The Reaper's Game

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  1. So i have been thinking about making this for a long time and was running ideas through my head for a week. This is just an interest check as of the moment.

    The Grim Reaper, everyone knows about him, every culture, every race and every person has some version of the ominous harbinger of death. He has many names and is the most feared by all. Many have tried but none have succeeded in avoiding him. At one point or another he will claim the souls of the living and spirit them away to his own realm to be judged.

    This roleplay is about the unfortunate death of your character no matter how it has happened. It could be anything from old age to a hideous and gruesome murder. Regardless of how you have died you have been chosen by the Grim Reaper himself, for whatever reason you and several others souls have been gathered for a second chance, the details are hazy and the only thing you can remember about yourself is that you are inexplicably dead.

    The story isn't quite polished and i would rather it stay somewhat mysterious for now. What will be happening is a battle royale of sorts. There will be three areas and i would prefer a group of 8 people total, me and seven others. My hopes for this is to keep the rp constant and action packed but i don't mind some emotional scenes as long as it isn't dragged out too long.

    Basic Character Sheet.
    Appearance: (pic, description or both)
    Brief explanation of death: (save the good stuff for your opening post)
    Personality: (this is a must)
    Background: (optional mainly because most of you won't remember anything at first.)

    I will expand on the story a bit more when i get three interested people or more.