The Realm of Rathgaria

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If Rathgaria were real, would you side with the Angels or the Demons?

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  1. Rathgaria, a land full of wonder, and war. The land is now in a major strife as Angels and Demons rip through reality to wage battle in the new realm. Now new "Heroes" are coming up all over the land. I Ssilek, mighty ocean dragon. Shall try to bring together a band of these heros, and together we shall end this war and determine the fate Rathgaria once and for all.
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  2. Ethel
    Crow stood in the outskirts of the only (angel/neutral) outpost in human territory. She stretched precariously, getting off the barrel and preparing for a trip up to the capital which was filled enough with decently wealthy so she wouldn't be nagged with guilt for robbing them blind. The town she was currently residing didn't have many rich, and she just didn't have it in her to steal from the people who had welcomed her raggedy self with open arms (and when I say open arms, I only meant they didn't try to stone her or set their dogs on her). She stretched once more and looked to the children who were in the alley before her. "Orphans", she assumed in her own thoughts.

    Giving a huff of annoyance, she slipped off her cap and she flicked out her small dagger she had hidden in her sleeve and dug into the inner layering in her cap. Dragging out a Rathgarian*, and handing* it to the kiddies with a sigh. It was only enough to buy a loaf of bread, but it would keep them from starving. It also left her broke beyond belief with no food whatsoever on a trip across the lands. Unfortunately for the squirrels and rabbits of this world, they would suffer for this "act of kindness" of hers. She, herself, didn't know about feeding the orphans. Handouts from fellow street rats was never good, and if you depended on that, you usually ended up starving. "I only postponed the inevitable," she groaned to herself in her mind, grumbling and growling as her own stomach have protest to what she had done.

    As she started to walk, she stayed off the paths, but kept sight of them so she wouldn't get too lost. She had a terrible sense of direction when out of towns, and didn't know her left from her right. She knew one thing though, she had no intention of accidentally pushing the boarding and stumbling across the badlands or worse the forest. She trembled slightly in memory. Only one step she took, invading their boarders, and it gave her the heebie jeebies. Placing her cap on her head, she stoned her face into a emotionless face and set herself onto the task of getting herself to the capital with no food, water, or money.

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  3. Christopher grimaced at the sight of the only neutral outpost in Human Territory. Ever since the war began, traveling like he used to has become incredibly dangerous. So he decided to come back to his home town. It's not there anymore, but this will have to do.

    Christopher walked down the streets, filled with cowering children and sleeping men.
    This place was run down, and beat up. Christopher glanced at a small girl who was braver than the others and had stepped forward.

    "Excuse me sir, but do you have any change?" She stuttered, afraid of him, and almost crying.

    Christopher smiled and knelt down, reaching into his worn, leather bag he had hung from his waist. He pulled out a loaf of crisp bread that he had planned to eat later for lunch, but the girl obviously needed it more.

    "I do not have change, but this should keep you from starving tonight." He said, handing the bread to the shivering girl.
    She gasped and grabbed for the bread, trembling.

    "T-Thank you sir!" She exclaimed, running off towards the other children and hurriedly sharing it.

    Christopher got back up, smiled, and continued his walk.
    He was getting bored, looking at the same, torn down scenery that was everywhere now a days. He created a tiny ball of light and tossed it from hand to hand as he headed towards the Capital, following the main streets.
  4. It seemed as if, those days, that many people were headed to the capital.

    It was something about finding fame, something about fortune, and something - a prospect most people spoke of - about simply looking for a place to thrive.

    There were many reasons, although vast and varied, for traveling to the Mountains to visit the Capital City, and Astrid, suited up in her new set of armor and wielding a freshly sharpened battleaxe, was one of the many who was just looking for adventure - something new and exciting to explore; something undiscovered or held secret to all...something to break the fatal monotony of her old life, the one she regretfully left behind on the night of her wedding, covered in the darkness of the cool, Autumn night.

    The Capital was a place that she'd only heard tales about, stemming back into her childhood, when her mother would tell her of the years she spent living there, and their annual Autumn festival, the one celebrating the harvest, a nationwide toast to prosperity, wellness, and life. She would tell of the mighty, towering Aldoor trees - native to the Mountain region - and their fiery orange leaves, sprinkling down unto the city like an effervescent rainfall. It was supposed to be...beautiful. And it was something that Astrid promised herself, from a very young age, that she would some day have the glory of witnessing.

    Astrid spent a little bit of time shopping at one of the Human Territory outposts on her way to the capital, buying various supplies. She had planned to run away from home for months now, so she had a bag packed and ready at the front gates of her family's estate, filled with necessary food, water, clothes, and all of the money she had in the world - 500 Rathgarians, something she'd been saving for what felt like an entire lifetime. Now, with the newly purchased armor and extra food rations, Astrid was down to almost 375 - a bitter but necessary waste of money on Astrid's part, seeing as how she was able, with a good amount of time, to make her own armor, anyway. Packing some in her bag, however, was out of the question because of the excess weight, and she barely had enough time to grab her bag when leaving, let alone put some armor on in advance like she planned.

    It was good, though - the armor. Solid iron, with boots and gauntlets, too, and that, for the time being, was enough for Astrid any day of the week. Especially when she was sure that there would be better shopping opportunities at the illustrious capital, and maybe, if she was lucky, a good blacksmith forge, too. Not to mention how dangerous these roads were already, with the war and all...

    Detracting from her thoughts, Astrid glanced up at the clock - a tall, almost-grand-but-not-really watchtower clock at the center of the outpost - and noticed that it was almost 8am.

    Time to go.
  5. Ssilek sits in his den and looks around at his horde. "It is time. Finally." He roars, calling one of his fifteen goblin servants. "Y-Y-Yes sir?" "Fetch the parchment and quill, I have a message in need of delivery." "Who to sir?" Ssilek smirks slightly. "Everyone." The dragon speaks a message as the goblin records his words. It reads, "To those seeking an adventure, or to those seeking fame and fortune. I am Ssilek. I am creating a guild, but no regular guild. I seek to change the destiny of this realm. You have already taken the first step, take this parchment to the nearest air transport. I have arranged your flight as long as you present this parchment. Once you arrive, you will come to the border of the mountains and the badlands. Once there, speak to the figure wearing all black and a hood. He will direct you from there." The Goblin taps the quill as he finishes, for such a beastly creature, his handwriting is surprisingly good. "Where shall I deliver this sir?" "Make many copys of it, then spread them around the capitals of all the nations, Demon, and Angel. From there, deliver them to the other cities. Understood?" "Y-Yes sir, of course!" The goblin is about to step out of the chamber. Then. "Oh, and one last thing..." "Yes sir?" "When you finish delivering those messages... you are free to go and live your life as you will." Ssilek smiles as the small goblin nearly squeals with delight at the prospect of living free as he leaves to spread the message.
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  6. Jericho was walking down the streets of the Capital, holding his dual long swords by the hilts on his belt. Being that it was a good day in the Capital he was feeling a little evil today as well. He always had fun fighting the locals especially as a dragon. But he wouldn't want to have an army attack him, so he kept that to himself.

    He looked around at the people, noticing a teenager, which was Christopher, walking Into the capital city. He looked tough in Jericho's eyes; he would challenge him to a duel then. He walked over and spoke to him, "You there, I challenge you to a duel!"
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  7. Christopher looked at Jericho suprised. His ball of light dispersed and he backed away from him slightly. Chris held up his left hand and pointed to the capital building in the distance with his right.

    "No, no I cannot accept." He said calmly. "I have important business in the capital." He smiled, hoping that this powerful looking person would kindly back off. He didn't want any trouble today. Not on an important day like this.
  8. Ethel Harthi "Crow"

    Crow was trudging along to the capital, far enough from the roads that she could see them, but anyone on it shouldn't be able to see her unless they were looking for particular people. It was a long trip, her stomach grumbling along the way. She had made use of her weapons, catching a rabbit and roasting it earlier, but the stipends she restricted herself to was not enough to help replace the day before without any food.

    She was lucky enough to walk into a small stream, and although it left her socks sopping wet, she did have water for the trip. That and along with a stream grew edible plants she gratefully scarfed down like a wolf. She couldn't even guilt herself for rationing it out like the rabbit because fruit would go bad too quickly, or so she kept telling herself.

    Her feet were sore, and she was extremely exhausted. She had spent some time trekking after the stream, when she realized she found river. Warning bells screeched in her ears and she had realized she had fallen far away from the road and was indeed following the wrong thing. Crow hissed and cursed her own aloofness, kicking a rock into the river in a angry fit that resembled that of a small child.

    Huffing indignantly, she recalled a previous map she had seen some point in her life for she was not willing to follow her past steps for it would waist precious time and what little resources she had. If she were to go west, she would hit a road. The problem to that was which road would she happen across. Going southwest was the best, but even then she could easily follow the wrong road and end up on some other place than the capital.

    "Blighted bastards! Damn my luck," she hissed vehemently.
  9. It had been about three hours since Astrid started walking, and she was beginning to become unbelievablly tired. The map, an invaluable asset on the road, helped her stay on course, but nothing stopped the cruel, beating sun - unusually hot for early Autumn - from pouring over the fields, crushing her with its sweltering, merciless fist. Astrid, growing up in the colder, snowier parts of the Human Territory, had never been exposed to such heat, and, with her thick, heavy armor weighing her down, the young blacksmith was sure she'd have a stroke.

    She had to sit - she had to. Astrid was strong, but her bag felt as if it were nothing but boulders, and the heavy, iron battleaxe strapped tightly to her back was making her feel unimaginably burdened.

    Slowly, she trudged on, carefully eyeing the fields, trying desperately to find a suitable rest stop until, finally, she saw the outline of a lone tree in the distance. Excited, she picked up speed, hoping that, if she sprinted, she could make it quicker, or catch it before it disappeared like the mirage it probably was.

    Come on, she urged herself, her chest burning like a sizzling forge and the tree just a few yards away. You can make it.
  10. Jericho squinted at the boy for a moment, thinking about what he could do to make a possible deal with him. Maybe he could maybe he couldn't, but Jericho would not take no for an answer. If a deal could not be met, then Jericho would fight anyways, no matter what it meant would happen. "Alright then if you will not fight now, then fight later. I will fight you after your important business, do you accept" Jericho questioned trying to make the deal work.

    The fire inside of Jericho was burning and itching for a fight. He could hardly contain the dragon within him. He wanted to draw one of the cold steel long swords, but Jericho had to keep the fighter within to stay calm.
  11. Christopher put his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyes at the man. It seemed that this person really wanted to battle Chris in combat, but he didn't know why. Maybe he had caused him wrong and he was planning revenge..? Chris placed his right hand near his belt, which held his Chain Whip, he was preparing to defend himself if necessary.

    "Do you have any particular reason for wanting to fight me?" Christopher asked. The prospect of battling in combat with others just for the fun of it, seemed useless and stupid to Christopher. If there was no reason, he simply wouldn't do it.
  12. "The feel of a rush is why I fight, especially the fights that are to the death" Jericho loved to fight for anything, whether it was for money, for supplies, or even other people, "I saw you and thought that you were a challenging person to fight. That is why I wish to fight you." He wanted to see if he would fight him or not, as Christopher was reaching for a chain like whip.

    Will he fight, Jericho thought, as the fire in Jericho's gut burned even more for the fight to happen. This was difficult for Jericho control, as his dragon instincts slowly were taking over his will to fight in general. If Christopher did not accept then Jericho may fight anyway, turning into his badlands dragon form, no matter the cost. While waiting, his dragon eyes pulsated slightly.
  13. Astrid felt as if she was going to collapse when she finally made it to the tree, it's long, winding brown branches and bright, five-pointed leaves serving as a canopy from the offensively hot sun. Out of breath, she began to take some of her armor off, starting with the gauntlets, then the boots, then the shoulder guards, which she lazily discarded by her side, only slightly out of reach as she unsheathed her battleaxe, relieving the heavy, painful burden on her aching back.

    Finally, she removed the chest plate, wearing nothing but a tight brown undershirt and some light, iron armor bottoms, and a dagger sheathed at her side. She, at least, was a little cooler, even if she looked discombobulated, but she knew this respite wouldn't help her much once she started walking again. And, of course, she'd have to put all this gear back on, anyway, especially because of all the dangers on the road nowadays. How could she walk all the way from Northern Human Territory to the capital in the Mountain Territory, way down south, without coming into trouble at least once?

    Hungry, she rummaged through her knapsack, her tired, limp bones making her move like a drugged, injured animal, trapped in a never ending, slow motion time vortex, until she finally found a stray piece of bread next to her map, which she ate contentedly as she drank lukewarm - although it felt ice cold to Astrid at the moment - water from her canteen, spilling a handful onto her sweating face.

    Hopefully, this would be good enough.
  14. Yar had made it in a sense. He was now at the demon controlled capital in the badlands. It had taken him a good few months but there he was. It was a new hope for him. The badlands were terrible and not many cared to stay in them were everything seemed harder. He found them more promising than any other alternative of dungeons and being put to death. Even with all the hope in his mind, he reminded himself to stay on guard. Things were dangerous. They were in fact more threaten than when he was imprisoned. Something had changed maybe. He was too focused on surviving to figure it out.

    As he walked around the city, he avoided contact with anyone to the point of avoiding eye contact. He wanted to help all the small starving children he saw. There were so many of them in the demon capital. He knew there were too many for him to be able to do anything about. His teeth gritted as he thought of what they were going through. His eyes jolted away from them as he passed a few more. They landed on what seemed to be a well off bar, so he stepped inside. It seemed a good place for him to steal some for unguarded rich pockets. There were many well off demons in the bar, but they did not have his eye. Yar's eye was caught on a piece of paper hung on an announcement board. He strided over to it and plucked it up.

    He did not know why the paper had drawn his attention but it had. He could not read so he took it to the nearest being. "Read this. Now," he commanded them with a fierce tone. They did as he told and when they finished he snatched it up. It told of a team like one he could use to survive. It was a brilliant plan. Join the force and do as little as he had to. From what the paper said, it sounded as is they were accepting just about anyone no matter their past. It was the perfect protection. Now, all he had to do was make it to an air transport. It would take him a while to get to one, but he was used to traveling.
  15. Ethel Harthi "Crow"

    Crow was trudging along, her hat was flopped precariously on her head while her face was scrunched up in a detestable dislike for the humidity and the sun. Curses and cusses slipped out of the street rats mouth, her eyes narrowed in anger at her still soaked feet. Blisters! Blisters would form on her feet! As if the walking and the soreness of sleeping halfway upright on a barrel didn't account enough for her suffering. Plus the fact that she was generous for once in her life and gave her last coin to a sickly looking street rat who not much better off than herself.

    If anyone were to hear her voice, their ears may have bled at the vulgar and uncanny language that put a sailor to shame. Half of the words that slipped from her mouth made little to no sense, but the rage hidden behind it was enough to identify the gibberish she spluttered as indefinite curses upon the world and her luck. If only someone saw her now as she was. Covered in mud, sweat, and grime. They would most likely run off in terror at the sight.

    When the only living Harthi stumbled upon a road, she glared at the dirt and kicked it up in a fit of anger, sending dust flitting through the air. It only proceeded to choke the little thug and get into her eyes, causing a new wave of curses. At least she found the road, now heading west and following on road despite her reluctance about doing so earlier. She was not losing the damn thing again.

    With her blighted luck, she would most likely run into bandits on the way. Though a good rundown with some slow buggers could always be good for she could take their stuff. The true problem was if she got even more lost and fell into the badlands or the forest again. This cued a shudder from the woman, and she trekked on determined to get to the capital and get some warm food for once after robbing a poor sap blind.
  16. Christopher was noticing a change in the man's stance. He seemed eager for battle, and his eyes... Christopher tensed his reflexes, preparing himself.

    "Well then I have no reason to fight you. I should get going now.." He said, turning to leave. His hand was still near his weapon, and he was focusing all of his energy into his reflexes, to be prepared for an attack.
  17. The dragon inside of Jericho did not like this reply, causing him to growl. An electrical aura spread around him, as his body slowly transformed into his beastly dragon form. The ground crumbled and cracked as his dragon legs slammed against the it. The wings spread, and his height grew. When the transformation was complete, the being named Jericho, was now a black badlands dragon with electricity crackling around him, and a roar echoing from the throat of this dragon-like being. Then an even extremer transformation came when the skin color of this being had changed to a lighter more earth-like dragon. This was the trait hidden inside of Jericho, the element changing trait.

    Jericho the dragon was roaring as loud as he could. His clothing and weapons were absorbed into his body, and no where to be found on the ground. This change was something that Jericho could sometimes not control and he would go on a possible rampage or attack whatever he wanted to fight. This being so he looked directly down at Christopher and veered his head towards him to look at him closely. The dragon eye glowing a silvery white, and his white scar showing the arc of lightning that stretched across from above his eye to his neck. "You will fight," the dragon-like Jericho spoke to Christopher. With those words, Jericho lifted his head once more and roared, spitting large amounts of lightning in the air.
  18. Christopher turned when he heard terrible noises behind him. When the transformation was complete, Chris jumped back and raised a Light Shield, the size of himself, in front of him, cutting him off from the Dragon.

    "By the gods!" He exclaimed, unravelling his Chain Whip. He looked around and noticed people running away in fear. Screams filled the air as the Dragon's lightning tormented the sky.

    "I need to find a way to subdue him without having the civilians be hurt." He told himself as he tried to think of a plan. He noticed the ground under the Dragon was starting to sink and crack.
    It would give way soon! Chris needed only to stall for a bit.

    "Alright I'll fight you, evil beast!" Chris shouted. He put his hand on his Light Shield and shot it towards the Dragon. As it was going on its way, Chris ran behind it, readying a spell in his left hand as it began to shine with a bright blue light, and swinging his Chain Whip with his right, to gain speed and momentum.
  19. Jericho slammed his front feet on the ground to, creating a small quake. This cracked the ground around him, making large cracks than there should be. The crazed beast called Jericho had started his rampage, though he could put to sleep it would be difficult, especially since he was a badlands sized dragon. He looked as the teenager was really the only one trying to fight while other humans were running away. This may be an easy fight, but then again Jericho never tried to see how strong Christopher was at first, so he had no complete idea.

    "I hope this comes as a shock to you boy"Jericho roared before swinging his tail and slamming it to the ground, before breathing a mixture of fire and lightning at Christopher, who was behind a shield of light, holding energy and his whip. The breath caused mass confusion for other humans running away. The dragon Jericho was wondering if it work the same with Christopher.
  20. A message for the users (Whenever I write in This Color it means I am influencing npcs/the world.)

    Beware all who travel the roads in human territory. Tonight is the infamous Blood Moon. Monsters that are normally dormant will be active tonight. Ths includes, Risen Dead, Lich, Harpies, Death Worms, and the famous Witch Queen. Be careful, any of these creatures need only the soul of 1 Traveler, (npc or otherwise) To stay active during the day as well.
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