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  1. IC:

    There isn't much to explain with this. Once Upon a Time based rp

    We're fairy tales transported to the real world by a curse. Unless you were involved in the curse, or come from the land of Neverland or Wonderland, you have no memory of who you used to be. You now have an occupation (slightly related to your character). If you are young enough, you attend school.

    I'm open to fairy tales of all origins. Does not have to be a well-known character. These characters are not the ones we know from the stories or from the tv show. Make them your own. Give them your own story.

    If your story involves another fairy tale character, pass it by me first.

    This is FRESH. We will not be using other plots from the television show.

    Fairy Tale Name:
    Human name:
    Human Age:
    Human appearance:
    One item brought over with the curse (optional): Red Riding hood's cape or basket, grumpy's axe, etc.

    • Rumplestiltskin (Requiem) - Requiem
    • Ariel (Ana) - Myself
    • Red Riding Hood (Alexandria/Alex) - Silver Jae
    • Robin Hood (Robin/Robbie) - Silver
    • King/Queen Arthur (Aria) - ScarletNova

    No Gmoding.
    Need to be able to post decent lengths. At least a paragraph please!
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  2. Fairy Tale Name: Ariel
    Human Name: Ana Lockwood

    Human Age: 22

    Occupation: Antique/Pawn Shop Assistant

    Human Appearance:

    Personality: She's a sweet girl who believes in true love, despite the nagging loneliness she feels inside. She is often tempted to escape her life with any means possible, and tends to get herself into a lot of trouble doing so.

    One item brought over with the curse: She has her mother's wedding ring that her father gave her as a present before he disappeared when she was still a teenager.
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  3. Neverland OR Wonderland Dearie.

    Fairy Tale Name: Rumpelstiltskin

    Human Name: Requiem Mortalis

    Human Age: 23

    Occupation: Owner of Most Of The Town, And Keeper Of The Antique/Pawn Shop When Ana Isn't Around

    Human Appearance:

    Personality: Cheerful, Dark, Sarcastic, Manipulative, Unforgiving, And Caring at the same time. He's something of an oddity.

    Personal Item: His Cane Which Serves As A Weapon When Needed
  4. Fairy Tale Name: Red Riding Hood
    Human name: Alexandria 'Alex' Hooderan
    Human Age: 20
    Occupation: She owns a catering service.
    Human appearance:
    Appearance (open)

    Personality: She's sweet and caring, it's hard to get on her bad side. She sees a bright side in everyone and tries to help them enforce that bright side. She is easily scared.
    One item brought over with the curse: Her cape, which she wears all the time like a jacket.
  5. Great! Need a few more characters, then we can start.
  6. Fairy Tale Name: Robin Hood
    Human name: Robin "Robbie" Heart
    Human Age: 21
    Occupation: Odd/ temp jobs. She's never for lack of work, but it's never a secure position.
    Human appearance: She's tall for a girl, and if she wears baggy clothes and chops her hair, she can be mistaken for a guy.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Robin can be a bit of a troublemaker. She likes to have fun and she doesn't always observe the law. She sees them as more of guidelines than actual things to be followed. However, beneath her mischievous and trouble attracting self, she has a heart of gold. She's doesn't have the straightest of sexualities, she's bisexual with a strong leaning towards women. She has a thing for the color green.
    One item brought over with the curse: She managed to keep her bow and quiver.
  7. Fairy Tale Name: Queen Arturia Pendragon (King Arthur)
    Human name: Aria Regius
    Human Age: 22
    Occupation: Chief of police
    Human appearance:Yes she wears what is in the picture. She found in a chest one day and felt it suit her better than any regular clothing. She just feels right in it. (Although she won't really go around with a sword to people's necks :) )
    Personality: Aria is very brave, confident and doesn't like to give up. She usually has a leadership role and will constantly try to keep the town running smoothly. She tries to pay extra attention to Robin, considering she doesn't always like the rules. For some reason she feels it is her duty to keep everything under control and take matters into her own hands.
    One item brought over with the curse: Excalibur, although it is hung up on the wall in her office at the police station/jail. She usually doesn't use it, although she will occasionally mess around with it, feeling like it is apart of her.
  8. Fairy Tale Name: All-Kinds-Of-Fur/All Fur (Grimm's Fairy Tale)
    Human name: Alicia Furion
    Human Age: 19
    Occupation: Live-In Maid
    Human appearance:
    Personality: Alicia is a very laid-back girl, though she's a hard worker at the time. She finds that she relaxes the most while she cleans, and so she took up a job as a live-in worker. She protects her item brought over with all of her being, keeping it close to herself and safely stored away in a backpack at all times, though she doesn't quite know why it's special to her, she just feels a connection. She doesn't make friends easily, distrusting of most people, though once she warms up to someone, she makes excuses to get away less.
    One item brought over with the curse: A coat of a thousand furs that was given to her by her father in the fairy tale world as an attempt to get her to marry him.
  9. Wonderful! Feel free to just wedge in. We have only just started.
  10. Someone should post soon. *nods* This rp's been quiet.
  11. I noticed that too. I managed to figure out something to write. Although it doesn't really add anything to the story. I honestly didn't know what to put.
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  12. hmm...
    There needs to be an IC, then it can actually like start..
    unless there is an IC and I is blind again and don't see it.. o.O
  13. It's okay Sincere_and_silent, everyone gets their busy moments. =) I hope everything gets better for ya.
  14. Mind if I pop in with some baddies?

    Fairy Tale Name: Big Bad Wolf
    Human Name: Lupus B. Magnus
    Human Age: 27
    Occupation: Detective/ Town Stalker
    Human Appearance:
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    Personality: A general busy-body, he makes it his job to know where everyone is at all times. He normally doesn't speak unless it's to interrogate someone politely or answer a quick question. His temper is short, yet he loves theatrics and disguises.
    One Item: A wolf skin, water flask for when he's 'on the run'.
  15. Sounds great!
    Also, guys, I'm back from my long absence!

    PS: I'm going to post once more. After someone replies, my next post will be the end of the month and we will all restart similar to how our first post was. But with a few changes due to the spell beginning to wear off. Feel free to ask questions here or PM me.
  16. What kind of changes?
  17. [MENTION=3742]GarthNixZozo[/MENTION] - I'll be posting first, and you will see a change there. You can follow my lead. We will be making the first couple lines of post similar, but after that is fair game. Whatever you want to do, as long as it is still within character according to your first post. Example:

    If this were my first post:

    Ana awoke with the sun shining. She grabbed her favorite shirt and skirt and headed to work. Work was boring, so she decided to head to the tavern for a drink.

    Now, the next post is after the reset.

    Ana awoke with the sun shining. She grabbed a baggy t-shirt and sweats. Deciding not to go into work today, she headed to the tavern for an early drink.

    Just slight differences. The environment has to stay the same. So the sun still needs to be shining in the morning. If it was a breezy day, it needs to remain breezy. The basis of your post should remain similar, but changed. Not going to work could be a big change, however she still attended the tavern. So, again, a little bit the same.
  18. I see. That makes sense.

    I am curious though, what happens when the town restarts? I only was able to watch a small portion of the One Upon A Time series, so some details are beyond me. Although my brother was a fanatic when it first came out.
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