The rebirth of an empire.

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  1. Rome fell but it's people still live and in them the heart and soul of the empire lives and through them the empire will be recreated and reunited with it's Eastern counterpart.

    The idea here is that a group who escaped the sacking of Rome in 476 with an idea to restart the empire in Europe, this is a very basic idea at the moment so any further imput would be great.
  2. This was an element I came up with for a story of mine a few weeks back. However I had the Romans survive into the modern day in the form of a secret society or shadow government named the Imperium. Don't know if you wanted to go that route or if you had something else in mind...
  3. We could combine ideas with this being how Rome was recreated and became your Imperium if that would be cool with you? I was going to make sequel if this one worked were it was modern day and Rome was still a major power as well.
  4. I'm guessing the ones who escaped have a certain amount of power? I can't really imagine a group of footsoldiers getting anywhere on a quest to rebuild their empire.
  5. I planned for a mix of aristocrats, soldiers and peasants to have escaped in the chaos, while the soldiers are a mix and mash of veterans and green newbies who have to deal with the aristocrats who are without their servants and slaves to see to their every need and the panic of the peasants who are terrified of the Visigoths chasing after them and slaughtering the whole lot of them.
  6. Ah ok that makes sense.
  7. Now I just need more interest to be expressed in this.
  8. I can express my interest for a second time if you want? It won't help anything but it'll get my post count up.
  9. No need, the fact we are posting is keeping the count up.
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