feet tall without notable muscles or flab. He usually dresses plainly and simply, preferring to wear white or brown and usually going barefoot.
    His appearance is highly indicative of his true person for Matthias is indeed just as kind and humble as he appears. Part of it is his role as Savior, but a part of it is his natural disposition. Matthias is a lover, not a fighter, and although he is capable of being petty and rude, he is practically never mean and truly never vengeful or hateful. He enjoys helping people and making them feel better, is a romantic at heart, and considers himself the moderator in most groups, rarely taking one side or the other in a debate. In spite of being very wise and having all his memories intact, he isn't aggressive enough to be an effective leader and realizes that his siblings will likely dominate him by force of personality.
    This time around he was born to another poor farmer. She was engaged at the time she became pregnant, and fortunately her betrothed chose to continue the engagement. Though he had his doubts at first, as soon as Mathias began to exhibit unusual behavior for a toddler, he quickly changed his mind. As they were both devout believers in the Earth Mother, he confided in them from childhood, and they provided him everything they could, though as they were mere farmers his life was not easy, and he spent more time at a plow than he did developing his talents. In spite of this he loves his new parents dearly, and leaving the farm for the first time in twenty years was not easy for him. He had come to enjoy life as a mortal, and isn't entirely thrilled about reclaiming his full abilities.
    Right now, said abilities are not terribly impressive. He can sense the emotions of other people, but his ability to influence them is greatly decimated. He can calm hate and remind people of the love they used to feel, but every other feeling is very hit and miss. He is still incapable of reviving any dead creatures, but he can bring all plants except large trees back to life. The only other ability that he has retained is a permanent link to those he truly loves, which right now is just his mortal parents. The link allows him to sense their location and current emotion, but nothing else.
    Life on the farm has left him with a few useful skills. He's strong and has high endurance from long days of work, but has no combat skills. He's good with plants and animals, can tie several types of knots, and even build a barn from the ground up, but as far as skills that will aid him on the quest, he's somewhat helpless and will be relying on his siblings when it comes to combat and coercion, as they don't seem appropriate activities for an Immortal of love and peace.
  13. Curiosity. Would the Wildling have command over sea life as well, or are they considered out of bounds? Just checking through purviews and was curious
  14. I'm thinking no aquatic life. After all, s/he is the progeny of the Earth Mother, and I'm thinking Earth in the "land" way rather than the whole planet.
  15. wait dose the dance have a powers to talk or use wind but only the north
  16. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but no, the Dancer does not have any wind-related powers. She's the Immortal patron of dancing, romance, and expression, so her abilities will be related to those areas.
  17. oh its becuse she was fathered by the wast winds. i was gussing she was abel(?) to use wind of some sort
  18. And the Warrior's dad was a volcano, but s/he has no volcano abilities. It's more of a metaphorical thing, like in classical mythology. The wind symbolizes her gracefulness and bounty, not any real ability.
  19. ok thanks good thing i asked i may have put wind as an ability or something XD
  20. Question:

    Do the other Immortals also have the bare beginnings of powers? Sort of the rumblings of things to come? They'd probably be fairly innocuous...perhaps something in their identity or something they could brush off as coincidence.

    Like the Rogue having fantastic luck when deceitful and possessing a fairly mercurial identity.

    Edit: Nevermind, just looked at your added character skeleton.
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