The Raven and the Snake (Harry Potter One on One)

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Allaster sighed as he unloaded his stuff from the train and looked up at Hogwarts. It had been a long ride. This was his 5th year going to Hogwarts. He was a bit older than most of the students due to the fact that he didn't start the school until he was 16 because of some family issues. However, once he started going, he looked forward to going every year. He was in Ravenclaw house and his roommates were very much top notch students. They all were very clever and usually got into trouble, however, the trouble they made never really amounted to the amout of work they put in towards their school work.

Allaster held his pitch black owl Hollow out in front of him.

"This year will be good, don't you think Hollow? This will be my last 3 years going. I have to enjoy it while it lasts...."

Setting the owl down, He grabbed his bag and headed up to the campus. He smiled as she saw all the 1st years trying to find their way around. On his way up however, he saw a beauty the likes of which he had never seen before. Sure, he had probably seen her around Hogwarts, but he had never really got a good look at her face. Now that he had that chance when he was ahead of her, looking back, her face was slender and beautiful and her eyes were striking. Looking at her robe wear, it was clear she was in Slytherin. He swallowed. He would never get the chance to talk to her...She looked like the kind of girl that would blow him off instantly. However, it was hard for him to take his eyes off her. So much so that he didn't notice that he was about to run into a light pole. He stopped himself just in time to stop himself from looking like a total idiot.

He shook the thought from his mind.

"She's way out of my league...I better give up now while I still have my eyes in my eye sockets...I'll be lucky if she doesn't try to pluck them out for staring at her for so long"

At the gates of the school, Professor Mcgonagall was there to greet all the first years so he took that opportunity to greet her on his way in.

"Professor McGonagall, how are you?"

She seemed excited to see her star pupil of Transfiguration.

"I'm lovely. How are you dear? It's great to see you again this year!"

He nodded.

"I'm just great! I have a question for you Professor McGonagall. Do you know who that girl is?"

He secretly motioned to the girl he was staring at before. She followed his line of sight until she saw who he was talking about.

"Of course, that's Iris...She's Professor Snape's star pupil in potions...Haven't you met her yet?"

"No, I don't have any classes with her and she's in slytherin so there is no chance I've met her..."

She smiled gently.

"Then I shall introduce the two of you. Iris, deary, please do come here" she called out to Iris. He started to freak out.
"No! I didn't want you to call her over, I was just asking..."
"Nonsense deary. Get to know her, you may need it with what I've been hearing from Snape about your previous years in Potions class..."
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Iris stepped off the train as her robe's swished behind her. Pansy came up behind her with a smirk as they watched the First Year's round off the train. At that Pansy spoke up in her semi preppy voice." You know...More fresh meat the better , Iris." Iris gave a small grin at that as she nodded before stepping down with graceful ease from the train. Another year here at Hogwart's.. She still had several more year's to go but secretly she loved it here. Not like she'd go telling her Slytherin friend's that one though. She was quick to shake from her thoughts as Pansy gave her a nudge to get moving towards fetching their luggage down that was being passed out. Iris followed at Pansy's side as she watched Malfoy and the other's edge ahead as they shot the girl's their devilish grin's. Iris and Pansy all but smirked as they came to stand beside them as they fetched what luggage they could haul. In a moment Tali , her white ferret was being passed down in her cage as she met the man's eye's with a serious gaze." Be more careful on how you handle my pet , fool." She smirked slightly as the man shifted away from her. With that she nodded to Pansy , Malfoy and the other's as they waited that she was ready to get herself going.

As she was talking with Pansy with a grin played against her lips her gaze shifted ahead as she caught sight of a boy staring at her like there was no tomorrow.. Why was he looking at her like that? She thought for a few as he all but continued to watch until he nearly hit one of the passing poles. Her hand came up to her lips as she laughed a bit at the sight.. He was handsome for a Ravenclaw... She'd go giving him that much at least. Her gaze had locked briefly to his before glancing away as Pansy told the group that the carriages were up ahead waiting.. Her feet were already killing her so that was such a relief to know.

Iris was about to pass through the gates as Malfoy and the other's quickly snagged the best seat's as she was about to head up to them she heard her name called out through the throng of the crowds." Iris Deary! Please come here for a moment!" She sighed slowly knowing that all to well to be the voice of Professor Mcgonagall her Transfiguration teacher.. She gave a look to the other's as they all but groaned with sneer's. With that Iris turned with a sway of her hips as she made her way over to the Professor only to see Mister Stare's alot at her side. She at last came to a halt before them as she nodded in greeting to the Professor." I believe you called for me... Professor?" Her eye's met that of the teacher's as she nodded with a smile." I'd like for you to meet my brilliant star pupil , Allaster." Her lips remained drawn in a thin line but knew all to well that she'd be punished if she didn't act properly.. So she extended her hand forth in greeting to the boy as she gave a slight smile hidden away from the view of her friend's." Hello there , I'm Iris Delevore.. Pleasure to meet you Allaster.. By the way do your eye's hurt after staring?" She said with a playful smirk held to her lips as her hand came to dwell against her right hip as she watched the boy with mildly hidden amusement.
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Witch of Nightscape

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Allaster mentally yelled at himself for being such an idiot. He took her hand though, acting cool as always. This was his way of making sure he didn't act like an idiot like he did before.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well Ms. Delevore... and my eyes do hurt, to answer your question. That wouldn't be your doing, now would it?" although, he couldn't stop his face from turning a bit red. She was even more beautiful close up. However, her smirk told him that she was having her fun by teasing him about the staring. He rightfully deserved the teasing as he looked like a complete and total idiot.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat.

"I do hope you two can work together. You see Ms. Delevore, Allaster is quite awful at Potions and if he fails again, Professor Snape said he refuses to teach him another year due to his incompetence. So I would ask if you can help him with his Potions studies..."

She looked to Iris and to Allaster. Allaster sighed.

"I'm not that bad Professor..."

McGonagall gave him a sharp glare.

"Don't fool yourself boy. You haven't passed potions for 4 years in a row. You were too stubborn to accept help from anyone and that made you fail. I called Ms. Delevore over not only on your request that I do so, but to ask her if she'd be willing to tutor you. Of course, you'd have to offer something in return...Although, Ms. Delevore is quite adept at anything she tries so I don't know if she will need your help studying, but I assume you'll find a suitable way to pay her back, should she agree..."

His face turned an even brighter shade of red, much to his dismay and complete embarrassment. She probably thought he was a complete and total loser now. He wouldn't blame her for not wanting to be around a creep like him. In fact, his expectation was that she would say no. However, he couldn't just assume anything either.

He bowed slightly, trying to show what etiquette he had left that would help him maintain his pride here.

"I would appreciate your help with my potions class, however, I understand if your going to be too busy with your own studies to help me with mine...I'll manage either way..."

McGonagall watched the two students with a stern look on her face , all the while glancing up every now and then to check on the first years who were almost done filing into the school grounds.
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