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  1. It's not often I make request threads, but I've been away from Iwaku for quite some time now and I am looking to get back into RP. Now, there are some things I'm going to lay out first off. I don't work with "pairings"( or even plots most of the time), as most do. I work with settings, and then go from there. I build a world(even if only a skeleton of one) with my partner, and then make my character. We create our world and plot as we go, together.

    As far as fandom stuff goes, I use the lore and world setting, but never established characters. I will never play a character not of my own creation, for I could not do them justice.

    For those looking for romance RPs, I am not against romance at all, but it must form naturally between the characters. Romance is never intended from the beginning, save for a select few exceptions, but is always in the realm of possibility.

    Hm, that wasn't as long winded as I thought it would be...

    Anyway, on to the meat of what this post is about. What I want for RP. As I said, I work with settings, not pairings. Plots, if they catch my fancy, can be worked into a setting with ease(mostly). We can work on something in a western fantasy setting, steam punk, dungeon punk(fantasy magitek) sci-fi, horror, modern, historical, mythological, and just about anything else you can think of...

    But if it's already established worlds you're looking to play in... Well, I have a list of those. Fandom Settings marked with $ mean I have a plot or two in mind, * meaning it's a setting I quite enjoy building my rps with. This list is by no means exhaustive, however. If you don't see something that tickles your fancy, all you need do is ask.

    Fandom settings (open)
    Final Fantasy games

    *$Pokemon(Various things in mind, from basic "wandering trainer" to Rescue Team/Explorers plots)


    *Soul Eater

    Full Metal Alchemist

    Dark Cloud/Dark Chronicle

    Kingdom Hearts

    Various Dungeons&Dragons settings

    Dragon's Dogma

    Demons' Souls/Dark Souls

    Mass Effect

    Lord of the Rings

    Star Wars

    Legend of Zelda(this one is a bit harder to work with)

    *Dragon Age

    Assassin's Creed

    And many more

    So just PM me if you've some interest in building a world with me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.