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  1. Arcane Society,
    Ana, oh poor Ana. It was really you who put a end to her, not me. I just followed through with what I promised. And now I am making a new promise...I will hunt down every last one of you and watch you suffer. Some will end up like Ana, others I have a special place for you where you WILL wish you were died.

    ~ The Raven
    P.S Welcome back! It is a lot easier to hunt you when you are all in the same campus!


    Welcome back, Langston student body.
    This is going to be an excited year. For the first three days, we are taking classes off the schedule and putting in three events to bring the community here on campus together. Today we have the back to school bash in the commons area, and later tonight we have a movie showing of Nightmare of Elm Street for all those Horror fans out there. Tomorrow there will be field games, where anyone will be able to join teams and play their favorite games like Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball and so much more. Than the final day will be a Dance in the ballroom, put on by the cultural club and the candle light vigil for Ana Grant.
    Though we have so many exciting back to school events, we must address the large situation at hand. The problem of the so called Raven. Do to the death of a fellow class mate, Ana Grant, everyone is to be in their dorms by 11 pm each night. If you have any information about, The Raven, please consult the authorities and the security office. Thank you and have a wonderful year.



    "Great, how is it I remember everything except my lab top?" It was a new year here at Langston, and Ben was getting the short had of things. He had forgotten his lab top at home...which wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't 3,000 miles away in California. "God, this has got to be a joke!" Ben spoke as he started moving through his belongings rapidly: there was no Lab top in sight. Groaning, Ben sit down next to his bed, allowing his head to fall back and hit the framing. Pulling out his phone, he called his mother. It took a few tries to get her to answer the phone making Ben worried about her. "Hello?" her weak voice came through the phone. "Hey mom, are you okay?" she explained to him she had just woken up, and that he needed to remember the time difference. "Sorry. Hey can you ask Kyle to go look in my bed room for my lab top?" Ben waited as his mother called to his young brother, Kyle. When he returned with the news that his Lab top was in fact on Ben's California, Ben's head fell forward in defeat. "Thanks mom. I will call you later tonight. Don't forget you have a appointment with your doctor at one." Ben sighed and pulled the phone away to hang up. "Great, just great." Ben looked over to his bag, at least he remembered his wallet. After grabbing his wallet, and shoving it into the back pocket of his jeans. Leaving his dorm, Ben made his way to the Coffee house. He could pick up his tag and work schedule as he withdrew some money from the ATM to pay for a new lab top. He wasn't too upset, his lab top was five years old and slowing down; he would have had to buy a new one sooner or later.


    th (9).jpg

    .: Carlos :.
    CJ was running a little behind, his car had gotten a flat just outside of Langston and he wasn't the happiest about it. After pulling into his dorms parking lot, CJ pulled out his phone and scrolled through the contact list until he reached Xenia. -Hey, are you here yet? Where did you want to meet so we can go to this back to school thing.- after pressing send he placed the phone back in his bag and pushed open the door. Grabbing his two suitcases and duffle bag, CJ made his way up to his dorm room. Pushing it open to reveal... no one. Smiling he walked over to the right side of the room; some of his things were already here. Dropping the bags on top of the bed, he walked over to the closet, pulled it open and saw a note on the bottom with his name on it. "What the?" CJ bent down and picked up the note, examining it, he was slightly scared. Driving his finger in between the the letters seal and actual envelop, he popped it open. Pulling out a lace coated black and red note, he had a confused look on his face. Flipping it open, CJ read the note. -Welcome back Carlos, I think we have some unfinished business to attend to.- Carlos looked at the name who sighed it, the Raven. Dropping the note he ran out into the hall way, but there was no one. Retreating back into his dorm room, he slammed the door shut and began to unpack after throwing the note away.



    }{ Xenia }{
    Spending most of the morning in the airport with her sister, who had lost a bag, Xenia wasn't all that up for hearing her excuses. "Liza, you really need to get yourself together. Dad told you to mark your bags and no you just couldn't do that because they were Prada. Well now there...not here." Xenia rolled her eyes and pulled her suitcase towards the taxi she had just hulled. "You now what Xenia, you are very lucky I am in a good mood today." Xenia stopped and looked over to her sister. "You are always in a good mood." Xenia knocked on the trunk of the taxi and the driver popped it open, allowing her to place all of their bags in there, except two small ones which were both Liza's. "Why did you bring all of this?"
    She spoke as she got into the car next to her sister. "I must have options to wear, fashion is important especially when you plan on making a impression." Liza smiled at Xenia as the taxi drove off.

    It took about an hour for the girls to arrive on campus. "Do you really have to use so much perfume?"
    Xenia coughed out as she exited the taxi and retrieved their things from the back. "You know, smelling good is never a bad thing." Liza spoke as she brought out her pink zebra suitcase. "Yes, smelling good is a good thing, but drowning people in a fragrance is well horrendous." Xenia smiled at her sister, and Liza shook her head at her. The two managed to make their way to their dorm room. "Hey, I'll see you later at the bash." Xenia spoke as she parted ways with Liza. Stepping into her dorm, she was slightly shocked to see her roommate had no arrived. Shrugging, she walked over to the left side of the room, and unpack her items. Placing clothes that were to be folded into her dresser, and things that required hanging into the closet, after that she hung up her posters and art work, then made her bed. After finishing, her phone buzzed, it was CJ, Xenia smiled he had no idea Xenia was going to introduce him to Daniel tonight. -Yeah, just finished packing. Can't wait for tonight, meet me outside the library.-



    }{ Liza }{
    The morning was long and boring to Liza, she was slightly ticked off at the fact the airport had lost some of her luggage . Unlocking the door to her dorm, Liza stepped in, she was unsure which side she wanted so she plopped her things down at the nearest one, right. "Okay, so this is going to take a minute." Liza inhaled deeply and exhaled roughly, with a groan. Move in day was always the worst, right next to leaving day. Taking out her clothing and separating it between dresser and closet, she was ready to start the whole bed process. Grabbing out her hundred percent cotton sheets, she placed them on the bed, then she took the three thick blankets and spread them across the bed, then her large comforter. With her blankets on, she opened up one of the largest suitcases, which exploded with a ton of pillows. Randomly throwing them on to the bed, Liza was free to start decorating her side of the room. Placing her school supplies on the desk in a neat order, she than placed all of her hygienic things on the door knob in a shower caddy. Spreading her makeup and other things on top of her dresser. Taking out some shelves and some artwork, she hung them above her bed and placed some candles and a small lamp on the shelves. Taking a step back to admire her work, Liza was finally able to breathe some, and she slumped into her desk chair. "Finally."



    {~ Lincoln ~}
    "Just put them right up against that wall guys." For some reason, Link found the need to bring two fully sized arcade gaming machines along with him to college this year. "Perfect, thanks guys." The movers sighed and walked over to him and held out their hands. "Oh you guys want a tip, um here is one: don't drop the merchandise!" Link had already payed them for helping him move, and he had no problem rejecting their request for another payment, besides one of them was his cousin. "Bye, Paul see you later." Link turned around, he had one tall suitcase to unpack and that was it. Taking a key from his pocket, he opened it revealing his costumes. Taking out all seventy-three of them and placed them on the right side of his closet, Link finally felt at home. Now all that was left was waiting for Zelda to get here, meeting his roommate, Kai, and going to the bash.


    Devon was in the library, she had been at the school for awhile. She sat in a chair reading Frankenstein, one of her favorites. She had no clue weather or not she was going to go to the bash, she wasn't that sociable and most people found her quite and awkward. ~Come on Devon, we need friends this year and not just Link!~ Devon sighed as she thought to herself. Closing the book, Devon swung her legs off of the Chair and stood...groaning. Maybe this was her problem with making friends, she was lazy. Shaking her head she headed over back to her dorm, which at this moment had no one listed as her roommate, which she was fine with, one less person to think she is strange.
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  2. image.jpg ~Arial~
    Just getting off the plane and going through the airport, Arial was in the middle of grabbing her luggage when some man in a nice suit was standing right next to her bags with her name on a sign he was holding up. "Hello I'm Arial, umm those are my bags, so are u the one picking me up?" The guy who picked her up didn't talk much, which was different from the last time she was drove to the university. After a long drive she arrived at the university shocked by how big it looked even though she had been there beforehand, she felt as if the school had changed. Arial got out the car and found her dorm and started to settle in waiting to meet her dorm mate.
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  3. 220px-Macklemore_(8466299494)_cropped.jpg
    Ashton is going on his third year at Langston University. He is a more calm quite student thats had his share of troublesome at Langston. He goes in his dorm picks the side that he thinks is better and starts to unpack his 3 small suitcases and a bag with his blankets and pillows. "14 hours of no sleep, time for some shut-eye" he remarks while sighing. He quickly falls asleep..

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  4. ||Daniel||


    Daniel was arriving somewhat late. Well, later than most. It was because while most would ask their parents to drive them, he merely commuted. It's not that he couldn't ask the Cranes to drive him, in fact, they offered but he refused. There was no need to trouble them especially since it would be completely out of the way and gas was expensive nowadays. He could make it fine on his own. He was nineteen, not nine. He may not know how to drive but he could definitely go and commute on his own.

    Entering the majestic gates of Langston, he didn't halt like many to admire the view that he's already seen enough of. A breeze passed by him, ruffling his jet black hair and messing it further. He didn't bother to fix his hair and instead, continued on. It's not as if he needed to impress anyone. There were plenty of people crowding around, greeting old friends and sharing tales of summer. He made effort to avoid those crowds, having always disliked crowds. 'Speaking of crowds, there'll be that bash happening later...' He absolutely dreaded the event. Was it possible not to attend?

    With a sigh, he continued on, pulling the stroller of small black suitcase. It didn't take long before he arrived in front of his dorm, having easily memorized where to go from the previous year. He twisted the doorknob and pushed open the door, glad that there was no one inside. The room was fairly simple and plain. Just how he liked it. He didn't really add decorations to his dorm unlike others. 'This room is going to be stacked with papers by the end of the year...'
    He laid down his suitcase on the ground and began to unpack, placing his phone on the bed as he did. Although it's not as if he was expecting anyone to message him. After all, he practically only have two friends in the whole of the school.




    Julianna, or Juli to most, was dropped off by her father. With a quick goodbye, she was off to face her freshman year in a new school. She was excited! It was a new year to meet new people. She halted in her steps as she entered the gate to look at the magnificent building in front of her. With a smile, continued on her way and entered. She briefly wondered where the dorms were and had to stop to think. 'I think it was this way..' She thought and luckily, she was right. It didn't take long before she arrived in front of her shared room, dorm number three. She opened the door and entered, finding that she had arrived earlier than her roommate. She wondered what her roommate would be like. Nice? Mean? She hoped it was the former as she began to unpack her things.




    After paying and saying a quick 'thank you' to the driver, James hopped off the taxi, bringing a large shoulder bag as well as a black guitar case. His father didn't have the time to bring him to school or even help him find a ride. Definitely deserves father of the year, right? Well, maybe he was being harsh on his father. After all, the man was busy. Too busy to even say 'goodbye'. 'Meh, whatever.' He was already used to it, not that he wanted to sound like an attention seeking child but it would be nice to be noticed by your parent once in a while.

    Pushing away thoughts of his father, James focused on something else. Like finding his dorm, for example. But apparently it was going to be much more difficult than he expected. 'This school is huge!' He continued to wander around, trying to find the simplest hint as to where the dorms were. His dorm, to be exact. He wouldn't want to accidentally end up in the girls' dorm. 'That'd be so embarrassing!' He looked lost and he actually was but he didn't look disheartened. Not one bit. He still had the same cheery expression if not slightly confused looking. "Man, this place is bigger than I expected."

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  5. Channing
    Channing had almost overslept at his friends house, there was a party last night and she actually had him stay if he wanted to. He didn't mind it though, because she trusted him and he trusted her so they basically both had each others backs and wouldn't let anything happen to each other. Right now he was on his way back to his dorm since it was a new year and maybe he'll get a new dorm partner being it's the first day and all. He had his vintage guitar on his back, signed by over thirty different music stars, and was chowing down on a bagel as he walked up the steps of the first floor to get to the male dorm rooms. As he was going up the steps, a guy had bumped into him and made his bagel drop down on the floor. "Oh, i'm sorry." he said before picking up his food and throwing it away then looking towards the guy. "Channing by the way, are you lost?" he asked him. "If you are, at least you've made it to the male floor." he told him and chuckled a bit before pushing his guitar strap back up on his shoulder as he awaited for the male to speak to him and give him some type of way to know how he could help.

    (@Autumn )
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  6. ||James||

    James had come to a sudden halt to think of where to go because clearly, going in a random direction did not work out too well. There were stairs not too far from where he was, 'Hmm, should I go up?' He wondered and thought that he should but it must've been his lucky day because before he even took a step, someone had bumped into him. Immediately, he turned around to see a male and a half eaten bagel on the ground. 'Oh crud, was that my fault?' Obviously. That poor bagel. To his relief, the long haired male didn't seem to be angry. The guy seemed pretty nice, thankfully. "Nah, it's my fault bro." He said, shaking his head at the apology made, it was his fault. After all, it was him who stood there unmoving in the middle of the hallway.

    "Channing, huh?" He echoed the name to make sure he had it right. He also made a mental note to remember the name considering how he often forgets the names of those he meets after an hour or so. Especially if a large quantity of names are thrown at him. Like seriously, how do people expect him to remember five or ten at a time? "Cool name. I'm James and yeah, I'm definitely lost." There was no use denying it. Besides, he could use some directions. Clothes are not as light as most assume them to be. When he heard where he was, he was overjoyed. Looks like going in a random direction was a reliable way to go after all. "Oh thank god! I thought I might've gone to the girls' dorm. That would've seriously sucked." He seemed to be talking to himself more than the male in front of him but could he be blamed? He always feared public embarrassment and what would be more embarrassing than going and entering the girls dorm? "Anyway, I as gonna go to dorm...uh..wait." With his free hand, he plucked a piece of paper from the pocket of his jeans and looked at what was written before looking back at the taller male. "Dorm number one. Do you know which one that is?"

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  7. Channing
    He nodded when the male had gotten his name correct on the first try, it was fairly easy to say after all. When he, in return, said his name and that he was lost Channing chuckled, "I'd kinda figured that since it seemed like you were just standing here." he told him. "Don't worry about it, a lot of new guys have done it before..some on purpose while others were struggling to find their way." he said. He stepped a bit closer when James pulled out a piece of paper then nodded a bit when he asked him a question, "That's actually where i'm staying as well...Weird, but cool since we've already did greetings and it won't be awkward...Come on, it's right down the hall." he said and walked in front of him to the last down down the hall to the right. He opened it up and went inside, "I haven't had a room mate since I was a freshman, glad that you're staying." he complimented. "I don't really have anything against you coming on my side, I trust that you wouldn't steal anything of mines...You don't look like you would that is, besides...I don't have anything that can't be replaced." Well unless it was his guitar or things that he had from his childhood. He laid his guitar down on his bed and took off his jacket before sitting down on his bed and taking his instrument out of his case. "Do you need any help unpacking and getting settled in?" he asked before playing something random.

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  8. ||James||

    "Yeah, that's true." James agreed as he followed closely behind, he didn't want to take any chances of becoming lost. Again. But hey, at least he knew where not to go. It's not that he had anything against the female species, he liked both girls and boys but it would definitely be more embarrassing to be caught wandering in the girls' dorm and worst if he entered a room by accident. He didn't even want to think of the humiliation that'll follow after. Especially since news always seem to spread as quickly as wildfire.

    "Yeah, glad I'm too." He was actually pretty happy that he was roomed with someone so nice, it'd be absolutely dreadful if he had to stay with someone mean and grouchy. 'That'd just be the worst.' He entered after the taller male did and gently placed his guitar case underneath the bed on his side of the room while he threw his bag on the bed. Afterwards, he practically threw himself onto the soft and comfortable bed. "Bed, I have missed you." He said as he hugged the pillow, burying his face onto it. It was definitely tempting to sleep even though he had only left his bed and woken up only a few hours ago. When he heard the other's words about possessions, he sat up knowing that if he had stayed in a lying position then he'd most likely be asleep by now. "Don't worry, unless it's food. I won't take anything." He said with a grin and a joking tone. Of course, he was half joking about the food part. He wouldn't take anything without permission. That'd just he rude.

    "Nah, I think I'll unpack later." He said, far too lazy to fox his things now. He had plenty of time within the day to do so. Currently, he was sitting in an indian sit position as he watched the other play the guitar. It sounded simple yet it was still well played. "That's pretty awesome. Have you been playing for long?"

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  9. [​IMG]
    Kat walked into her dorm room carrying three bags two of which were suitcases and the third being a back back. She had admired the drive she made up here to the Uni; it was simply stunning up here. She sat her things on the empty undecorated bed in the dorm room before going down and fetching her last bag. She made her way down the stairs quickly and almost deadly quietly. She went out to her car and grabbed the last suitcase nearly slamming the trunk close before she went back up the stairs and set it down with the others. She turned her green eyes resting on her roommate Liza, "Hey Liza, how was your break?" she asked in a soft voice as she began to unpack her clothes dividing them up between her dresser and closet.

  10. [Lord, help me...]

    Charlie & Cassandra
    "Honestly, Charlie! Was it absolutely necessary for you to flirt with the guy at StarBucks?"

    "Well, obviously! You saw the way he was looking at me."

    Cassandra shook her head, hair flying, as the two of them exited the airport, rolling their luggage behind them. They had decided to travel to Langston together. For years, the two have been pretty close to one another. Even though they're on different ends of the spectrum, they get along quite well. A taxi stopped for Charlie had signaled for it. They packed it with their luggage before climbing into the back, settling down as the driver took off. Resting her head against the window, Cassandra spoke. "I wonder who my roommate will be. And yours, too." She got a hum as a response, which made her playfully roll her eyes.

    The drive was quite long since the airport was a bit away from the university itself. Once they reached it, they clambered out of the car and went to the truck to get their things. Charlie had paid the taxi driver and jogged to catch up with his best friend. They chatted as they made their way to the doors of Langston University, entering the building. Cassandra was informing Charlie about all of the different things that Langston had to offer for he was a Freshman and she was a Junior. Soon, they came upon where they had to separate for the time being.

    "See you later!"

    "Okie dokie."

    As Cassandra went to the girls' dorm and Charlie to the boys', they both ended up finding their dorms and entering them.

    [Sorry if it's confusing or anything. And sorry that it's not pretty. I'm on mobile ;~;]
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  11. Channing
    Channing smiled when he said he was glad as well, he was happy that it felt like his roommate was giving positive feedback. Looking up, he laughed a little when James made relieving sounds and plopped down on his new bed. "Haha, long ride? Or...too early in the morning for you?" he asked then shrugged. "If it's food, I don't mind you having some. Just know that it probably only will be snack related, actual food never seems to stay uneatten by me." he explained. "Oh, ok. " he replied when he spoke about him unpacking then nodded a little. "Yeah actually, I've been playing ever since I was small..I actually loved when my dad use to play the guitar when I was a baby. He got me my first one when I was three years old, even though I didn't know what to do with it. He always said that I always knew how to pluck strings, " he stopped and chuckled a bit. "About around the age of five, I actually started to gain knowledge of it and here I am. Would you like to see it?" he asked. "Most people usually look at it to try and read all the signatures on it, figured you might like to,too." he said.
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  12. }{ Liza }{
    Liza was enjoying the peace, after finishing her side of the room, when her roommate walked in. Slowly opening her eyes, to see who it is, she was happy to see Katarina was her roommate. Smiling she stood and walked over to her bed. "My break was fun at best...what about your's?" Liza smiled and leaned back into the mountain of pillows that laid on her bed.
    @Poisoned Rose

    }{ Xenia }{
    Xenia looked up from her phone, when the door creaked open. "I'll ask to get that fixed." Turning to face her roommate, she smiled. "I'm Xenia." Looking at the girl, it was clear she wasn't a freshman. "What year are you?" Xenia spoke as she moved over to her desk and plugged in her phone.

    After completing his run for a new lab top and picking up his work schedule, Ben made his way back to his dorm. When he turned the corner, he saw a guy walk in, his roommate. Walking up behind the boy, Ben smiled, he was unsure if the boy knew he was there or not. Smiling he thought -all well- Ben stood in the door way for a moment. "Hey, I am guessing your my roommate. I'm Ben." Ben smiled at the boy and walked in, placing his lab top on the desk next to his bed.
  13. ~:~Katarina~:~
    "It was good, visited my father's family in Russia, then my mother's in Germany." She said the Russian accent still lingering in her words. She had finished with all her clothes and worked on her bedding of purple and black. Kat was very happy that she had Liza as a roommate someone who could sometimes understand her when she slipped some Russian into her sentences which Kat was very prone to doing. She opened up the last suitcase which contained her pillows and arranged them on her bed rather neatly.​
  14. [​IMG]

    Alisa's grandfather always told her she'd be late to her own funeral. She was late to everything; Meetings, events, school. However, at least classes hadn't started yet. That's a plus, right? She couldn't be too late because nothing important had started. Was the bash even starting soon? The more she thought about it, honestly, the less she wanted to go. She could tell you exactly how it would play out. She'd go, and stay for about ten minutes. During those ten minutes, a few people might pity-talk to her, a few skeevy guys may very well hit on her, and then she'd leave, filled with shame. Maybe she should pretend to be busy so she could be 'late'. 'Whoops, sorry,' she'd say to no one in particular because she's pretty sure no one will exactly be begging her to go, 'I'm too late. guess I better just stay in here and manage my tumblr!'

    As she kissed her grandfather on the cheek and climbed out of the car, she took in her surroundings. Her first though was something along the lines of her internally panicking at the massive amounts of people. She was reminded of reason #235 she hadn't wanted to go to college: the people. Head down, stay quiet, move quickly. Don't look at anyone, don't say anything, pretend you don't exist until you get to your dorm.

    At that thought, she realized, she hadn't even been assigned a dorm yet! After registering late, like she did everything late, they said they might have trouble finding her a dorm and would have to wait to assign her one. Shit. Okay, okay, she could deal. Not really, oh god, how does she solve this? Is there a front office? She knew absolutely nothing. Taking a deep breath to avoid going down the road of an anxiety attack, she persevered, looking for just about anyone who seemed more adult-ier than her.


    It took Alisa two hours. Two hours to get that mess sorted out. Turns out, they actually did completely forget to assign her to a specific dorm. Joy, just her luck. But finally, she got her dorm. #5. Ready to just lay down and put her headphones in and ignore literally everything, she walked surprisingly quickly in the direction of the dorms. It took few more minutes, but she finally found her dorm. It felt like she hit the jackpot. She knocked lightly just in case, especially since with all the mix-up, whoever might already be here probably wasn't aware of the fact that she was even supposed to be here, and peeked in. "Hello?" She spotted the girl who was apparently to be her new roommate, and she smiled tentatively when the other girl noticed her. "I'm your roommate, Alisa." Alisa tried to ignore the heat she felt in her face, slightly embarrassed by the whole mix-up thing. And meeting new people. And everything. Thank god for her concealer.

    "Sorry I'm late," she muttered, stepping inside and shutting the door behind her. "There was a problem with my dorm assignment, I didn't even know I'd have this room until a few minutes ago." An apologetic smile flashed across her face as she made her way to the unclaimed side of the room, doing her best to ignore everything in her mind that was currently insisting she was being hella awkward. She knew that, but she didn't want to dwell on it.

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  15. *Devon*
    Devon turned around, she wasn't expecting anyone and it kinda frightened her. She wasn't the best at making conversation and even worse with meeting people. "Hey, I am Devon." She smiled, trying to remember have you were supposed to act around new people. -Leave a good impression, Devon- she thought. When she heard that her roommate just received this dorm, it was finally clear to her why she had not seen her name on the list. Devon finished assorting her books by alphabetically order and color, and she turned around to speak with the short haired girl. She could tell the girl was just as nervous, and scared, as she was. "It's fine, I am glad to have you as my roommate." She had no clue what else to say, but she felt as if the girl was having a rough day. "That was me, last year. I mean frantically searching for a place to hide, not wanting to speak with people...on second thought that still is me. Sorry, kinda babble a lot, happens when I meet new people. Promise I will calm down eventually." Devon gave a slight smile and climbed down from the step stool she had so she could reach the top shelf of her book case. "Please, make your self at home. What's mine is yours. Just let me now if you want to borrow anything." She walked over to her bed and sat on the edge. She looked up to her Peace sigh/ tie-dyed colored sheet that hung above and around her bed. "Hope you don't mind, I'm kinda use to sleeping with these things surrounding my bed."

    }{ Liza }{
    Liza smiled at Katarina, she was one of the only other Russian's she knew and considered a friend here at Langston. Hearing the sound of the excitement in her voice as she spoke about visiting her relatives, made Liza happy she spent the summer with her father.
    "Yeah that sounds amazing! Xenia and I got to spend the summer with of father over in Bulgaria. It was fun, except for the fact it practically rained the most of the first three weeks." Liza's smile turned to a frown as she remembered hearing on the news, it was the most rain Bulgaria had ever had. She was stuck inside, which forced her to finish all of her work early.
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  16. ||James||

    Hearing the question whether he's had an early morning or a long ride, the answer would actually be neither. James often slept early and woke up late, that's just how it goes for him. Although what he found annoying about his sleep was the fact that he would often wake up in the middle of the night, effectively ruining his long slumber. "I just like to sleep." It was very much true. While people took out their anxiety and worries through eating or talking, he just sleeps his off and forgets about them the next day. Or, well, he plays on his guitar. Secretly, of course. He doesn't want anyone to hear him play unless it was on his youtube account. After hearing about the food sharing, James seemed pretty happy, even though it were just snacks. Food is food. Despite weighing only 147 lbs, he absolutely loved to eat. Especially sweets. It's a good thing that he has a quick metabolism or else he'd be forced to exercise every day.

    "You dad sounds pretty awesome." He commented, how he wished that his own father would share his interest in music. 'Too bad it'll never happen.' He thought as he inwardly sighed although keeping up a cheerful expression. His gaze travelled to the other's guitar to see that there were indeed things written on it. He didn't really notice that before considering that he never had a good look at the instrument itself. "I think it's cool but honestly, I suck at names so I doubt I'd recognize anyone." He didn't exactly have the time to focus on anything music related last summer since his father made him spend it inside an office, bored to death, 'What loads of fun that was.'



    It didn't take long before Daniel finished unpacking all of his things, not that it was a
    in the first place. He just packed clothes, a few books, his laptop and spare glasses. Bringing a spare was just for insurance in case something happens to his current ones, although he had absolutely no intention of damaging his current and spare. It would be devastating if both broke considering how his eyesight is terrible. He often blamed his younger self for his current vision. As a child, he often read books in the dark, using either a flashlight or moonlight to illuminate the printed words. It would usually be during 'bed time' when the orphanage would turn off all the lights or when electricity ran out.

    Placing the empty suitcase underneath his bed, Daniel stood up and pocketed his phone. He wore his jacket and scarf once more, having removed them earlier while packing. 'It's definitely warmer in the room compared to outside.' Then again, he often became cold easily hence why he was wearing a sweater as well. Considering how no one's arrived in the room yet, he assumed that he most likely didn't have a roommate. A fact that he was grateful for. He didn't have a roommate last year as well so he wouldn't know what to do if he had one this year. Especially considering how awkward he is with new people. He left the room and began to head to the library. It'd be nice to do some advanced reading since he had nothing else better to do.
  17. Channing
    Channing sighed, all this talk about his father and when he was a baby made him mentally emotional inside. He stared out of the window in the middle of the room and watched whatever there was to watch outside trying to shake away the thoughts. Looking towards James, he smiled a bit and nodded. "Yeah, he was great." he told him then remembered his comment from earlier. "I think just about everyone adores sleeping." he told him and chuckled. "Awh really?" he asked with a pout being standing up and walking over to his bed then sitting down. He laid the guitar across both of their laps and started to name some of them, "This one is Bon Jovi...Then there's the Beatles, Queen, Passenger, Back Street Boys, Beach Boys..Something more recent would be Maroon 5, Ed Sheeren, John Mayer, and many others." he said not trying to say them all since there was a lot on the front and back of his guitar. "I noticed you had one too...Play something?" he asked looking at him. It was fine if he didn't want to, Channing wasn't open to playing in front of people either because he thought it wasn't good enough or that he'll mess up in front of whoever he was playing for. He scooted over a bit to give him space if he was going to take his instrument out and play, this would be the first time in a long time that he saw someone else...well actually knew someone else that played guitar like him.
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  18. ||James||

    James didn't notice the other's reaction nor his own mistake. That is, until he heard the other speak. The past tense was impossible not to notice. 'Oh...shiz...uhh...' He was about to apologize but before he could, the topic was changed. He thought it would be awkward to return to a topic that didn't seem to be wanted so he went with the flow and moved on. He nodded in agreement, everyone loved sleeping. He knew he did. He listened as names were being listed. He only recognized a few and those were the more recent names but he decided not to say considering that his knowledge on music artists, even those whom he recognized, were minimal. Instead, he simply commented, "Wow, that's a lot." It was obvious that there were more and James was thankful that not all were listed. It's not that it was boring but hearing names he knew nothing of weren't all that interesting.

    When the request for him to play his guitar came up, he refused, as he normally would. "I'm lazy to get my guitar, maybe later?" Later honestly meant never. He guessed that his roommate would probably just forget about it considering he placed his guitar out of sight. Remembering the events that'll occur later on, he quickly changed the subject to avoid any further discussion, "There's some back to school thing happening later, right? You gonna go?"

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  19. Channing
    Channing smiled, he knew from the look of James's face that he really didn't know all of the names he mentioned on his guitar. "Yeah, some of these my family gave to me over the years." he told him before walking back over to his bed and putting it back into his case. He set the case up against the wall, "Alright then, I'll look forward to it." he said honestly. He didn't know why he was so excited to hear the other guy play, guessing it's the music that just gets him excited and happy. He snapped his fingers and gasped, "Oh yeah, that's right. I heard about it yesterday....I think it's the School bash then the "Horror" movie that isn't really scary at all...But isn't it weird though? Someone passed then they show a scary movie related to it...? Kinda creepy if you ask me..." he said. He considered Ana as a close friend, they always studied together and she had the most irresistible laugh. He was even thinking about furthering their friendship...but then she passed. Tragedy yes, but he knows she's probably in a better place than here.
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  20. {~Alisa~}
    Alisa was extremely relieved that she seemed to have a nice roommate. There could have been so many worse options, and although she didn't really know Devon that well, there certainly wasn't anything bad about her so far. Seeming just a little bit more relaxed, she began unpacking her things. "Don't worry about it, I ramble a lot too. So, the more you talk, the less you have to listen to me." She laughed, spreading her royal purple bed set out onto her bed. She set to work hanging up small fairy lights, which involved some precariously standing on the bed.
    She wasn't sure why she didn't put these up before she made the bed, as it would have stopped the bed covers and blankets from getting rumpled after she had just made them.
    "Nah, I don't mind, as long as you don't mind the lights. I turn 'em off at night anyways." She hopped off the bed, stepping back to admire her handiwork. As a final touch, she placed the stuffed animal she had - a small horse - on the pillow. There. Time to unpack the clothes; thankfully, she wasn't the most fashion focused, so she didn't really have too many. If she needed more she could shop around for some anyways.
    Busying herself with that, she glanced over her shoulder at her roommate. "I'm glad I got you for a roommate, you seem pretty nice. I was really worried I'd get someone mean; I'm not very good at dealing with very rude people." Alisa gave a nervous chuckle, shrugging as she continued to put away her clothes.

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