The Realm of The Divine Fae (Medieval/Fantasy world)

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  1. So a long time ago I made an entire world built solely for a medieval fantasy rp. Circumstances arose however that killed it off prematurely. I'm looking to revive it with a different plot and I'm super excited about this!

    In the middle of the Akhem ocean there is a very large island, called Fraet. In the olden days, the regions of Fraet were shaped by the divine fae, a mystical race of fairies. Fraet was shaped into four regions, centered around Laurel bay. Linlake being the biggest and most prominent of all of the regions, centered in the very middle of Laurel bay, more or less governs the other 3 regions. Each region has it's own ruler. Linlake has a royal family, as well as Facilya, a waterway kingdom on the very tip of Laurel bay. Alaurwen, being a small mystic village in the middle of a very vast swamp, has a chief. Lothelian, a vast city sitting on top of a mountain, has a governor. This region is primarily occupied by humans. There are very few known mystical beings in the region. The two known instances of magic creatures in the region are: the unicorns that Linlake raises as amusement for the royal family, and the divine fae which are treated almost as deities. Every human being is visited by a member of the divine fae when they are born. The fae give each human an amulet and a familiar on their day of birth. Your amulet is tied to your life force, meaning if someone breaks your amulet, you die. However, each amulet also gives you one power to use as you deem fit. Each human's amulet is different. The fae decide what sort of amulet you are given based on your lineage and your foreseen future. The amulets are extremely unequal and you are stuck with what you get. Yet even if you have the weakest of amulets, your familiar can make up with that. Your familiar is sort of like a magical wisp that lives in the amulet, granting you the power to use your amulet, and even granting you the ability to change into your familiar form (Your familiar form being a sort of mystical trance where you change bodies. Sort of like Aang in the Avatar state being the giant water monster in Avatar: The Last Airbender) At the moment the regions are at a very tense peace. The 3 regions surrounding Linlake are beginning to get fed up with the way that the largest region demands a share of their main export, for free. Linlake keeps all of the best food and livestock to themselves, viewing the other regions as inferior. Surrounding the 4 regions, effectively cutting off all access to the other side of the island is Aeniasu, the forest of the fae. This is where the fae reside. It is filled to the brim with all sorts of abandoned temples dedicated to the fairies. It is also a black hole. Many expeditions have been forged to make it to the other side of the forest, but none have ever been heard from again.

    Your character is invited to a large ball being held in the Castle of Linlake. The purpose of this ball? You are selected to become a part of an expedition journey into the heart of the realm of the Divine Fae, otherwise known as the forests of Aeniasu.


    Pictures and descriptions:


    Linlake is the most prominent of the 4 regions of Fraet. It is a large walled in city with a river running through the middle. The castle of Linlake is centered in the very middle of the river. Around the river on the either side closest to the river is the rich side of Linlake. As you spread out from the river, getting closer to the wall, the city becomes poorer and poorer until you get to the farmlands right inside the walls. Linlake's major industry is farming.

    Linlake Castle:



    Linlake City:


    Facilya is a waterway kingdom, based on one of the tip of Laurel bay, on the other side of Alaurwen. Facilya may seem like a pleasant and happy city, always decorated with bright colors and smiling faces, but Facilya is the darkest of all of the regions. The king is cruel and the canals are littered with crime. Facilya's main export is fish and painted and blown glass.



    Alaurwen is a swamp region in between Facilya and Linlake. It is a very difficult region to maneuver through unless you live there. Although a vast region, only a small number of people actually live there. There is a small village with a chief shaman watching over them. Mostly, Alaurwen is populated by mystics and potion makers. Alaurwen's main export is herbs and potions.


    Lothelian is a great mountain city state, situated on the other side of Linlake, opposite of Facilya. It is led by a kindly governor and is probably the most peaceful of the regions. Lothelian's main export is coal and precious metals.


    Aeniasu is the forest of the fairy deities that surrounds all the regions. It is regarded as not only sacred but very dangerous. The forest covers everything and is very labyrinthine in nature. It is littered with all sorts of strange abandoned, crumbling temples that no one knows quite where they came from. Still not much is known about this forest.


    Forest Temples:


    Just a few rules before we begin:

    1: You will be magic, yes, but godmodding is NOT ALLOWED. Period.

    2: I don't mind romance, but that's not your main plot point. So please no Mary Sues or Gary Stus

    3: I'd like everyone to please respect each other. The OOC is a safe place for any person no matter what.

    4: Because of the nature of the amulets and familiar forms, I will have to approve your magic. It's just a precaution so that nobody is too OP. That being said, please respect my rulings on your magic.

    5: I'm a nice lady. If you have questions, concerns, or plot points/suggestions. Talk to me! I promise I won't bite. Hard.

    Now getting to your amulets, just a brief description.

    Your amulet was given to you by a member of the divine fae on the day of our birth. They come to your home, and bind your life force to a magical wisp that is locked into your amulet. Your wisp is a living, breathing being. It can and will talk. However, whether it only talks to you or to everyone, that's up to you. Your amulet just by itself has only one specific power. For example, some amulets can be really lame and give the power of shiny teeth or great hair. Some amulets are elemental in nature. The elemental amulets, however, do not allow you to conjure that element (Unless in your familiar form) they simply allow you to control existing pieces of that element. You may also have a spirit animal amulet, allowing you to only transform into the animal of your amulet. You can even make up your own amulets, like the amulet of charisma, disguise, shapeshifting, etc. The possibilities are endless! Your familiar form works in one of two ways. Your wisp either allows you an almost god/goddess form decked out with glowing eyes or whatever you want. OR your wisp comes out of your amulet and melds with you, forming two identities in a single body for maximum power. Your familiar form can look however you wish it to. However, you can't just slip into your familiar form whenever you want to. Extremely powerful people can learn to do that only after extremely immense studying and practicing. Your familiar comes if your wisp thinks you're in grave danger, or through intense emotions, such as rage.







    Appearance: (I prefer pictures, but if you absolutely cannot find one, please use a long, detailed description.)




    Amulet Power:

    *Wisp Appearance: (Again, I prefer pictures)

    Familiar Form Appearance: (^)


    * - Optional​
  2. Bumping this. Don't be afraid people. I'm open to suggestions of any kind
  3. This looks interesting. About all I can say for now, though.
  4. I'm ok with that
  5. I'm interested in this!! Can I reserve a spot please??
  6. This looks really interesting (especially the kingdom of Alaurwen)! Are you going to put up a CS or are we supposed to make our own? Also, how many characters are we allowed to make?
  7. How many people are allowed to reserve a spot o: I am really interested ~
  8. Wow! I wasn't expecting this I interest but now I am happy. As fat as post length.... The absolute minimum would be an acceptable paragraph. But more than that is welcomed! As far as spots. You are all allowed to participate. I'm thinking at most 10-12. I Have a female character reserved for myself though. I'm excited about this!
  9. Um, I'm not to sure I know what the absolute minimum is o.o
  10. Minimum post length you mean?
  11. Well I am interested indeed to your rp, I would love to join if you would allow me the honor. Once I know it’s ok ill post up my character sheet.
  12. Minimum post length: We all know a standard paragraph is 4 sentences. Which is fine as long as your sentences have substance. Minimum is a paragraph. But that's just the minimum. Please post more than that if you want/can.
  13. oh dont worry i will
  14. I've always thought the minimum of a paragraph was 5 sentences.

    Although I like the idea of the rp, I'm more of a detailed sort of gal so I'll be pulling back. I wish your rp luck! x]
  15. 5 sentences is fine. I'm just saying if you physically can not drum up 2 or 3 paragraphs one is fine as long as it has substance.
  16. I've remained silent for a while, but I appreciate that. I tend to be brief in my writing, possibly terse, even. But I dislike feeling like I have some expected minimum to pad to like I'm writing a high school essay. That's not fun.
  17. I agree. I feel like if I set some ridiculously high standard for post length, I'm just going to get a lot of fluff.
  18. 2-3 Paragraphs is an essay? I believe writing at least 2-3 paragraphs should be easy.
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