The Rave of the Century (Group RP)

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  1. You are invited to a party. But not just any party, The party. The party where the the beverages and food are free, the lights are thrumming, and the beat of the music matches your heart. The dance floor is specialized to charge your electric vehicles, so if you need an excuse, use the environment. So come on, girls and guys alike. Bring your best party clothes and get ready to work it up in the club. What happens here, stays here unless you take it home with you (if that happens, you'll be responsible for making your own seperate RP thread).

    The host is anonymous, but be well assured that your night will be epic if you show up to this party. It's starting now, so don't wait too long.

  2. (The DJ is David Guetta. No one really needs to play him, we can just refer to him as 'the DJ'.)

    Name: Jazmyn Ocella (Jazzy)
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Elevator Operator
    Appearance: View attachment 14172
Thread Status:
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