The Raven Hall Mysteries

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  1. Raven Hall Mysteries: 1931 Carter Cycle
    A mystery centered on an old hotel in 1931 inspired by Celtic and Nordic myths.

    There is a town in North Yorkshire (United Kingdom), Ravenscar, that was destined to become the biggest holiday resort on the eastcoast of England. Plans were made, roads were laid out, some houses were built and sewers were laid. Somewhere it went wrong. Ravenscar never achieved popularity, and the development was left unfinished – a sort of ghosttown with sewers and streets but little houses remained.

    Maps of the area (open)
    Map of the UK (open)

    Map of North Yorkshire (open)
    Map-North Yorkshire.png

    Map of Ravenscar Area (open)
    Map-Ravenscar Area.png

    Map of Ravenscar (open)

    Photo-Raven Hall.png
    This is story about Raven Hall, the local hotel/castle. It was built on the foundations of an old roman fort (from the 5th century, but already completely destroyed when the hotel was built) in 1774. The owners treated brittish royalty and invested a lot in the local alumindustry. Other owners were known as prominent local benefactors, expanding the cluster of farms to the village it is now. In 1890 it was sold to become a holiday resort. However, in 1911 the Ravenscar Estate Company went bankrupt. After that there is little known about what happened. Somewhere in 1928 a mysterious man bought it, Arthur Carter.

    Arthur Carter (open)
    Portrait-Arthur Carter.jpg

    Since his arrival, strange things began to occur: disappearances, inexplicable accidents and strange natural phenomenons. Some local people even believe that the creatures from old myths have returned. A range of different people have tried to unravel the mystery, but failed. It's now 1931 and still noone has figured it out. Are you up for it? Are you quallified to solve the puzzles?
    Writing rules
    • All posts will be 2-4 paragraphs long. You have to post at least once a fortnight. If you don't you get a warning. 3 warnings and you're out! Of course I can make exceptions, just PM me with a good reason.
    • Consider beforehand wether or not it is morally right to post what you have written. Is it not disrespectful, hateful or painful towards the others? I don't think I have to list wrong things you shouldn't post. Be mature and think by yourself! Also keep romance limitted.
    • This story will be mainly in the form of diary entries. If you want to explore: PM me and I will tell you what you find. If you want to interact with townfolk or staffmembers of the hotel: PM me and we'll write a conversation together. If you want to interact with your fellow guests: PM eachother and write a conversation together which you can both use in your entries.
    • If you have got a PM from me saying that your character have to do, don't argue my decisions and let them do it. This may involve disapearing for a few days or being possessed by a spirit. This won't happen very often, but when it does, it is probably for the development of the story.
    • Your character doesn't know what the other guests discovered unless they discus it. However, your character can secretly follow them when they see something suspicious. Do not use information from others without their consent. Half of the password is your choice of the following colours (choose 1): red, yellow, green and blue.
    • You may choose to keep some information secret by describing it vaguely, but you have to put the information from my PM's in your post.
    Character rules
    • All characters have to be middle class adults (or high class if you realy want that).
    • All characters are hotelguests. It is not possible to be a staff member or local citizen because they are important for the mystery and will be written by me. Half of the password is your choice of the four seasons (pick one).
    • Characters may not have any supernatural aspects. It is possible that we will encounter supernatural things later on, but not in the very beginning. It's also possible that magical powers will be bestowed on your character in the story, but you have to unlock that in the story (only happens if I say so).
    • Your character may have a troubling backstory (not obligatory), but there will be no time to get further into that during the story. You could do your own sidestory, but not in the main RP and if you use things from this story, than don't add other information without my permission. Otherwise it could interfere with this mystery.
    • I prefer an Irish or Brittish nationality (or Scottish, Welsh and the like). Other nationalities are OK as long as you write a good reason for them to come to Ravenscar.
    This RP will be limited to 4 persons and myself. You can get out at any moment. Then you're place will become available for others. The Story consists of 4 parts with their own mysteries. There will be some overlapping elements, but every part can be played individually (so best moments to get out/in are the ends of a part).

    Character sheets will come later, but I wan't to make a selection of players first. Write a diary entry from when you're character is in the train to Ravenscar. Show a bit of your character's personality and give a reason why he/she is visiting Raven Hall. Don't forget the password. I will start reading them next friday so take your time (you can still apply after that)! Have Fun!
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