The Realm of Arceus

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  1. Asiode Perstiho grinned happily as she stood there in the pokemon world her pokemon where off inthe world helping others. her pokemon became well known and so did she. she walked through the world and came to a large city and smiles gently as her bracelet shines brightly . It glows with the gem but the wings on the braclet was hidden and walked around slowly and saw a male getting in trouble with a gang of pokemon. she smiles gently and eyes glowed slightly, she was blind completely and saw his Arua and ran forward jumping between him and the pokemon.

    "Stop" her eyes glowing pure green and the pokemon backed away from her bowing their heads swiftly and shot away into the route away from him and the girl. she smiles eyes turning back to pale green and smiles "Sorry are you alright ? need help?" asked smiling gently and looked at him with blind eyes but his Arua was very well seen through her eyes. It was the champion the new champion, took on Cynthia and two other champions, Lance and the champion blue becoming the best of the best. her pokemon team where running around the world and her Lucario ears perked hearing the females voice speaking to another and then kept going. She looked at him, wll his arua to see what she could find out about him, her bracelet shines brightly happily.
  2. David ran fast running from the beedrill, holding the pokemon egg close. He didnt wanr to send out his pokemon in fear of the egg being hurt. He continued running, and cursed as he was trapped now. "Damn..." He turned seeing the beedrill coming closer. "Fine! COme on then!" He said fearless!" David closed his eyes waiting for the attack but then they stopped. THey bowed their heads toward a girl and flew off.

    He looked at the girl. She was cute. THere was something about her. Something that seemed different from others. She also looked familiar David stood up and then said to her "No...Im alright..Im more worried about this little guy." He showed the pokemon egg. "I have no clue what pokemon will come from it." David said with a smile. He then froze finally recognizing her. "Youre....youre Asiode.....the champion! You beat cynthia, lance and Blue!" David said excitedly "I watched you battle my brother!"
  3. Asiode smiles gently looking at the egg with her blind eye "the little guy is scared nothing awful. Lets get nurse joy to look at the egg" said peacefully as she walked through the streets smiling as they came in and allowed the nurse to look at the egg.

    "Yes I took on those champions so?" Asked confused she had no Pokemon with her they where out doing their thing being amazing. Her Pokemon where also very different as well as the bracelet she had that had a gem that raidated a strange feeling to it.
  4. David nods and wondered how she could tell the egg was ok. Maybe she was a breeder. but it would still be a good idea to take the egg to Nurse Joy. He pets the egg and felt it wobble. Its gonna hatch soon! "That would be good. Lets goto the pokemon center." David said with a smile. He wondered what would hatch from the egg. *I hope its a ralts* David thought

    "I..Its just amazng becuase they are some of the strongest trainers I ever seen." David said with a small blush. He bit his lip and wondered if he should ask for a battle. "Umm Asiode....can I have a battle with you please?" David asked shyly with a smile "I just want to know how strong you are.."
  5. She smiles gently "if you wish for a battle I am sure my Pokemon would like a good match " her blind eyes looking at him his Arua and also heard and saw the Pokemon he had. This would be an interesting match that's for sure.

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  6. (10:50 pm EST)

    David smiled that she would agree to his challenge. He wondered who he should use. He decided to use Politoed. Its ability could help with its moves. "Im ready when you are." David said with a smile. He wondered who she would use. The pokebals on his belt shook. THey must know a tough battle. David could hear his heart beat now.
  7. She smiles looking at the sky lifting up a hand eyes shine "I call you from your duty to help me" whispers as her Zoroark seemed to appear out of nowhere. It had golden color instead of black. Its eyes glowed brightly and hissed happily. Its eyes turned pure golden blue just like her bracelet gem.
  8. David froze and saw how different it was compared to the other Zoroarks he saw before. Its eyes looked funny. "Go Politoed!" The frog pokemon came out with a spin and rain came down. Drizzle. "Politoed use Surf!" The pokemon back a wave and it came toward the fox pokemon. David planned on using Perish Song if needed.
  9. "Demonic flare" she said. Her Pokemon eyed went black and body turned into nothing but a shadow smashing forward slamming forward into its foe. Unseen and unheard. It was a move no Pokemon ever learned the zoroark appeared back once more beside its trainer eyes turning back to its strange color. It then jumped away and seemed to vanish.
  10. Politoed was smackedback and the wave vanish. Surf was like nothing toward the Zoroark. He went to Politoed, and picks up him. "Areyou ok Politoed?" The pokemon nods simply and David returns the pokemon so it wouldnt get hurt anymore.He wondered who he should send out now. "Go Jolteon!" The pokemon came out growling.
  11. "Interesting. " she smiles as running twoard them and jumping off the roof came her Lucario. Its white body shines brightly. Its eyes glowing pure blue like the girls bracelet at it growled slightly. It was scary looking and famous of her group.
  12. David saw that Lucario was at a type advantage. He said "Jolteon return. Typhlosion come out!" The pokemon came out roaring ready to fight. "Use Focus Blast." Typhlosion concentrated and fired a yellow energy ball. David knew Lucario would take super-effective damage. But another thing he noticed was its strange color pattern. It isnt a shiny Lucario. He's seen one before. Then he looked at her eyes and saw something strange. *Whats going on with her?* David thought
  13. "Sacred Arua go" smiles gently as the lucario body glows brightly as its eyes glowed and turned into mist as the beam shot through him and he smashed full force aroudn the pokemon develviing sharp blows to the ground type with a sharp steel and fighting type move. the lucario then reappeared slowly before its trainer and grunted gently and looked at her. her eyes glowed brightly and nodded as her braclet shines brightly as well "we got it don't worry i got you covered" smiles brightly and the Lucario grunted nodding and stood ready once more. these where not moves you ever seen before.
  14. David froze as Typhlosion was beaten down like nothing. Was was that attack. He never even heard of it. He saw Typhlosion stand up ready to keep fighting. "Are you sure Typhlosion?" He asked stroking its back. The pokemon stood up ready to battle again. David nods at the fire type. "Use Flamethrower full power!" Typhlosion's flames shot out from its back and tail, and fired a large stream of fire.
  15. "bonerush my friend' smiels as the lucario eyes glowed pure gold and bone came forth and spun and blew the fire attack away sharply and rushed at him and smashed the bone into its side of the face and stomach sharply and then landed infront of its trainers. it growled deeply eyes glowing and then went back to a stone blue color. She smiles gently "type doesnm't amatter in battles its the bond of that pokemon to you that does" smiles gently.
  16. David and Typhlosion froze as the attacked was smacked away, and then Typhlosion wwas knocked out now like he was nothing. He stopped the battle and held Typhlosion. He pets the pokemon and returned him. "I forfeit. I know when Im beat." David sighed and then said "Youre amazing. I never seen someone battle like that.." David knew his pokemon loved them. He took care ofthem thebest he could. He stood up and then asked her " you train me? I want to see how to have a bond with my pokemon like you."
  17. The blind girl blinked "errrr, i guees i never really trained anyone before on anything" said slowly to the other as her Lucario nodded and took off back into the world of the region. gone like it came it was gone, she smiles as her bracelet gave a slight hum of happiness and smiles looking around gently "I am kind of ona mission, team rocket have started catching pokemon and trainers and as well as three legendary pokemon"
  18. David smiled and noticed the Lucario vanished like it was never there. He wondered if she even had pokeballs for it. David stood up and stretched. "We should head to a pokemon center to get my pokemon healed up." He looked at her and nods simply. "I rocket needs to be stopped before they hurt everyone." David said with a determined loook in his eyes
  19. She nodded slowly fallowing him to.the Pokemon center. Her blind eyes closed passing through people as if she could see them.and smiles brightly and smiles. Her bracelet shines rainbow like colors
  20. David walked to get his pokemon healed. The Nurse took his pokeballs, and went to go heal his pokemon. Typhlosion would have to stay a little longer so David sat. He bit his lip and asked "Im sorry to ask Asiode....but are you blind? If can you walk as if you can see people." David looked over at her bracelet and for some reason it reminded him of a old story he heard.
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