The Rebirth of Veslan

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  1. It was truly a spectacular sight. To see such a being preserved in a casing for so long, and still be alive. People were gathered around to take pictures and look in awe at the perfectly shaped man inside what looked to be like amber. The scientists gathered here were shaking hands congratulating each other, all so very proud of themselves for finding such a discovery, with so many future experiments and testing. However, it wasn't until one of them brought up the question. "How do we get him out?" Then all the chatter and celebrating stopped. All of those who took the time and hassle to get this exhibit here...And they didn't even take the time to figure how to get it out..."Well..It can't be that hard! Quick, give me that hammer over there!" Motioning for someone to hurriedly bring the hammer so they could go along with their celebrating. After some time, the hammer was brought and the anxious scientist hit the amber with all of his strength...Not a single mark was left. Speechless, motionless, and concern were the only things you could think about the attempt..So what now? "Stand back, I'll break this amber easily.." As another one had brought a jackhammer.

    They backed up after being told to, some of them were biting their nails nervously hoping that would be able to break through. The loud chattering sound of the jackhammer winding up as another attempt on breaking the amber began. From all the sparks. everyone observing thought this would be it, this would definitely break it and the world would know specifically how old the organism in there was. "NO! HOW CAN THIS BE?" Pulling away the jackhammer, there wasn't a sign of a chip, a dent, or a scratch. This was some strong substance they were dealing with..Explosions weren't an option because what if it caused the being to be spilt into many pieces? Then their research and all the time they spent would've been for nothing. One of the scientists began to blame another for not knowing that they wouldn't be able to breach it. Thus, a verbal war began. The audience began to gossip about the situation too, wondering if there was any real way to bust it..
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    Cinna rolled her eyes at the stupidity of some people.
    They seriously thought that they could break this amber cast with force?
    She had no idea how she came to be in this groups of logically illogical people, but she knew one thing: This was interesting.
    Cinna gazed at the amn that seemed to be preserved in the amber.
    He seemed to be built up with strength, but being in this amber meant he would be low on intellegence.
    You see, they predicted that it was of 6 decades ((did i get that right??)) since this man had seen light.
    This information made them aware that he wasn't used to the technology of this world.
    "Can we break it?"
    "Is it even possible?"
    "No one will be able too! What a waste!"
    Cinna heard these murmurs and became fed up.
    "You people are all insignifigant beings!" She shouted.
    The room fell silent. All eyes were planted on her.
    They knew she had a short-temper and snapped often, but not infront of this many people.
    Cinna walked to the amber cast, confindence in her stride.
    She placed her hand on the cool amber and slid her fingers across it until she found a small indent.
    She knew there had to be one on the cast somewhere.
    using the indent to her advantage, she raised her fist, and slammed into the golden surface.
    She felt the electricity flow from her hand into the cast and there was a loud CRACK.
    The amber fell into six pieces on the floor.
    Cinna smirked, she had the power of electricity flowing through her vein, yet no one truly knew.
    "She only used her fist."
    "how in the world?"
    "We used a hammer and a jackhammer!"
    Cinna turned to face them again, and the room grew silent.
    "It was that simple," She shrugged.
  3. [[You did!]]

    Everyone was astonished that this woman broke the amber with one simple blow. The scientists were the most overwhelmed and taken-back by the shattering. "You! What are you?! How did yo." His words were cut off as the pieces of the amber fell off to the floor. The being inside falling to the floor, motionless. Curiously they slowly approached him to see if he was alive. "Well..go on now...Don't be afraid, Doctor.." Pulling his collar to let a large gulp through, the doctor closed in on the man..Having his stethoscope ready to place upon the back of the man..A small beat was heard. "He's alive..." The doctor spoke softly. Everyone was relieved, and went about celebrating once again, they broke out some champagne and began to drink for the occaision not even bothering to see if the man would get up or anything. The audience was concerned however..
    "Is he alright?"
    "They're not going to check on him anymore? They just wanted to see if he alive?"
    "What kinda scientists are they?"

    The man's fingers began to twitch a little bit, followed by his eyes. A boy in the audience noticed it and pointed it out. "Hey! Look! He's moving even more!" Suddenly all attention was back on him. The man's arm slowly moved above his head, his torso and head following behind. He looked around, everything was so strange and new to him, not sure how to react to any of this. Where was he? Who were these people? How come he was on the floor?..Taking a moment to rub his head and really get his muscles moving. "Ugh..What happened?..." Muttering to himself softly, his voice was somewhat deep pitched. Attempting to rise to his feet, almost falling over, he quickly grabbed hold of the nearest table. When was the last time he stood?
  4. Cinna watched as the man got up.
    She was so surprized when he looked around.
    She watched the eyes of the scientists widen and gasps escape from their mouths.
    "Ugh..What happened...?" She heard the man say softly. His voice was somwhat deep.
    Cinna approached the man and placed a hand on his arm in attempts to helping him stand.
    "Are you okay?" She asked.
  5. His head was spinning, he never felt so out of place before. Still, his main concern was what was this place? Was it Earth?...Trying to rise to his feet, he felt someone place their hand upon his arm helping him finally get to his feet. Taking a few moments to look down at the ground before straightening himself out. Almost forgetting she asked him his status. Honestly his full status...He couldn't say because he wasn't ready to overwhelm her. "Uhh..Alright.. I guess.." Still he kept eyeing around, just really trying to put answers to things. Facing back towards the woman, with a confused look. "Where am I?.. Am I in some other world?.." It would've be awkward if she told him he was on some other planet with aliens that looked like humans.
  6. Cinna was both amused, and scared.
    The man seemed to be completely out of it.
    she didn't know what he would do.
    When he asked if he were in some other world, she laughed.
    "Do you mean your not from earth?!" Someone in teh back shouted.
    "Shut up!" She replied, getting a gasp from the 'audience.' "He looks human, doesn't he?"
    SHe turned back to face the man, "Nah, your still on earth."
    She furrowwed her brow and decided to ask a scientifical question next.
    "What year is it?"
  7. He looked back to see there was a large group of people here as well. This caused him to step back a couple feet. "Wha..What the? Why are there people here?" This all was so overwhelming. So many thoughts buzzing around in his head, unsure of what to ask or do first. "Least..I'm on Earth still.." A huge heap of relief was lifted off his chest. "The year..Is it not 1952?" Rubbing his head, none of what was around looked like it was from his period of time, nor did any of what the people wore. His clothes were so outdated for sure probably, he wore brown pants and a leather jacket.
  8. Just as she thought. 1952.
    Cinna realized he was from a different generation.
    "Um, actually I'm sorry to inform you, It's the year 2012," She gave a shaky smile.
    She heard murmers in the group.
    "All of you leave!" SHe snapped. This would be her project.
    The room filed out, with her authoritive position it was easy, and she looked back at the man.
    "Are you sure you're feeling well?" She asked. "I could get youa Monster Energy Drink or a Coke?"
  9. 2012?...How did time pass so fast? How come he wasn't dead or whatever? Taking a moment to really take in his surroundings..He saw things that reminded him of his times, but were more advanced. "Huh..No wonder why everyone looks so strangely dressed." Speaking to himself really, he looked back to the woman. Not entirely who she was or what her purpose was, but it seemed like she would be of some help getting him back into the swing of things. Her booming command causing everyone to leave was impressive. Such leadership was something he was fond of. "I think so..I feel fine.." Rubbing his head lightly, rolling his shoulders and taking a deep breath. "A monster energy drink..sounds lethal..I'll just take a Coke if you don't mind..Miss?..." Oh that's right, he didn't even know who she was.
  10. "Cinna. Call me Cinna; everyone does," She smiled.
    "Sit here while i fetch your Coke," She walked to the door, but abrutly turned. "Sir, just, please don't touch anything."
    Wth that she went out of the room to fetch the Coke.
    She hoped he wouldn't be too much trouble, as her project.
    He seemed to be from the 1950's which meant he should be really old.
    She put the quarters in the vending machine.
    How should she go about explaining things?
    Will it be simple?
    Will it be complicated?
    Cinna walked back to the room where the man was. She hoped he hadn't touched anything.

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  11. He nodded at her with a smile of his own watching her leave the room for a few moments. Sitting himself down in a nearby chair, there was so much to do...So much he had to get back into, learn a lot of new things. At this point he would've rather been stuck within the amber. Rubbing his temples wondering how Cinna would bare with him?..Would she help him get back into the times? Maybe even explain to him if things would be different then they were a long time ago? His thoughts coming to an end as she returned. Strangely he rose to his feet again..It was like she was his commander or something, or it was just built in his head after so many years of following orders.
  12. Cinna saw the man standing.
    She handed him the Coke.
    "Any questions?" She asked knowing her had many.
    She didn't mind, she had all day.
  13. He took the Coke, even the can was different...Things really seem to have evolved over time. Least Cinna offered to answer his questions, but which one to start with? Opening the can finally and taking a sip; Surprisingly it tasted better than the Coke he remembered, he wanted another sip..and another..But he finished the can rather fast, faster than a normal human could. "I have so many questions..I'm unsure which one to ask first..Perhaps you could enlighten me on what's changed?..But please, don't go too fast." Looking for something to place his can in..Seeing a strange bin, he just tossed the can in there.
  14. Cinna was amazed at how fast he had drank the entire can.
    She began to list off many knew things since 1952.
    "Well, we now have more advanced cars and airplanes.
    Global Warming is now a scam by the goverment.
    Lady Gaga and KatyPerry are pretty popular.
    The American economy is terrible.
    We are in war with the Middle East."
    Cinna tried to ravage her brains for anything else, but there was so much, she couldn't think if any more.
    a bit ironic.
  15. Well, that was a bit much for him; The puzzled look he gave her was sure to tell so. However, he wanted to see the outside world himself as he moved towards the door and walked out the room, only to find a hallway of doors. How unpredictable..He wasn't sure which way to go. Really he should've waited for Cinna to help guide him, but he was a bit impatient and plus all of those things she mentioned..Were they really true? It was beginning to make him panic a bit. Without really thinking he charged himself through the wall in front of him landing up on the outside of the building. Surely that could be fixed with some spackle and paint..But what he saw couldn't.

    All of it..Was true, nothing and she meant nothing was the same. Cars looked so much more advanced, the architecture of buildings was higher than the buildings he remembered, and the people were walking around using strange devices. The expression on his face changed drastically, some people even stopped to look at him. Maybe it was what he was wearing probably, or they thought something was happening. Just standing there trying to take it all in was harder than her explaining only a few of the stuff, he should have just stayed in there..But no, he was too impatient. So now that was he out into the 'new' world...How long would it take him to get adjusted?
  16. Cinna felt sorry for the man.
    She saw his puzzled expression.
    She even jumped when he suddenly walked out of the room.
    She followed him down the halls and onto the outside sidewalk.
    It looked like a normal day. People on their phones and ipods.
    Cars honked and sped through the streets.
    The skyscrapers held high in the air.
    THough, the man looked, scared, and confused.
    She felt guilty, for bringing him out of his normal state of mind.
    "I think i forgot your name ," Cinna said. "What might it be, agian?"
  17. "My name?..." Oh crap, what was his name? Surely he remembered that much. "My name is Chris, Chris Veslan." Smiling at Cinna, then looking back towards everything. "So..What's the easiest way to do this, Cinna?" Folding his arms gently over his chest followed by a heavy sigh. Chris knew he was going to have to really take the time to relearn everything, it felt like elementary school kind of...Expect he was an adult. But where was he going to stay? Surely if this was 2012, his house would be gone or sold to someone else. "Guess I also have to find a place to stay until I can really adjust myself back into the times.."
  18. Chris Veslan. That was his name.
    She would try and research him later, if given the time.
    He would definiatly need a place to stay, and a hotel wouldn't be the best since he has no idea what he's doing.
    "You can stay at my place, I'll explain how everything works," Cinna answered.
    She called over a cab and pushed him in.
    After telling the driver where to go she sat back to look at Chris.
    "You'll have your own room, don't worry. Plus, I can cook so you won't have to get used to packaged food," She smiled sheepishly.
  19. Chris nodded at Cinna while being shoved into the cab. Being a bit too large to sit up straight in the cab, he had to crouch over a little bit to fit himself. Strangely, the cabs he remembered were much more open, and didn't have such an odd odor in them. "Well..As much as I don't want to impose..I have no choice, thanks Cinna." Such a burden to have someone else in there home, having to cook more and tend to their needs as well as your own, still...Chris needed to stay somewhere. "Again, thank you for this..I'm sure this is a lot to impose on you on such short notice." The sound of a cooked meal made him hungry, packaged food didn't sound appetizing at all.
  20. Cinna nodded silently to him and stared out the window beside her.
    She had so many thoughts crossing her mind, it was hard to name them all.
    First, she had to get this man new clothes.
    Clothes of this generation.
    And then, what next?
    She was so confused and barely noticed the cab stopped.
    Cinna grabbed Chris's arm and paid the cab driver.
    She pointed to the small apartment building."
    "I'm room 432."
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