...The Real Story Behind Us...

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      -- From the stories that have been told to many, that we are sweet and cute creatures..Innocent as they say
      Our appearances have made many want to be us ..or want us to be in many different occupations of the normal's liking.

      -- We come from a land and seas away from civilizations for many years before the norm came and build their villages...towns...cities in our home lands and took us, or adopted us, as they call this contract, as pets, bed warmers, a poster, a prize, etc.
      -- We were fierce warriors that prowl the lands and seas, eat the weaker and fight the stronger with blood boiling energy to survive. We eat little disgusting mice like you....we aren't cute little creatures that you people make us out to be...
      -- The next generation will find that out soon enough, their ancestors will awaken their true selves and grant our spirits free from this madness with blood....
      -- The present must know The Real Story Behind Us
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      Follow the TOS here

      Don't make ridiculous characters that is over op and ect

      No mary or gary sues

      Have fun

      I don't want to see a bunch of cat people running around I need variety to make it interesting

      When it comes to close death experience with someone else's character make sure you two talk about it and agree to it

      Be fair

      Have fun

      This is character and story driven one shot so yea, being a active enough to continue the story is a must,

      but if you can't respond after a week tell us and we see from there

      I'll add more if needed

      Voltaire Yoshima


      [LEFT][fieldbox="NAME, grey, solid"]Name: First & Last
      Age: 15-21
      Class Rank: 7-12 grade
      Species: human or kemonomimi
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  1. !CAUTION!

    graphic violence
    not suitable for those that have weak stomachs or easily disturbed
    may trigger some sensitive things, like rape [or close to it], and etc
    anything pops up in the roleplay I will edit here
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    VOLTAIREName: Voltaire Yoshima
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Genderfluid
    Personality: He is quite the charmer you might say if you pass the whole sarcastic tone of his. His usually sets off as kind of rude and blunt at first but once after a while he shows that can really be pretty nice and outgoing under all that skin of achievements he have did over the years. Volt is very respectful toward his elders and mentor. He can easily become sarcastic when he sees or hears some thing it completely retarded to him. Maybe it was the smarts that make him feel as though everyone little then he. Volt also keeps things to himself when doesn't feel like talking. Also quick minded.
    Class Rank: 11
    Occupation: Student & Testing Pet
    Species: Nekomimi

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