The rarely updated poetry thead



This will become a dump for poems and rants, I've lost nearly all of my old ones so these ones will be new.

note: None of my poems are named, they are what you read them as.

What happened to the dream,
Why aren't things what they seem,
As my words turn into cake,
I see finally what is fake.
Olright found my archives and jusr copying them all in here.

The eyes that scorned me linger on my face drawing me closer,
The lips that cursed me whisper my name,
The arms the cast me aside reach out to embrace me,
The heart the rejected me longs for my return,
The mind that forgot me is calling out me.

My eyes are wet no more but their innocence is lost,
My lips no longer play lightly upon yours they have hardened,
My arms bear the scars of your betrayal and hesitate,
My mind buried the thoughts of you long ago is cast once again into turmoil.

Our eyes no longer fill with life when they meet,
Our lips remain apart and their sounds are hesitant and unsure,
Our arms remain to ourselves and are oddly still,
Our minds are perhaps better forgetting our past.

My eyes close to hide the pain within,
My lips wish to speak but remain still,
My arms fold protecting my heart,
My mind seeks the peace of sleep.


I told myself a thousand times,
That I was better with you gone,
The lie became a prayer,
A mantra to protect myself from the memory of you.

I told myself a thousand times,
That you where gone from my side,
The truth became a wish,
A hope that I could let you go.

I told myself a thousand times,
You would not return to me,
But fate is cruel,
And now I hear your voice again.

You tell me a thousand times,
That you where wrong to leave that way,
That you saw n other way,
And beg me to forgive.

And now I think a thousand times,
The thoughts I cast from my mind,
Hollow hopes lost in dream,
Did you believe I would wait this long?


It would be so easy,
So easy to pretend to be happy,
They are everywhere, those ones,
Those ones who are fake,
A small hollow smile and a few empty words,
and one would be mine.

It would be so hard,
So hard to live with myself,
It is torturous, this life,
Seeing possibilities to fit in,
but knowing i could never be content
that life should not be mine.

You make it easy,
easy to want to lie to myself,
deny the feeling you've awakened
pretend i never cared
but you'd see the truth
and hate me for the lie

I read your soul,
Emotions lying in words
Tortured in their creation
To similar to my own
But a world away
and bury my love inside.

*Hugs Vay*

You seem so tortured!

I love the picture-esque-ness (Bare with me and pretend that that is a word) of it!
Thanks TK, I don't write often because I only write when i can forn a clea icture in my head of what i want to.

Here is a small piece on random, If you don't know what it is forget it.

I call it, the choir.

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I like to keep 'em small and nippy.
I see you, you see me,
In our minds we wish to flee,
In out hearts we yearn to stay,
Remain together come what may.

I hear you, you hear me,
The shudders in out breath plain to see,
Emotions showing clear as day,
When did things get this way?

I feel you, you feel me,
Fear is where trust should be,
Let the poison flow away,
May it never return to play.
You're not only killing me,
Remember that as i cease to be,
Planting the forgotten seed,
Feeding it as a bleed.

Let the lies flow away,
Theres nothing more that I can say,
And I hope eventually,
That you will one day come to see,
Your action and what they've done,

It started with a little word,
Quieter that a bird,
And ended gaping hole,
Piercing right into my soul.

It was cold all along,
The sound I heard was just a song,
A sound make to appease,
Brought my guard down with ease.

Into me the poison flowed,
And to me the words did goad,
Leave now for I must rest,
In my heart I failed the test.
Been a slow post week but a great one for poems, with feeling rising and finding outlet.

I don't see how,
I don't see why,
People look into the sky.

Look for hope,
Search for dreams,
Hope the world is what it seems.

The time is up,
The price is paid,
For sense to be made.

I turn away,
The question fades,
My dreams are but filled with shades.
She asks me what she can do,
Screams inside hear her too,
Why can't the voices quiet,
Why can't we just get along,
Our tune is but a mournful song,
Moments on bliss,
And then theres this,
Endless cycle we spiral in,
Why is loving you such a sin,
Again you voice whispers though,
When its only me and you,
Worlds apart and yet the same,
Is loving you so insane?
Poor Vay, he does seem so sad. Such sweet, heartbreaking things. **cuddles**
Are they general or specific?
They usually come when I'm thinking alone, from the feelings brought on by whatever it is I', thinking about. Though a sometimes they come from nowhere. Sometimes I'll say/think a line and that line grows into a poem.
Been playing around with sci-fi themed haikus.

Onward we travel,
Into the blackness we go,
In out ships of steel.

The void calls to us,
And we must answer in kind,
Sail into the black.

Shadows we travel,
Black shapes against the black Sky,
The stars are out home.
Oceans apart,
When did this start?
How long has it been?
You're still unseen,
Days, weeks,
With you time goes so fast,
Makes it east to forget the past,
And at last,
I no longer feel like an outcast.

My arms feel as empty as my heart used to be,
And each day its clearer to see,
Our minds edge closer,
Becoming one,

Our distance,
One second seems so short,
The next it seems its all for naught,
The gap, a yawning abyss,
Am I the only one to see this?

At the next dot this entry ends,
I'm unsure of the message it sends,
Feelings flows and I write,
This can't be a pretty sight.
I love the way you work your words, man! I absolutely love it!

The rhyming scheme of the first chunk of your latest one is very creative and not too wordy, but gets the point across very well but at the same time, some of the pairs don't mix. "Apart" with "Start" works really well!. But it for "been" and "Unseen" were you just going for the double "e" match?

I prattle on.... I LOVED IT!
For the been/unseen rhyme I was a bit stuck trying to make it flow right without altering the meaning, though thanks for the comments TK.

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The voice has new weapon,
And they're coming to bear,
Pointing at me,
Trying to give me a scare.

The voice has new weapons,
And they're ready to go,
Coming for me,
I brace myself for the blow.


Kinda lost inspiration in the middle of that.
Its late, just found myself writing this down.

The night comes and when it does,
always the same no loss no gain,
I lie awake the light on,
all thoughts of sleep now are gone,
for to sleep it is too soon,
as my face looks to the moon,
to sleep not it would seem,
would be to invide dream,
the riskis too great,
so I stear my fate,
away from what plaugues mt head,
when it lays upon the bed.