The Reaping (A High Fantasy Tale)

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Before life, there were Gods. Seeking a world that would sustain life, they wondered from planet to planet until they found one that would be perfect for their design. It was on this planet, they created all. Finally, with the Krasus, the God of Souls, the Life God and King, Athos, breathed life into all they had made. Creating Kaia and her denizens had been complete. Seeking relationships with what was created, the Deities swore gifts of magic to any who would swear loyalty to them. From the eight deities came eight blessings for unfeigned loyalty. Each bestowing a mark upon their worshippers that made them forever connected. It was a system that worked to benefit both parties giving the Gods relationships they truly cherished and giving creation everything they needed to survive. But nothing lasts forever.

Seeking power, Krasus rose against the others and with his followers he sought to become God King and become the ultimate power. In the end, he was struck down in battle but fearing what would happen if they destroyed the God of Souls, he was banished and locked beneath the surface of Kaia to serve his sentence for all his crimes for all eternity.

Almost a thousand years have passed since that fateful battle. Kaia has grown into the pinnacle of greatness upon the stories of that horrible conflict. Though relative peace has been enjoyed by all, a new power has arisen from the marshlands lead by a man who seems driven to subdue the other kingdoms. The whispers of his name are enough to give children nightmares and the stories from the those that survive battle with his armies are filled with monsters and mighty men that none could stand against. If the people of Kaia cannot resist this new force, will the Gods come to their aid before this conflict becomes worse than the one before.

I'm checking to see if there would be anyone who would be possibly interested in pursuing this idea before I put up more specific information. I have so much already written down as this has been a pet project of mine for some time.
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