The Real Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Fan-Comedy RP)

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    (Headphone users beware. This song starts off loud-ish. You have been warned)

    Hey everybody!! Sora here with another interest idea. So basically, I want to try a different take on a Mario Bros RP. Rather then the typical "Lets-a go save-a the Princess!!" Idea (which will still be prevalent in this rp), we would focus on something a bit more comical that would really allow us to experiment with the Super Mario World (:3). Here's an idea of what I'm aiming at in more detail:

    Sort of like a Sitcom, but with Mario. They've done it before, besides, it would be interesting to see alternate takes on characters we know and love (like ACTUALLY making Luigi and Mario plumbers. Imagine all the mushroom poo they have to go through in a year. Perhaps you could make Princess Peach a bit of a flirt, but she has her eyes on somebody other then Mario, or even have Yoshi act like a father figure to Mario and even scold him for doing stupid things) but either way, we will still have action sequences and story development, but just with a ton of gags and jokes on top.

    Now then, in tune with the Mario Universe, we need characters. I've provided a list of SMB characters that I can remember from the top of my head, but feel free to add in any I missed or submit OC versions of characters such as Bowser's Minions.

    Available (Canon) Characters:

    *A Note: Until their roles have been filled, important (or moderately important) characters like Bowser, Daisy or Toadsworth, will be NPC's that anybody can control. However, Bowser is really the only NPC I will NOT allow the public to control.*

    -Princess Peach

    -Donkey Kong
    -Diddy Kong
    -Rosalina & Luma

    -Toadsworth (he can be NPC if nobody wants him as a main)
    -Yoshi (this is specifically for the Green one who returned Baby Mario in SMW2: Yoshi's Island.)
    -Bowser Jr.
    -Koopa-Lings (Bowser's original set of kids. Introduced in SMB3, came back in NSMB:Wii)
    -King Boo
    -Additional Bowser Minions (includes, but isn't limited to: Lakitu, Mouser, Shy Guy, Koopa's and Goomba's, and Boo. Maximum of 6)
    -Additional Yoshi's (Purple, Yellow, Orange, Juice Yoshi's, ect. Maximum of 6)

    ~More will be added as the RP grows~

    Now then, a few rules to go over before we start submitting sheets:


    Read'em (open)
    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues
    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM
    3. Characters can and WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."
    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (:3)
    5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.
    6. Try to keep things light hearted and humorous. This is, after all, a Comedy-Action RP.
    7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. Each power MUST have a weakness. That being said, our powers are pretty limited to jumping, but its a broad rule to cover all characters.
    8. Post at least 2 paragraph's (10 sentences in both) each time (more is fantastic though)
    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)
    10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie* Also, include a Mario quite In your "Other" section just so I can tell who's read the rules and who hasn't.
    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.
    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!

    And now, the CS for your consideration:

    Character Sheet (open)
    Image of Character:
    Nickname: (optional)
    Species: (only required if you are a Toon)
    Preferred Weapon(s): (if any)
    Abilities/Powers: (if any. Maximum of 3, additional ones must be approved by a GM)
    Bio: (can include, but isn't limited to; Personality, Background, Attributes, ect)
    Other: (include any additional information you want. Maybe a catchphrase that your character says, or any pets they may have back home/with them on the adventure)

    So post below if you're interested and tell me a role you'd like! I'll be taking the role of a slightly Humanized Toad (the one who appears in Mario Kart and Mario Party), but everybody feel free to grab your own characters or reserve one for later!

    We'll move into discussions when we at least have Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser (either as roleplayer controlled or as a temp/permanent NPC)
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  2. Hmmm. . . I want to see someone fight with giant, long mushrooms so they can say that they "mushroom slapped" Bowser.
  3. Alright, comedic suggestion! Sweet! Does this mean you're interested?

    Ps. That may be the result of somebody picking up a Toad and using it as a weapon
  4. Oh yes..! So much amazing! This will be awesome >w<
  5. Awesome! Do we have roles in mind or are we just tossing out interest?
  6. I would probably be one for the princess of peachiness or one of the minor bowser minions
  7. I'm not sure if I included it in the rules, but you can play as three characters maximum. So you could be the Princess and a minion at the same time if you wanted!
  8. Omg, awkward scene on the sleepover, she gets caught stuffing peaches somewhere >w< (originally thought in her bra and actually make her flat heated and that's how she makes up for it, but that idea can be changed)
  9. So she keeps her bra stuffed with peaches, hence her nickname? (Smelling like peaches all the time?)
  10. Yeah, just randomly had that idea, but if not it can be scrapped, no worries
  11. I wouldn't scrap the idea, but it could be funny if she kept peaches on her at all times (sort of like Popeye with spinach, except they wouldn't be canned peaches). We could also mess around with the idea of her randomly pulling frying pans and golf clubs from her dress like she does in Smash Bros (maybe the Toads built special pockets so hold it all, but she doesn't explain properly an everyone thinks she's pulling them out from.. Well, you know.)

    I'll let you deal with it, but speak with me if you want help on any suggestions/ideas!
  12. So @Shadicmaster, are you confirmed to be playing Peach and a Bowser Minion!

    Also, any suggestions on scenarios we can start with?
  13. Well~ I thought, 'as always' peach is making a cake and there is an attempt to kidnap her, but since she's in the kitchen, for once she smacks someone with a pan and wins. She gets all giddy that she actually did something for herself, Mario comes in and is all like 'about time, woman', and in her being so giddy, she doesn't notice another minion come in the window and nab her, and thus, Mario's princess is in another castle.
  14. That could be fun. Maybe she actually runs out of cake materials and goes willingly to Bowser to ask for materials. Mario, however, could think she's kidnapped and head after her out of misunderstanding.

    I also want to do something with Delphino Isle and Luigi's Mansion because they open so many possibilities
  15. that works out fine with me ^^ actually, that one stage on that one island with the hotel, luigi should have that since its pretty much luigi's mansion. BUT GOD WAS THAT THE MOST ANNOYING LOCATION IN THE WHOLE SUNSHINE GAME!!!
  16. The mission with the stingray things.

    I spent so many hours when I first got that game trying to beat that damn level.

    Too difficult for a Mario game.. And really annoying
  17. Hey, you did better than me. I spent three days on it, gave up for a year, then spent another four days when I finally picked it back up.
  18. I did that with Super Castlevania IV as a kid. Played it four a few days, kept dying, put the controller down and didn't touch it for at least 4 years before I decided to replay all my SNES games.

    Still one of the hardest games I've ever played
  19. *sigh* anyway, what were we talking about next with world planning *is willing to be co GM*
  20. Well in terms of world building, we could just make up the various lands comprising the Mushroom Kingdom, or pick a list of 8 main locations/worlds and various smaller locations from the games (ex. Toad Town, Grassy Plains from SMB3, Bob-omb Battlefield from SM64, ect)
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